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By: Susan Ciminelli of Susan Ciminelli Beauty Clinic

A redhead’s sensitive skin can really be affected during the winter months because the air can be dry indoors and out.

Here are 5 essential tips for keeping skin safe this winter season:

1. Inside your home, especially in your bedroom, run a humidifier day and night to increase the moisture levels in the air. Keep it clean. Try:ย Honeywell Single Room Humidifier.

2. Don’t use soap on your body because it will dry your skin and create a layer of dead skin cells that will not be whisked away, causing discomfort, scaling and itching. A gel cleanser is better. Try: Susan Ciminelli Cleaning Gel.

3. Use a heavier moisturizer both day and night to help trap moisture in your skin.

4. Eat raw nuts and seeds in the winter months, especially walnuts, which give you Omega 3’s.

5. Stay hydrated in the winter. If you are dry on the outside, chances are you are dry on the inside as well.


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Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko ยฉ How to be a Redhead.