By: Emily Clarke

There may be fewer of us than other hair colors, and our coloring may vary, but we’re all proud redheads. Being a redhead seems to draw other redheads to me and in my experience there tend to be some specific color types we all fall into.

Take a look at the list and use the comment section below to tell us about your shade of red hair:

1. Strawberry-Blonde: Definitely in the red family, this is the subtlest of the reds. That cheerful blend of blonde with the earthier red makes this a luminous version that any redhead should be proud to wear. Sometimes mistaken for orange or pink rather than red, strawberry-blonde is as sweet as it is beautiful.

Connie Britton
Connie Britton

2. Ginger: This tone falls somewhere between strawberry-blonde and the classic red. A common nickname for all redheads, the tone true to the name has more orange in it than the subtler strawberry-blonde and less red as the middle tone classic red. I personally fall into this category, and adore it.

Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher

3. The Classic Red: This is the red often imagined when people picture a redhead. Vibrant, deep, and attention grabbing; this red is richer than almost any other hair color. This is the color redhead stereotypes are often based on, but individuals with this red are so much more than those stereotypes.

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

4. Deep Red: Redheads with this tone are understandably happy with it! Darker than the classic red, this color is a gentler version of the auburn tone. This color has all of the rich darkness and none of the brown.

Karen Elson
Karen Elson

5. Auburn: The darker side of the red family, this color verges on being brown. Luckily, it easily holds enough red to ensure it’s never mousy or bland. The red tones bring a vitality and joy to the color that no brown can hold a candle to.

Debra Messing
Debra Messing

6. Dark Auburn: Just like strawberry-blonde, this color is sometimes mistaken as not being in the red family. It’s absolutely a version of red however. The richest, deepest of them all, this is a regal tone of red.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

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Also, don’t forget to tell us if you ever been jealous of a different tone! Did I miss a shade? No matter your red tone, it’s likely everyone who encounters it admires your hair. Wear it with pride.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

  • Shauna

    i am the perfect mix of ginger and auburn! Growing up, I hate my red hair! Small town, my brother and I stood out like a sore thumb! Now as an adult, I cherish it! I overheard a client tell her beautician once that she wanted that color of hair, pointing at me! The beautician answered, that color doesn’t come in a bottle! It’s NATURAL!! I loved that!!

    • Linda

      I am a #1 and my sister is absolutely a #4. And yes I agree with everyone else – when we were little – it was so hard — to the point that now at 43 years old I still don’t understand why everyone made fun of and ridiculed us so much back then. What was so wrong with us? that they had to make those horrible comments and treat us like we were outcasts. I look back at pictures now and think – God we were awesome, beautiful girls with amazing shiny red hair and freckles – but you made us feel like we had a disease – why????…. I bartend weddings part-time and I do my utmost best when I see little red haired girls/boys to tell them how awesome, precious, and special they are and I try to take pictures with them so that they will be able to look back and remember and see that older people have their hair color and are smiling…..

      • That Anonymous Guy

        Welcome to jealousy. I personally have a thing for red heads, specifically the Ginger to classic range.

      • I had the same thing happen to me just tormented and bullied. I hated my hair at one point I was 12 I put a box of black die in my hair lol it really didn’t help. I am 59 and still had red hair but now I am a strawberry blonde and love every inch of it ! I too love to talk to other red headed children in fact I have a 10 year old orange red headed grandson and he is already attracting the girls. I tell him we are special ! and he loves it !0

      • Sasha

        I’m strawberry-blonde.
        As a child, growing up, I was endlessly mocked for my hair colour being in the redhead family.
        I remember vaguely denying that I was ginger. I always insisted that I was strawberry blonde. However, I now look back upon it in confusion. What exactly was so wrong with being ginger anyway?
        There was one female who always tugged at my hair, noticing the small shine of red. She’d laughed and told others I was ginger. However, that’s why it’s called strawberry blonde! Light, almost caramel-blonde hair, with a tint of strawberry-red when the sun shines.
        I personally think all different shades of red hair is amazing.

    • Holly

      I love when beauticians say that. We know when it’s fake for sure.

    • May

      I am half asian, and I have deep maron hair. If light shines on my hair it gets a much lighter shade of red and I am even able to pick out bright red strands out of my hair.
      There was his tupid girl in school that plug a strand out, while creeping on me behind my back srsly. She wanted to make sure I am not wearing a wig. =_=
      And the friends of my mum always accuse me of dying my hair.
      Well sorry guys for being NATURAL BEAUTIFULL!

    • Sherrie

      I’m an auburn brown. When I had my carrot topped daughter, I over-heard one nurse tell the other, ” I told you her hair was natural!” Obviously, they had been discussing my hair color.

  • Tracy Duran

    I hated my redhair as a kid too. I am the only one with redhair. My parents and my only sister have brunette. My grandmother on my moms side had the redhair of the family. Mine was originally very orange as a kid then turned into blood red and now is more gingery 🙂 I love it. I do wish I had the blood red still but I don’t color it at all. Don’t care too 🙂

  • Kristi

    I am a natural Red-head and through the years my hair has NATURALLY been every one of these shades and is now in the Auburn shade. My problem with these photos is that only 1 MAYBE 2 of these women are NATURAL redheads. The rest are BOTTLE redheads. If you want to give a TRUE depiction of all the shades of red, then you should show photos of TRUE red-heads, not the dyed versions. Just sayin…

    • Stephanie Holt

      I’m a natural redhead that’s gone through different shades over the years as well. Auburn to copper to ginger. People think I color it. Well, people who haven’t known me for 20+ years that is.

