Like most women, did you finally purchaseΒ coconut oil because you heard it was fantastic for redhead hair & skin? (By the way, it is really is that good!) Then, the moment you fell in love with it, you heard about a new oil fad. Argan oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil or coconut oil: what are the differences and which is right for you? We explored many options & chose our favorite “Redhead Friendly” product for each type of oil.

Rock it like a Redhead!Β 

Photo Credit: Kari Devereaux. Models: Co-Founders Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti

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  • Rae

    Thank’s for putting up this article. It is helpful. I had experienced confusion because of all the fad oils.

  • Alexis

    A note about Argan Oil: not all brands that are cheaper than Josie Maran are fake. Josie Maran deodorizes their Argan Oil, hence it is much more expensive. I use Argan Oil from an organic brand that was quite reasonably priced. My coworker can’t stand the smell (which is like strong olive oil but goes away in about 5 minutes after application) and so she goes for the Josie Maran brand, but it doesn’t bother me.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for this wonderful article. My favorites are coconut and jojoba. I use both on my skin, and I eat at least a tablespoon of coconut oil every day. Furthermore, I use a truly wonderful product by New Chapter called Zyflamend Whole Body gel caps, which is filled with natural oils of rosemary, basil and oregano stabilized in extra virgin olive oil. This product has changed my life and my skin as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties with tumeric and ginger, so not only am I getting a multitude of benefits of wonderful oils, but true health benefits for my body. I absolutely love jojoba as a carrier oil for all my scented body oils–adding a few drops of essential oil of lavender, rose, etc. I am ultra sensitive to chemicals, so these oils are perfect for me.They work, ladies! I hope they help my sister redheads.

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