Redheads should embrace and love their pale skin because it’s incredibly unique and beautiful; but sometimes it does feel great to have a little glow from the use of a great sunless tanner. We talk about certain sunless tanners that are very popular on the market, but there are some tanners that you may not know about and could be perfect for your red life.

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Here is a look into some great ‘redhead friendly’ brands that have each been tested on natural redheads and have been proven to give a great, natural glow without irritating redheaded skin.

1. Supergoop, Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20:

How many times have you applied sunless tanner and then got to an outdoor activity and had to apply white, pasty sunscreen over it? Do you remember looking at your skin and thinking, “Wow, I thought I applied sunless tanner today and I look paler than when I started!” This doesn’t happen with Supergoop, Self-Tanning Sunscreen Moose SPF 20 because it contains SPF 20 and a beautiful glow- in ONE box! It provides UV protection without leaving heavy residue on the skin and gives a great tan without a yucky smell.  Tip: If in the sun for a long period of time, reapply every 80 minutes and by the end of the day, you’ll look tanner than your friends.

2. Beautisol, All Season Glow Self-Tanning Lotion: Many redheads make ill-fated trips to tanning beds and vacations to paradise that end with getting charred like a lobster, and also make attempts at self-tanner that has disastrous results. But, Beautisol is in its own category. It comes in a pump bottle and the tan comes out looking tan and healthy- not orange! If you want to look tan all year long, this is a great option because it is designed to give an endless tan.

3. Au Courant, Instant Tanning Lotion: This product is great because it instantly tans the skin, stays on for days and looks incredibly real. The formula is aloe vera based, streak free, non-greasy and quick drying. It also has a great aroma that smells more like a beautiful perfume than an instant tanner. It comes in a great spray bottle and can be applied with the special sponge that comes with the packaging. It is a perfect product for women on the go because it can be applied while getting ready for the day and you’ll look like you were vacationing on the beach within minutes.

Although, be warned! It isn’t as easy to find as these other recommendations.

4. Kona Tanning Company, Gradual Tanner: This product is wonderful because the founder is a redhead who developed it because she couldn’t find sunless tanners that matched her ivory skin; therefore, all redheads are guaranteed to love it! It smells incredible, its texture is smooth and it works into the skin beautifully. For the ultimate tan, apply in the morning and at night- you’ll notice your skin getting tanner as the days progress.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and Rock it like a Redhead!