    • Anonymous

      I 100% agree with this comment. I can’t stand a redhead post featuring women who are obviously not a natural redhead. At this point we are looking at pictures that do not show the unique variations of Real natural redheads. They say u can’t get our color from a bottle, and some of these pictures are absolutely the result of bottle dye. I’m not a fan of this post.

    • Anonymous

      Like, we all know that Emma stone is NOT natural redhead.

  • Lynn

    I’m a strawberry blonde, growing up I hated it. As I age I’m glad to be different. I embraced what God gave and decided only special people are red heads. A lot of guys think we are sexy..

  • Aku

    I used to be a classic redhead, but my color has now faded to more of a mix between ginger and strawberry blonde.

    • Anonymous

      Mine too…miss my little girl color.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a ginger during the winter and strawberry blonde in the summer. I sometimes wish I had the vibrant red.

  • Strawberry-blonde! Although, at 39 I have noticed my color darkening- close to Ginger. ♡

  • Dirty copper, like an old penny.

  • Jess

    I’m a classic red! I love my tone! It’s getting lighter as I get older and changes shades depending on the season. I was always jealous of the red hair/blue eye combo… But I love the green eyes and freckles mix up!:)

    • That Anonymous Guy

      I happen to find the red hair green eye combo one of the most breath taking beauties, especially with freckles.

    • Katie

      I have the weird eye color mash up where my eyes are violet/blue and my hair is strawberry blonde. However it turns flaming red in the sunlight due to my blonde hairs being so light. Indoors, I have to fight to say I’m a strawberry blonde, and not a dirty blonde. I remember when I was little, and after school counselor said I didn’t have strawberry blonde hair because it didnt have enough red in it. She said that she had the true color for it, because she had more red than blonde. She then said that true, redheads of any kind have green eyes anyway. Yours aren’t anywhere close. So, yay to the fact that you like my color mash up! Woot Woot!

  • STRAWBERRY BLOND! I embrase it with both arms! 🙂 I learned I was a true redhead when I was little, because (even still) when my hair gets wet, its VERY red, then dries blondish.

  • I. Maddelynn

    Ginger and proud! XD

  • tracy

    I am classic red which is a darker orange. So sorry it is turning white. Better than grey though.

  • Strawberry blonde! Hated it as a child but love it now!

  • Cathy

    I’m true ginger and I guess that’s why random people at various venues shout, “There’s a ginger,” at me without provocation.

  • Veronica Wright

    Strawberry blonde, with some white.

  • MEC

    Hi Em – loved your apt and artful descriptions. Am I strawberry? The movie star models made lovely examples, but it would have been fun to see pictures of your cousins illustrating the different shades too!

  • cristi

    I’m naturally between a strawberry blonde and ginger. I love being different. I hate the white that has started coming in with age. My daughter is an auburn and freckles free. I call her my hybrid redhead.

  • Amanda

    I’m not sure what shade I am, and sometimes my hair changes shades

  • Mine is the brownest of the auburn and people always think it’s brown but when they look real hard they know it isn’t brown, in the country where black hair is considered the prettiest, I am proud that mine isn’t 🙂

  • Chiara

    I am the mix of deep red and auburn in high contrast with my hated black eyebronw 🙁

  • Ginger and dark auburn and black eyebrows

  • Linda


    April 18, 2015

    I am a #1 and my sister is absolutely a #4. And yes I agree with everyone else – when we were little – it was so hard — to the point that now at 43 years old I still don’t understand why everyone made fun of and ridiculed us so much back then. What was so wrong with us? that they had to make those horrible comments and treat us like we were outcasts. I look back at pictures now and think – God we were awesome, beautiful girls with amazing shiny red hair and freckles – but you made us feel like we had a disease – why????…. I bartend weddings part-time and I do my utmost best when I see little red haired girls/boys to tell them how awesome, precious, and special they are and I try to take pictures with them so that they will be able to look back and remember and see that older people have their hair color and are smiling

  • Noelle

    Strawberry blonde. Just like most every other redhead, hated it when I was younger. It really wasn’t til I got FB that I realized that being a redhead is a Gift. We are the Roses (flowers) of the world.

  • Jessa

    Dark Auburn….people say it looks brown inside but outside, you can tell I’m a redhead LOL

  • Karen

    I fall well within the ginger with some natural strawberry blonde highlights, especially in summer. I hated my nickname from my father and grandfather growing up… carrot top. I got teased too for my hair and freckles, but I love my hair. Never colored and my beautician always says “you can’t get that from a bottle!” I agree with someone in a previous comment, if you’re going to picture redheads, find natural ones! It’s obvious that several are dye jobs.

  • Angelia

    I have super long hair so I have a few different shades actually in my hair, my hair all growing up has changed, maybe that is why I say I have a Heinz 57 category, I started out as a child with true Red , then it turned to GINGER but would morph into strawberry blonde in the summer time, although part of my later teens / early twenties I would bleach my hair blonde to escape away from being a REDHEAD because of all the HORRIBLE things people would say no I take that back not people but kids, what KIDS would say and after I matured into a young woman I realized that being a REDHEAD was awesome and unique!
    So I went back to my original roots but once again my hair changed colors again, more of an auburn tone mixed with ginger, but I still have golden strawberry blonde highlights all throughout my hair…I am always receiving compliments on my hair, the color and how long and just beautiful it is and I smile politely.
    But I wonder how many of these women who compliment & envy our hair color now use to make fun of us as children….maybe that’s just karma and the world giving us as many positive compliments as we had negative growing up!

