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International sperm donors network, Co-ParentMatch, made an interesting announcement on Twitter last week. Apparently, the sperm bank is receiving a surge in demand for women wishing to raise redhead children with the redhead gene. Only 2% of their donors are natural redheads, and they need more.

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If you remember, in 2011, Cryos International, the world’s largest sperm bank, stirred up controversy while refusing donations from redheads because they had more donors than needed.

Ole Schou, director of Cryos International, told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet in 2011, “I do not think you choose a redhead, unless the partner, for example, the sterile male — has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads. And that’s perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case.” Schou also claimed few people outside the Emerald Isle were as eager to have a redhead baby.

Six years later, the tables have turned.

Sperm banks are now requesting redhead donors because the demand is so high.

Is it because parents want their children to be unique and rare? Will this cause red hair to become a majority in late years?

Since the redhead gene is recessive, a doner with red hair does increase the chances of having a redhead but does not guarantee red hair.

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