All natural redheads understand the battle with having very light eyelashes (and sometimes, almost white!); they are beautiful, but finding products that darken and enhance lashes truly defines the eye and overall appearance.

There are several eyelash enhancing products on the market from prescription-only to over-the-counter and I am here to give you the low down on the best ones to enhance your ginger lashes.

1. Latisse: Much the way that Botox was found to work for wrinkles, the same story is true for Latisse. Botox was discovered by an eye doctor treating patients for eye tics. The doctor noticed not only did Botox stop the twitching, but the patients also had less wrinkles around their eyes. The active ingredient in Latisse was originally used to treat glaucoma patients. Just as with Botox, ophthalmologists just happened to notice that when their patients started using this medication as eye drops that their glaucoma got better and their eyelashes grew longer, darker, and fuller– talk about a lucky side effect! Now, Latisseis available by prescription from a dermatologist and is considered the “gold standard” in eyelash enhancement with fantastic results in darkening and lengthening!

2. Revitalash: Created by a doctor, Revitalash was developed  to help his wife reclaim the appearance of her once lush lashes that had become brittle and sparse after she endured chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. This resulted in the formulation of an eyelash conditioner that claims to regain the look of long and full lashes.The makers of Revitalash claim that a once daily application of the eyelash conditioner will help to provide its users with eyelashes that appear longer, fuller, and thicker in as little as 3 weeks. This product is available without a prescription and though not considered as effective as Latisse, it keeps lashes healthy and moisturized which certainly helps in healthy growth.

3. Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara:  Revlon’s Grow Luscious Mascara packs a two in one punch, it acts as a regular mascara along with a growth serum. Revlon confidently claims that their formula is “lash enhancing” and supports your natural lash growth cycle; their data does show that 96% of women who tested the non-waterproof formula instantly noticed longer and healthier looking lashes; for the price point and convenience of buying this product at your local drugstore, it is definitely a must try!

4. Urban Decay Lush Lash System: Though we have come to expect fantastic cosmetics from Urban Decay, this is not a mascara, but a lash enhancing system. One end of the product is a lash serum designed to promote growth and the other end is a conditioning mask for your lashes. I personally have tried this product and love it. My natural ginger lashes appeared longer, fuller and healthier looking after three weeks of use!

With so many products of varying price points and formulations, you are sure to find a great lash enhancer to make the most of your lashes.