  • JoAnne

    I never liked the term “Strawberry Blonde” because I wanted nothing to do with blonde, I’m red. Finally a friend described me as Cinnamon Gold, which I liked very much.

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  • Helen

    Oh apparently I’m a redhead 😛
    My hair is naturally strawberry golden blonde. Unfortunately, it has been darkening a lot and it’s almost golden brown now. Right now, I dye it somewhere between classic red and deep red, though.

  • Trish

    I was a classic red as a child and slowly over the years it got darker so that now I’m a dark auburn. I have been dyeing for the past couple of ywars to a brighter, more vibrant red (with eggplant underneath) but when the sun hits it, it looks like fire. Definitively brings attention to being a redhead (like we need to bring attention to being a redhead!)

  • Passerine

    A geneticist once told me that, scientifically speaking, strawberry blondes, are in fact the true redheads. From a genetics point of view, the other colors are red-brown mixes. When I was younger, my hair was naturally classic red with red-gold (strawberry blonde) highlights. It eventually became more strawberry blonde.

    I started coloring my hair myself about a year ago after an allergic reaction to commercial hair coloring. I’ve now perfected my look with a combo of three henna based colors — a light brown based mixed with medium brown and a generous shot of mahogany. The color looks rich and very much like the natural color I had when I was younger and my hair is in better condition than it was when I was getting it dyed at the salon.

  • Lindsay Stensland

    my sister who has auburn red hair tells me i’m an orange head or carrot top so im not sure strawberry blonde/orange?

  • Alexis Comstock

    I am in between strawberry blonde and ginger, however I love the darker reds, so I started dying my hair even redder. Now, it has an auburn glow.

  • I am kind of a golden ginger and was teased and ridiculed constantly by my brother especially when I was growing up. Like everyone else here I hated being a redhead but began to love it as I grew up. I need to color it but can’t find anyone who knows how — it’s such an unusual color and has so many high and low lights.

  • sarah maestas

    i have natural dark auburn hair im usualy the only person around with red hair but in washington state there are alot of red heads it nice.
    the bigest thing i hear about my hair is how pretty the color is, then five people suddenly have purple.. i mean bottle red air.. =)

  • Lindsay D.

    I’m a cross between ginger and classic. I kinda look like Barbara Streisand.

  • Violet

    Hello! I’m 14 and have strawberryblonde hair, blue/green eyes, and freckles. My hair gets more of a dull brown/blonde in winter or when I use heat on it but since I’ve stopped using heat my vibrant, natural color is coming back! =)
    I do get teased about it quite often by some boys, but they are my friends and aren’t trying to be mean. I usually slap them and we end up laughing so it’s not a big deal. They use the stereotype of redheads having tempers (which I definitely can lol) but I don’t mind as it rings true for me.
    I’m proud to be a redhead and I wish those losers who tease everyone else would find someone else to pick on. After all, we are beautiful, intelligent, and perfect just the way we are.

    • Lilly

      They probably tease you because they like you. I’m 21 and I’ve never met a man who didn’t think redheads were hot.

  • That Anonymous Guy

    I was looking for the natural shades of red to show a friend of mine the difference between the unnatural fire truck red and real red hair. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks 😉

  • Ari

    I have classic red and my oldest has auburn and my youngest has ginger.

  • joanna

    I’m strawberry blonde, a phrase I never cared for. But friend

    • joanna

      Well, crap. I hit the post button. A friend once called it “Cinnamon Gold”. I love that. My son has the most beautiful ginger hair ever.

  • Jamie Pry

    Between 1 & 2. I’m jealous of 3!:)

  • Lilly

    I’m ginger but would love to be classic red. I feel my colour is fading as I get older. I’m now 32 and it’s certainly not as orange as it used to be. You wouldn’t call me carrot top anymore and that’s really sad. Bring back my ginge! Xx

  • Emily

    I am a dark auburn. Usually my hair appears dark brown but in the light there is an obvious red tint.

  • Layla

    Ginger. I had much darker, auburny hair when young, then it became much lighter. During my teen years I dyed it black (ha!), and you can see the red shining through the roots in some pictures… but now it’s back to full ginger.

  • Layla

    …also, I have no idea where that avatar pic came from!

  • Loren Bywater-Pryce

    im 14 now and get taken the mock out of badly ! I love my hair it’s a strawberry blonde but it has so many natural highlightes the darkest of reds and the lightest of blondes and everything in between but apparently that’s not cool and I’m a ginger freak!

  • Taylor

    I personally am a strawberry blonde. I never knew I was a redhead until I finally looked at my hair in the light, and saw all of the red in it. My hair sometimes looks more platinum blonde or normal blonde, but when you see it in its full glory, it’s definitely strawberry. I am so proud of my hair color 🙂

  • Karis Rahl

    I am a darker ginger and I am always dreaming of that classic red, it is just the most beautiful shade of red for me.
    Anyways, I am proud to be a redhead and that would never change. People who hate red hair just don’t know how amazing it is. Ha!

