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Apple has finally updated their emojis and gave the MCR1 community a male + female version of the redhead emoji. Immediately after the release, some redheads loved or hated them. I was sad to see many hated the fact that the redhead emojis are in their own category; hence, we cannnot use other emojis (for example: the face palm) with red hair.

After years of waiting, we should celebrate, but I also do understand the disappointment. I was also a little uncomfortable with how Apple finally released the two anticipated redhead emojis. I have to keep in mind that many would tell us this is is a first world problem. This is true, but it is more than that. A community has been treated differently. Just because a paper cut is small doesn’t mean it’s painless.

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Here are two other redhead emoji roadblocks:

1. Not everyone can see the redhead emoji

My friends are not all Apple users, and not all update their software instantly. Plus, they do not really need to see my emoji to know I am a natural born redhead. They know, however, it does look messy to see my redhead emoji come out with black hair and squares on other formats and multimedia platforms. Yes, that is a little frustrating but I can get over it. At least I can see the redhead emoji for myself.

2. The redhead emojis don’t really represent redheads

The woman redhead emoji has “resting-female-dog-face”, and the man does appear to have people screaming the phrase, “stranger-danger”. The man also has a mustache. Side note to Apple: Not all redhead men have mustaches or facial hair. I am not okay with this.

We can’t let this divide us, we have to unite!

At last, here comes the positive spin. I made some jokes to help me cope after the release of the redhead emoji; Apple not only gave us one facial expression, but it tells me redheads are still at the bottom of social acceptance priorities. We shouldn’t forget how far we have come. Redheads have so much to be thankful for. We have websites like How to be a Redhead to keep us together.

This is where we need to make November 5th a beautiful day. This year, National Love Your Red Hair Day is before Election Day, and what a great way to start celebrating the beauty and unity of our world. Redheads come in all shapes and sizes. We come from all walks of life, cultures, and speak various languages. It is a great time to show each other we really do not need a small emoticon to matter.

Rock it like a Redhead and don’t let Apple get in the way!

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Use code: LOVE to receive 20% off your H2BAR Box. Only today in honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day!