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Tiff was not born a natural redhead, but states, “..at least not in the sense that my blonde hair understands that it was suppose to be red!”

Growing up, she always wanted red hair and would experiment, but found it hard because the color was so hard to keep.

For years, she went from brunette to black to blonde, and on and on. But always, deep inside, she knew she wanted to be a redhead.

So she did research and in November of 2009, she went red. She found an at-home technique and routine that worked to keep it vibrant, healthy, and beautifully red.

She said, “Never before have I felt more comfortable in my skin, or more complete.  I wasn’t born a redhead by nature, but I was definitely born to BE a redhead. This is the longest I’ve stuck to one hair color since I started dying my hair in 8th grade.  And what was that very first color I experimented with?  You guessed it: red.”