  • 3kmmoore

    I was born a strawberry blonde. The older I got the darker my hair got, now I’m auburn in the summer – dark auburn in the winter. All shades of red are wonderful!

  • Meenah

    I’m a deep red, and I couldn’t be happier- but honestly, every other color is just as lovely! Does anyone have any tips on maintaining deep red hair specifically?

  • Jessie

    I love this! My husband and I have two sons: our oldest falls in the Classic Red range – maybe just a little on the dark end. It’s head turning. My little one has hair that’s in between Ginger and Classic Red. You can only tell their hair color isn’t actually the same when they are next to each other and see how the light catches it. I personally have between Auburn and Deep Auburn and am REGULARLY considered a non-redhead. It’s exhausting when people see us out as a family (2 blazing red headed kids, me, and my deep brunette/almost black haired husband), and ask us where our kids get their red hair. I’m also pale, with freckles, and blue hair – really? You can’t see that a little? 🙂 I also want to explain the whole gene mutation and how our families both have a long line of redheads, but I hold off on the science lesson.

    • Jessie

      Blue EYES – not hair. I guess I was on a hair kick.

  • Carrie

    I’m not quite any of these colours. My hair is medium auburn but it’s lighter than #5, like some said some light it looks brown and some light it looks really red. I always liked it but I just hated it when I was kid and people would say it was orange which it never was. But last time I got my hair cut my hairdresser was really surprised it was natural so…cool

    • Carrie

      I also have similar coloured( but a bit darker and considered brown not red) eyes

  • Anonymous

    I’m an Auburn due to a car wreck I have white streaks where I had staples so now I dye it every color red I feel like at the moment

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  • drago black

    im a very dark auburn but i have a mix of red,copper,auburn,dark auburn, dark brown, brown, and black… hair is weird

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  • Rebecca

    To the world, apparently, I am only a blonde. I was born a classic red and lightened to strawberry blonde by the time I was six. Strawberry was my IDENTITY, until sometime in my twenties when I realized I was only referred to anymore as blonde. I still cherish my individual red hairs, but apparently they don’t have much effect on the overall color anymore, because most people are so surprised to find out that I had anything to do with my son’s red hair! I am 40 now, with fair skin, lots of freckles, a fiery attitude, and long golden blonde hair… with just a touch of strawberry. 🙂

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  • Lilly

    My natural hair is auburn with ginger highlights, but I dyed deep red. When I was auburn and ginger people never saw it as red.

  • Vanessa

    @Jessie I’m like you, I was a classic red turned to auburn as I got older, and it has now started fading as I’m getting into the later 40s….but with three redhead kids (one ginger, one classic red and one auburn/dark auburn!) I got tired of people asking me where it came from….really, did I have to endure the endless teasing growing up only to now have to explain that I’m really a redhead? lol so now I dye it,( after letting it go “natural” to see how much white I’d get), I decided to go all the way copper! unfortunately, though, even a natural redhead can never get back what we were born with….

  • Juliet

    I’m naturally ginger in the summer and auburn in the winter. Like Lilly, I dyed it a deep red.

  • Juliet

    @Carrie: That’s actually how mine is too…except mine was never called orange. It was called copper.

  • Christina

    Being a natural dark auburn (#6) was tough growing up (kids would make fun of me by calling me “ginger vampire” even though I was neither of the 2, crush told me he liked brunettes but then said “not you because you’re a ginger”), but I’ve come to love it. Strangers stop me and ask “Who’s your stylist?” and I have to tell them that it’s all natural. 🙂

  • Olivia Leven

    There is another basic shade of red between #3 and #4, which is called true red. True red is vibrant red with no brown or blonde in it, and it’s a little lighter than deep red.

  • Moon&Mars

    I have horrible black hair and I’ve always been envious of the classic reds and dark reds. Red heads are so beautiful and they have so many advantages to their beauty.

  • Everyone in my mother’s family was a redhead, but I was a brunette in the winter. Yet every summer, the sun turned me into a strawberry blonde. I hated it because someone always said something about being a redhead. I didn’t’ like being different.

    Now that I’m older and have lost so many of mother’s family, including a favorite aunt who was a classic red, I’ve become one of the “bottle reds,” coloring my browns (and grays) to honor those I love. I’ve thrilled to have finally found a color that suits my green eyes and freckles: I’m proud to say I’m a ginger.

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  • My 8-year old granddaughter is a mix of Filipino and Irish ancestry. Her hair is the most beautiful shade of dark red auburn hair with both low and highlights woven thru it. The problem she has with it is that she cannot get thru a day without having a couple of strangers just stop her and remark about how beautiful her hair is. I have been with her while shopping in a large mall and within an hour have heard four or five similar remarks toward her.

    When you are that young it can become a little overwhelming and she’s now very self conscious about it. She handles it well but I can tell that it bothers her. We try to give her encouragement and make it a positive experience for her… but then again… she is only eight. I hope it does not distort her view of herself or her expectations.

  • chrissy

    I happened to be a “redhead” called as a child. Getting older it shaded to light chestnutt and over 40’s.. still chestnutt with increasing pieces of grey ( allmost white) hair . As a child i hated my color, but now.. i could be no more proud to be a redhead. People around me spend euro after euro to color their hair in shades of red, but nobody can get even close to my natural color!!

  • Shillelagh

    Well, I call myself tabby because I have patches of strawberry blonde, blonde, copper, auburn, and dark auburn that highlight and lowlight mostly light to medium brown hair.

