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Rosacea, a skin condition affecting 16 million Americans and 415 million individuals worldwide, is most common in women (can be exacerbated during menopause) and people with fair skin –– like redheads.

We consulted with Dr. Leslie Baumann, a world-renowned dermatologist, author, researcher, and natural redhead. She also has rosacea and these are her top daily tips for keeping it under control:

1. H2BAR: What causes rosacea? 

LB: The exact cause is controversial and there are many hypotheses. Some people think it is due to mites on the skin (Demodex), others think it is microbiome related and some believe it is genetic. The exact cause is not known. We do know that rosacea occurs when the blood vessels dilate (causing redness and flushing) and lose the ability to shrink back down.

2. H2BAR: Can it be cured? 

LB: No, rosacea cannot be cured. However, it is progressive so it can be treated so it does not get worse. The best treatments are a daily consistent skin care regimen with anti-inflammatory ingredients and avoidance of triggers such as alcohol, spicy food, and exposure to heat.

3. H2BAR: Is rosacea related to other skin issues? 

LB: Acne-like lesions occur but it is not true acne.  These lesions are still referred to as rosacea lesions even though they look like acne. This is associated with inflammatory diseases like heart disease and GI disease.  The new thoughts are that rosacea increases your risk of getting inflammation-associated diseases like heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease and Alzheimer’s.

4. H2BAR: What sunscreen do you recommend for those with rosacea? 

LB: Physical SPF with zinc. Zinc is anti-inflammatory. I like Obagi Sun Shield and EltaMD Physical Sunscreen. I also love NIA24 Mineral Sunscreen. The niacinamide in it helps reduce redness.

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5. H2BAR: What products should you avoid?

LB: Avoid exfoliating scrubs, facial brushes, alcohol or anything that stings like witch hazel and any lip plumpers because they have irritating ingredients.

6. H2BAR: What product is your favorite for rosacea? 

LB: My favorite moisturizer for rosacea is Zerafite. It’s very soothing and calming.

7. H2BAR: Since you have rosacea, are there any other tips you’d like to share with our readers? 

LB: I get a VBeam laser every 3-4 months to remove the dilated blood vessels and keep my rosacea under control. I exercise a lot which tends to worsen rosacea. I have found that avoiding the towels at the gym is very important because the detergent seems to trigger my rosacea.

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