Redheads need sunscreen.That’s a known fact. We are more prone to sunburns and melanoma. It’s essential for every redhead to find the perfect product they can trust; whether it’s used on themselves, their significant other, or children.

Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen is that product. We have featured it in our H2BAR Box simply because it’s one the most ‘redhead friendly’ sunscreens out there. In fact, we’ve had it in 3 different H2BAR subscription boxes! It’s that popular amongst our audience.

As seen in the June H2BAR Box

Blue Lizard was originally created in Australia, where sunscreen standards are the strictest in the world. It is ranked as one of the top sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). And, the bottle itself changes color from white to blue when it is exposed to harmful UV rays reminding you to put on sunscreen.

This sunscreen uses high-quality ingredients, starting with a unique zinc oxide formulation. They are always transparent about its products, listing every ingredient (and why it’s used) and providing the best resources to help consumers understand what makes an effective sunscreen.

Follow these key redhead tips when applying your Blue Lizard sunscreen:
1. Apply sunscreen approximately 15 minutes before you go outside in order for your skin to absorb the sunscreen and protect you.
2. Apply enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass (or more!) to get enough coverage on your body.
3. Protect your entire body, including your face, ears, hands and feet. Have someone help you put sunscreen on the hard-to-reach areas such as your back.
4. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours to remain protected, or immediately after swimming or excessively sweating.

GIVEAWAY: 1 lucky winner will walk away with this Blue Lizard gift basket including a Blue Lizard beach towel, tote bag, UV color-change sunglasses and a sunscreen gift bag with a UV color-changing bracelet.

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H2BAR Box Subscribers: Don’t forget to use the #TrustTheLizard & #H2BARbox to share how you’re using Blue Lizard this summer!   

Blue Lizard is available nationwide at Walmart and select CVS locations. Join Ibotta and earn $4 when you buy any 5oz Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen!  

  • Hailey Blanchard

    Blue Lizard seems like a great product!

  • Lots of sunscreen! 🙂

  • Kelly D

    I try to stay in the shade and apply sunblock.

  • Natasha

    Lots of sunscreen & uv rated shirts when able

  • Mary W

    We wear broad brimmed hats, stay under shade whenever possible and re-apply sunscreen every couple hours.

  • Rose M

    Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and never wear shorts or tank tops- gotta cover and protect everything!

  • Anna

    Sunscreen all the way. And also due to my style preferences, I wear long-sleeve tops, and long skirts, dresses, pants. Also those big floppy hats 😀 They look cute, keep my head cool, and well, protect from the sunlight.

  • Dana

    I usually just stay indoors. But since that can’t always happen, I use sunscreen!

  • Susan P.

    I wear a hat and long sleeved shirt and apply sunscreen throughout the day if I have to be out in the sun.

  • Julie Ochs

    I’ve been using it daily on my face since receiving my June H2BAR box! Great stuff! Always keep sunscreen and a good hat at hand.

  • Bethany

    The first time I got this sunscreen in a previous box I was so surprised at how well it worked and paired it with the UV changing bracelets we got in a previous box. As a pale redhead I don’t tan, I just turn various shades of pink. Using this sunscreen I didn’t burn and I actually got some color in the not pink variety. So when I ran out I was really disappointed because I was going on a trip to Florida and then the June box came in the day before I was supposed to leave and it had more of my new favorite sunscreen. I didn’t burn and I came back with a little bit of a tan and bigger darker freckles. This sunscreen has helped me out a lot as a competitive swimmer and runner who’s constantly outside and getting burnt super easily. Thank you redhead box for introducing me to my new go to sunscreen.

  • Taylor shields

    I always put sunscreen on prior to doing oyt door activities. I also try and wear a sun hat if I know I will be out for a longer time. I am trying the blue lizard sunscreen at the moment and I am really loving it.

  • patricia caradonna

    I wear a hat and wear sunscreen and reapply the sunscreen several times while I am outside. I also put on a white t-shirt to protect my skin if I am outside for any length of time.

  • Can’t be without Sunscreen!

  • I’m in IT, I just don’t get to go outside. 😉

  • Heather

    I plan on trying Blue Lizard. it looks like there are several different formulas depending on what you need. It seems like there isn’t a loud sunscreen smell. I just hope it doesn’t get white on my dark uniforms I wear at work.

  • Christine

    I am a redhead with two ginger babies and we would love to try this product!

  • Brooke

    Sunscreen! Makeup with spf and a sun hat! Gotta protect our porcelain skin!

  • Kiersten L

    I wear my university baseball cap and raybans!

  • Irene Smid

    My facial cream has SPF 30 in it. I use this daily to protect my skin. I unfortunately just started this routine and believe I already have sun damage due to years of neglect. Trying to handle this now in my 40s. 🙂

  • Jessica K

    I wear a hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen! My makeup has SPF 15. I make sure to re-apply the sunscreen every two hours.

  • Annette

    Lots of sunscreen and hats during the summer months protect my skin.

  • Heather Jackson

    I am not red headed but still use lots of sunscreen. My sister is a redhead and uses sunscreen, hats, and extra clothing as protection.