  • Rose

    As much as I love this article, it kinda bugs me that all of them (except maybe Jessica Chastain) have died hair. You couldn’t find pretty natural redheads for this article? By choice redheads are some of the most awful-looking people on the planet, and it really irks me that you couldn’t find any nice natural shades of red to use for this article. 🙁 Please repost with natural redheads!

  • Abigail

    Thank you, thank you! I am a definite ginger (in accordance with the specific hair tone called such), and I love my hair’s coppery color- its texture and volume too, as people often remark how my locks resemble those of Merida’s from the film “Brave”. Yet, it really bothered me when I was younger how people felt compelled to weigh in on whether or not I was a “real” ginger by citing my hair as definitely being “red” or contrary to that, “brown”.

  • Arielle

    I’m a 3 all the way. In summer, I never go strawberry blonde but there are sections of my hair that go blonde while the rest turns a brighter version of my normal color. I feel bad for everyone who had problems when they were young because of their hair color. I guess being born just before The Little Mermaid came was a lucky thing because I never received anything but positive comments about my hair. I also have blue-eyes and most people connected the hair and eye color to Ariel, so that worked out well for me!

  • tinkerslm

    I have been all colours. . . All depends on the season and the amount of time in the sun. I am a true ginger but age has dulled the natural colour.

    I too resent that wannabe reds were used for this article.

    • Nina

      I’m somewhere between #5 and #6 but more brown, yet when I go outside my hair can appear #2 or #3 with curls of #1 at the front and at my tips. This happens especially in the summer when I’m outside all day, haven’t died my hair ever (I’m way to young) and I wish it would just stay ginger because I love it!!

  • Well… Sounds like I’m a “real” Ginger! :’D

  • Kandy

    I’m somewhere between Ginger and classic red. …
    I guess I’m the typical red head story after reading some of the comments. …
    I used to HATE it – now I absolutely LOVE it and my freckles!

  • Violet

    Only two of these women are natural redheads! Seriously, you could have at least tried to find photos of non-dyed red hair for this post…

  • Danielle Grace Newman

    I still can’t seem to figure out what color red my hair is. And people said the shade has changed over the years too. =(

  • FitMom33

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but you’ve missed one. It would be between your number 4 and 5. Scarlet red. It’s seems to be very rare, especially into adulthood. I know a small few, in the same family, with this deeper and more true red. It’s easy to find in a box for those of us who are already natural reds.
    Other than the missing shade, I’m glad to see someone who recognizes more than just Gingers, especially pointing out that Auburn is a shade of red (my color). So thank you for that!
    As for the images of dyed hair, I understand getting photos of natural red hair would be difficult unless you went out and hunted random people down. There aren’t a lot of celebs who haven’t dyed their hair.

  • Diana

    I have Strawberry-blonde but I’ve always wanted it to be a more ginger or classic red, I think those shades are the prettiest!

  • Emma Lifbom

    I’m dark auburn and I’m jealous of classic red, I just want people to see me as a true redhead. Because I am a true redhead, just people takes my hair for brown and I hate that -_-

  • Barbara

    I wish this post didn’t feature fake redheads, because some of the colors are not being properly represented.
    My hair looks a lot like Isla Fisher’s (ginger), but darker. Should be auburn, but it looks nothing like the auburn in the picture, since Debra Messing is actually a natural brunette. Also, Kate Mara would be a much better example for the dark auburn tone.

  • Jackie Chambers

    I’m a mix between auburn and dark auburn, with brown eyes

  • VioletBeauregarde

    I have the roughly the same shade as you, Barbara. I’ve seen our shade called copper. In real life I have blue eyes (not like my avatar pic lol)

  • yomouzanon

    why do natural red heads like Conan O’Brien smell like cheddar cheese

  • yomouzanon

    why do natural red heads smell like cheddar cheese ?

    • Amanda

      We don’t. It’s either the person you were around or your imagination. Some say we have a musk (?) smell.

  • Barbara O’Connor

    I am #6. As a child I was a bright red head but my hair got darker as I got older. I am freckled with hazel/green eyes. My dad is an Irish flaming red head with blue eyes and freckles. As were his parents and siblings. My mom is Italian/English/Scottish with jet black hair and brown eyes. Her dad was Italian with olive skin, black hair and brown eyes and her mom was English/Scottish with brown hair and blue eyes. I am one of 4 and the only one with hazel eyes, the other 3 have blue eyes. I also am the only one who was a bright read haired baby – age 3. The others were white blondes that went to blonde hair as adults except my brother who went white blonde to red to strawberry blonde as an adult. Of my siblings I’m the only one whose hair color went from the closest to my dad’s fiery red to the closest to my mom’s dark hair. I have always wished my hair color had remained bright red like my dad’s and my cousin’s but I also think that my dark auburn hair is beautiful in its own way. Teachers always told me I had “the map of Ireland on my face” and “an Irish sparkle in my eyes.”

  • Lizzy

    Growing up I had very dark auburn hair- only red head in the family. I remember I would be teased and my hair stylist wanted my hair for wigs. I never gave that woman my hair!

    As I grew up it got darker to the point that it looks dark brown. In the summer, that is when you see the rays of dark red. My hair just changes with the seasons. So, I dye it dark auburn. I still consider myself a red head and will always embrace that. However, I am at times called a “fake” and it breaks my heart.

