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Fall is the absolute best time to be a redhead and one of the reasons why is because red hair is the perfect autumn accessory!  We call this time of the year Redhead Season for a very good reason.

Here are even more reasons red hair is the ultimate fall accessory: 

1. Red hair goes with absolutely everything

Some people say redheads shouldn’t wear certain colors (like red or pink), but we disagree. We think redheads can rock autumn shades of orange, yellow, and red better than anyone else. It’s all about confidence and knowing your style. Red hair is the perfect way to make a statement this Fall with every outfit you wear. 


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2. Red hair matches the aesthetic

What feels more like fall than literally having the colors of the season on your head? Red hair vibes perfectly with pumpkin spice season, and you’ll always have the aesthetic during the Redhead Season months. 

3. You can dress it up or dress it down

Who doesn’t love an accessory you can dress up or down? Wear your red hair in a messy bun or ponytail for casual days, or glam it up with big Hollywood curls or an updo when you’re feeling fancy. Red hair is an accessory you can rock no matter the occasion. 

4. It’s unique and makes you special

Great accessories make you look great and that’s just what red hair does. It’s unique and makes you special, which makes you beautiful, so rock your red hair this fall, because you were made for it.

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Rock it like a Redhead!