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TanTowel was founded in 1998 by Australian-born Lori Braun. Lori´s dream was to create a ultimate self-tanning product in the form of a compact towel that would provide a healthy, natural looking glow. She was sick of odors, messes and streaks. She invented TanTowel & brought it to the United States where she was able to achieve all of her product standards and quality that she demanded.

Almost 15 years later, Lori´s vision has not only exceeded expectations for herself and millions of customers all over the world, but has helped in the education of the sun damage that leads to skin cancer. Now, you can acheive a natural looking tan without spending time in the sun. And, you can throw away all of those heavy chemical-based sunless tan products that were irritating your sensitive skin or turning it orange.

The products are designed for fair to medium skin tones, which is perfect for redheads. It will give you an amazing tan in 2-4 hours. Because most women with red hair have beautifully porcelain skin, it’s always recommended to embrace & love your look; but Tan Towel will make you feel even more beautiful because it gives your skin that little “umph” every woman needs in the summer, spring, fall and winter.

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