    I really like the fact that this website promotes that there all kinds of redheads and it makes me very happy. We should not hate, we should love everyone. Thank you so much!

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  • Anonymous

    Used to be ginger….had 2 kids and now have auburn hair….my 2 boys are ginger…i always tell them that they stole it from me!

  • linsey

    Mine is btwn auburn/dark auburn

  • I am one of six siblings and only two were redheads. Our Dad was a redhead. my sister had strawberry blond hair mine was true red and curly. So people always commented on it. Many times in beauty shops people commented on it. It is part of my personality always friendly always fiery.

  • Amanda

    When I was real little I was a strawberry blonde. But, like others, over the course of the years I’ve naturally been pretty much every shade of red. And, yes, I hated it, too. So much so that I actually died it pretty much every other color to try to look like everyone else. I finally figured out that was stupid and went back to be my natural red. Now, at 40, I’m resisting the transition into dark auburn. To me it’s just too close to being a brunette. So, I use updated an eSalon color and use a red tinted shampoo that the site recommended. Throughout the years, however, before having to resist my darkening hair, stylists would always accuse me of dying it, too. They’d always say because I had so many varying tones in my hair it couldn’t be natural. Especially since my ends oxidized. First, I’ve never met a redhead who didn’t oxidize (blondes, too, for that matter). Second, I could never understand they’re reasoning. When you color, you get one color, not multiple tones like pretty much all redheads have.

  • Brooke

    I’m natural blonde but from the time I was a schoolgirl I loved red hair and wanted it. You never saw me teasing anybody with red hair, only dreaming of it. I’m really fair and my face blended into my hair and I looked washed out. As an adult I’ve been dying my hair red for years now, and I think natural red heads should feel complimented rather than offended when people love their color enough to try to capture it themselves. Due to my fair skin and freckles, everybody assumes my hair is natural. I love that my face no longer blends in with my hair. (I’m now 52)

    To you lucky gals who have this natural red hair, of any shade, I envy you! To me I feel lucky that we as women can truly have it all.

    That said, I do agree that for this article it should have been all natural red heads!

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  • Öttes

    I am a strawberry blonde and people used to tell me frequently that it was either “orange” or ginger. I’m going to print this article and paste it to my forehead now. PROUD STRAWBERRY 😀

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  • Jade

    I have curly ginger hair with hints of blonde and brown. Everyone has tried to tell me to straighten my hair or to cut it and that it “would look prettier that way” and that makes me think that they are jealous of my hair. Everyone calls my hair blonde or dirty blond and it is not. What should I do?

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  • Vanessa

    I’m darkest auburn in a family full of brunettes so dark most people think their hair is black. When I was really little it was strawberry blonde, which was funny since my mother swore if she had a red head she’d dye their hair brown. My paternal grandmother had auburn hair and brown eyes, and I was named after her, my father had auburn hair that went dark brown, and at 31 I have a red head’s complexion with the freckles, but olive undertones like my mother, my mother’s almost black eyes, and hair that looks dark brown inside, and almost blood red in the sunlight. I love my hair, and constantly get asked what dye I use, though the only time I’ve dyed my hair it was purple or black lol!

  • Verity

    I was born a deep red but age plus three pregnancies have darkened it to auburn and even dark auburn depending on how much sun I’m exposed to. At least I still have deep red highlights. I’ve always loved my red hair. I don’t remember ever having any negative teasing or comments.

    I was grew up in a very rural area with a very small school. Between my siblings and cousins there are 22 of us and 11 of us are redheads, from ginger to auburn including 7 of us between classic red and deep red. We’d fit in with the Weasley’s 🙂 Maybe it was the strength in numbers or the fact that most of us, including the non-redheads, do have tempers prevented teasing but I know we are all proud to be redheads!

  • Chris

    I was more the auburn/ginger mix in my 20’s but have gone darker with age, but I have the facial features of a red headed man, probably look around 4yrs off my age on good days also and I maintain fitness and perform dance a lot. (I get the feeling many people just try to peg me down as a wannabe dance show off however, due to my upmost passion for it, but then that is of no fault of my own that those many people cannot dance to save their lives)

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  • Mandy paiz

    I was born with bright red hair. But as I got older it changed to light auburn. Now I have dark auburn hair?. Wish I had my first born hair bright red.

  • Willow8160

    I am sixteen years old and I have Strawberry Blonde hair and honestly, I LOVE IT!! people always say “Strawberry Blonde hair is a type of blonde hair” and they call me blonde. LOOK IT UP PEEPS, strawberry blonde is a real red hair color and it is EXTREMELY hard to just happen upon someone with the natural color. My fellow redheads, if you don’t think you’re special, us redheads have a certain thing called the MC1R gene and that is how are hair color is determined. when the gene is dominant, the hair color will most likely be darker but if you have a recessive gene, it will make our hair lighter. The red hair is the Mutation of the MC1R gene and this pigment is called Pheomelanin. basically what I think happened is that the red hair was too awesome for the MC1R gene to make by itself so we took charge and made it happened. We have many pro’s and con’s in this situation but I’ll let you look up the rest. What I’m trying to say is don’t let others bring you down because you’re a redhead, stand up for yourself and be proud of what and who you are.

  • Kathleen Hinchliffe

    I strive to have Deborah Messing’s hair!

