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maybelline_line_stiletto_redhead_friendly_how_to_be_a_redheadBy: Maddy Richards

Eyeliner can be tricky, especially for us redheads! I have gone through many eyeliners and I personally found out I didn’t like pencil eyeliners. Some colors
were far too dark to complement my hair and eyes, and I preferred a more “set” look. After searching for a while, I found the right eyeliner and haven’t looked back.


Maybelline’s Line Stiletto eyeliner is really fantastic. It comes in two colors, dark black and a brownish black. Both of them work great on me no matter what the occasion. Sometimes, I choose the brownish black for the day and dark black for night. The stiletto eyeliner has a tip that allows you to apply it with just the right amount, and never gets too smudgy. It doesn’t creep up your entire eyelid, but allows for a precise thin line just where you want it. This eyeliner dries fast, another perk leading to no smudging.


If you’ve spent your entire life searching for the right one, search no more! Line Stiletto by Maybelline is the best eyeliner for me, and hopefully it will be for you too!

Rock it like a Redhead!