By: Lisanne Sanders

All redheads have heard others tell them, “You should avoid the sun at all costs!” It’s true, redheads should keep their skin safe, but they do not need to hibernate all summer long! Knowing how to keep your skin protected is key because it will keep your porcelain skin toned and young. Many redheads use sunless tanners to get a healthy, natural glow because the color looks gorgeous with happy freckles popping out!

But, what about good ol’ fashioned tanning in the sun? Can redheads get a tan? Most would argue and say no, but I believe any redhead can get glowing skin with these following steps:

1. Patience: It is definitely not easy to get color if you’re a redhead. My advice is that you need to have patience and consistently use the right regiment when out in the sun. Remember these following rules:

-Try to constantly alternate between sun and shade.

-Avoid the blazing midday sun. 

-Use “redhead friendly” sunscreen. I recommend Garnier ‘Ambre Solaire’ UV Sensitive 30 or 50 SPF.

2. Wash It Off: After your time in the sun is over, you’ll need to wash off all of the sunscreen. More importantly, you need to give your body a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells. Try a product like Rituals ‘Sakura Scrub’. Different from the regular salt based scrub, this product’s main ingredient is sugar and it nourishes the skin with a protective layer to prevent dry skin. Tip: Be careful not to bring the jar in direct contact with water or the product will dissolve in no time!

3. Moisturize: Finally, after your evening shower, give your fragile freckled skin a decent cool down with Vaseline ‘Total Moisture’ Aloe Fresh. This after-sun lotion feels light, smells amazing and penetrates deeply into the skin.

If you keep up this routine of protection, hydration and cooling off, you’ll notice a healthy glow to your skin in no time.

Enjoy your skin and Rock it like a Redhead!



Photo Credit © How to be a Redhead