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  • Philoreia

    I am a born strawberry blonde.

    My hair deepened quite a lot, & then lightend again [I am still a teen!]; & now it is going to a white-blonde, due to a héréditary form of progressive amelanism called leukotrichia.

    After too much time of hating my pale features [pure white & translucent skin, blonde eyebrows & lashes!], wishing my hair did not have such red tones, dying my hair black & black-brown, & using sunless tanning crèmes, I have come to love & appriciate it all !

    Having spent time red, black, brown, & blonde, I can say that all the colours are beautiful; same of course goes for all the raidient colours above.
    Thank you H.T.B.A.R.-H. for loving us loving ourselves?


  • Lula

    I have a sister in the number 4 category who has always been my standard of red. Her daughter grew up more of a number 2, which I knew to be called Titian.
    Your number 1 does not look like natural strawberry blond to me, but rather brassy from bleach. Trye strawberry is something a lot of kids have but it darkens when they are older.
    Now my question is why I have friends who think of themselves as red-heads whose hair to me looks like the ashiest of dark blonds. with a lot of natural variation in tone, but the undertone is distinctly green. The color is very unusual and even in their 50s the color has maintained almost the same tone as when they were in their 30s. It is nothing like a “dirty or dishwater” blond or brown and neither of the two I know best ever considered their hair as a blond yet there is some deep gold in it and some ash tone. It is really a none of the above thing but somehow they call it “ginger” ad I just don’t get it.

  • I like it!

  • alex

    Why are all the people crazy after redheads? ? how can you be soul eaters?

  • I was born with dark hair and it lightened up to light brown with some slightly reddish highlights as I got older. But when I started spending more time in the sun, my hair started turning a beautiful reddish-brown color, much like the auburn hair colors listed above (only a little lighter). Pretty funny how that recessive gene still tries to show through, even though I got that dominant gene in the mix. I have pictures of me as a kid with those natural highlights. I didn’t realize how I got it as a kid, but as a teen I started figuring it out. I also heard about how lemon juice could speed up the process of the sun bleaching your hair naturally, so I tried it and it lightened up to that red hue again. People started asking me if I dyed my hair (It wasn’t dyed. Those were my natural red highlights). I personally love the combination of red & brown in hair and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Of course, all hair colors can be gorgeous if properly cared for and it goes well on the woman (or man). I personally have a thing for red hair. In my opinion it is the most beautiful hair color in the world, especially when it is mixed with brown. So maybe I should say, I’ve had the best of both worlds. I love my red-brown hair!

  • Birgitta

    I am a natural strawberry blond with light brown eyes and many freckles. I think if it weren’t for the freckles and the fact that I BURN in the sun I might never have known I was even a red head. I was never teased for having red hair oddly, so in that way I don’t know if I can truly call myself part of the redhead club. But it was often pointed out I was not really blond or brunette and my hair had red tones in the sun. Nice thing about strawberry blond is it dyes fairly easy, funny thing about it is it only dyes red. I tried to go BLONDE but it wouldn’t stay ashy and I tried to go brown but it always turned auburn and then I eventually went to #3-#4 and it literally never fades or changes, it wants to be red, can’t change that. Though I feel a bit guilty for amping it up and still calling myself a redhead because it implies I’m naturally a classic red which I am not.

  • Horilka

    I had light blonde hair as a child, but it eventually turned Venetian blonde. It keeps getting redder every year.

    Can’t say that I’m against that.

  • Jette Nielsen

    I’m the ginger although in summer the colour becomes lighter. When I was little I was a classic red. Was bullied heavily, among other things because of my hair your hair is on fire and all that. But I’ve never hated it <3

  • Lara

    My hair was a bright copper color when I was younger. At some point during my adulthood, I’m not exactly sure when, it darked to an auburn shade. It can often pass itself off as brown, especially in pictures.

    I’m also the type of redhead that most people don’t know exists. I have dark-brown eyelashes and eyebrows, dark-green eyes, and an unfreckled face. I like the fact that I break the stereotype of blonde eyebrows and eyelashes and blue eyes.

    I receive mixed signals from society. One one hand, my hair is considered to be beautiful. On the other, it’s the object of ridicule and ostracism. I’ve been dumped by guys I’ve dated because of my hair. They felt that blondes and brunettes were the gold standard and redheads merely a certificate of participation.

    The very worst rejection I’ve had to endure came when I was a senior in high school and barred from attending a Senior Week trip to the shore. The reason? Because the other girls had plans to hook up while down the shore, and it was felt that my ugly hair would scare off the guys. True story. Needless to say, I stopped talking to those girls long ago.

    Even today as an adult, I face discrimination and rejection. There are so many negative stereotypes out there about redheads, and they’ve all been applied to me, even though I don’t adhere to even one of them.

    The day draws nigh when I will dye my hair brown, the same color as my eyebrows, and then hopefully give myself a shot at a normal life.

    • S

      It’s strange, the whole colour combination thing. I’m in a similar boat in a few ways. My hair is red, yet hair anywhere else is a darker shade. I get freckles, but can tan if I do it correctly.

      I was mocked and bullied at school, but it wasn’t because of red hair. Where I was, people tended to come from ethnic backgrounds not from the British isles, and often liked red hair. Most of my family is German, where red hair is admired.

      People take typical things too seriously. I mean, there are blonde and brunnete gingers. There are Asian redheads (especially in Afghanistan). There are redheads that tan and don’t get freckles. There are even redheads that go grey.

      Don’t beat yourself. Being normal is silly and meaningless.

  • I’m a mix of #3 and #4 I want to dye my hair a different color but I’m worried it will take out some of the color? Is there any way to avoid this? :/

  • Morgan M.

    Yay! I finally know my shade of red. I come from a large family with a 7 red heads and it is awesome to see the range of red we have from strayberry red to classic red and every shade in between. My sister has a classic red and she is always complemented for it.for Me I’m ask if I’m a blond since I’m more on the ginger side of spectrum. Oh people they never know the vast shades of red

  • Charlotte

    When I was born, I had a lot of curling dark auburn hair. But then, all of a sudden it lightened to a really light shade of blonde. By the time I was 6 years old it started to darken again. It was blonde for a long time, but then it darkened over time and got more of a reddish tint. It’s been like that ever since. It’s funny because the employees at my hair saloon was always curious to see what colour my hair would have next ^_^ . It’s interesting how much your hair colour can change. I think I have a shade between 1 and 2. I personally love my hair colour <3. It's a little different from the others, and I like that :-). I have one question though. I would really like to dip dye the tips of my hair in a unnatural colour. Do any of you know what could look nice?

  • Claire

    I am a mix of ginger/classic red, leaning toward classic red more though. I love my red hair and always am stoped in the street asking if I got it dyed or not. Always I said “nope it’s natural!”. One time when I was about 11 I was at the salon getting a small trim, and the owner came up to me and took a sample of my hair and said “I’m going to make this color!!” I had no clue why she did that. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the chair!

  • Ben

    I range somewhere from strawberry blonde to ginger.
    I now have white hairs coming through my goatee.
    I call it ‘strawberries and cream’.

  • kerry-Jane evans

    I agree with those who get annoyed at the photos of the ‘redheads’ that come from the bottle. I know it is silly but to be a real redhead you kinda have to earn it. As i know from most other redheads what we have to go through with hating our hair until we get older then enjoying it, we went through the horrors so we deserve the honour of being real redheads.

    But on the note of hair colour mine changes daily from auburn to true red then ginger and back depending on the weather. My hair dresser always gushes over my hair whenever she sees me it not only the colour but it is waist length, curly and thick but also because of the different shade tones running through it.

    If there are any teenagers reading this honestly no matter what shade you are, long or short, straight or curly you are beautiful and when all the silliness is over you are going to love it and so will the rest of the world!

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  • Kora

    Mine is auburn, perhaps close to dark auburn. I’m always excited when I see people who count auburn as being red-haired, because I have a lot of classic redheads in my family who are adamant that auburn doesn’t count.

  • T

    I’m somewhere on the auburn spectrum and people seem to see different tones in my hair depending on the light. I like that and my eyes are rather similar. I’m ultra pale but not a ton of freckles and had a hard time growing up because everyone was so into tanning but I’ve always been proud of my ghost white skin!

    I wish, however, that my hair was a 3, that really delicious bright ginger. It actually naturally lightens to that shade pretty easily at least and when I was dealing with health issues and lost my hair, I bought a wig that color. I was sure the wig was a little too brassy and bright (didn’t think it read quite natural) but people constantly thought it was natural because it went so well with my coloring. I still wear the wig sometimes because darn do I love the color. Like some of the other auburn folks, growing up I didn’t always feel like a redhead even though people often referred to me as such or occasionally threw ginger jokes in my direction.

    Most striking to me, and what really finally made sense (beyond my issues with anesthesia and some of those other redhead quirks) was reading how redheads don’t go grey. I’m just under thirty but have a ton of hair at my temples that baffled me because it is basically colorless. Turns out it’s the redhead version of premature grey. I can see how some people argue that redheads do go grey because that almost colorless white can look grey depending on the light it reflects. It can also look like pale blonde streaks! I’ve kind of learned to embrace it. Funny too because I have a total baby face and am super petite so I’m literally mistaken for a child then have these prominent white streaks in my dark red hair!

    • Doggo

      I have seen assured grey appear in redheads. Not all these “facts” work for everyone, especially people from ethnicities not stereotypically associated with red hair.

  • Doggo

    You people focus far too much on such a fleeting thing (hair). From the assertion that red hair can’t go grey (which is false), to the “fact” that all redheads have freckles, some of you need a reality check. Yeah, I once had natural red hair. I never paid much attention to it. I can’t relate to a lot of what is said about “true redheads”, though… whatever that means. Different culture and probable ethnicity than most people posting here.

    Congratulations, you have or had red hair. What do you want for it? A participation award? I keep seeing people tout it around like it’s some sort of earned war medal. You were born this way. You didn’t create it, nature did, so shake the false pride. I understand that it’s important to feel good about yourself. That doesn’t include what you never earned in the first place.

    There are people in the world who have struggles far worse than concerns over hair colour. Bullying is bad, and I understand that some people get it mercilessly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try to develop a thick skin and let those waves crash against your barrier. I had to do it, for reasons that have nothing to do with hair colour.

    Whatever. Do what you want. I can only hope that you realize that things are far more complicated than what some internet articles can tell you. Not even scientists have presented everything truthfully. If you want to see true redhead diversity, culturally and ethnically, look beyond Western and Central Europe. You’ll see things that break the supposed “facts”. In the end, know that false pride and obsession is getting you nowhere.


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