By: Shawna Renée

Being red-headed has proven to be more than just a color of someone’s hair. People refer to us much in the same way they might describe a group, a race, or a tribe. We don’t just have red hair. We are “redheads.” And boy do we ever have unique redhead personality traits that few would argue.

1. Oh so Sensitive… 

Not only do we tear-up over the slightest sad or sentimental gesture, we grasp the hilarity within the most over-looked part of any joke. We realize the splendor of the quirks in our friends as well as in the misshapen clay of a handmade bowl. It’s even been determined that we seem to be able to detect the slightest adjustment in temperature before others do.

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2. Oh so Fiery… 

Due to our sensitive natures, we can identify the slightest of offensive occurrences from any bad-mannered individual. Furthermore, we tend to act out on whatever we are feeling at any given moment. So naturally, any disruption of this delicate mix elicits reactions from within us that tend to be a bit more EXPLOSIVE than our non-redheaded counterparts.

3. Oh so Passionate… 

We don’t just like, we adore. We don’t just eat, we devour. We don’t just move, we dance. We don’t just dislike, we detest. We don’t just look, we observe. We don’t just hear, we listen. We don’t just cry, we sob. We don’t just try, we do. We don’t just yell, we scream. We don’t just smile, we laugh We don’t just notice, we sense. We don’t just breathe, we live.

4. Oh so Conspicuous… 

It isn’t only the unique hair color that makes us stand out in a crowd, it’s also our reflective aura. The atmosphere surrounding a redhead emits an energy that can provoke strong feelings from any passer-by. Sometimes we don’t even have to say a single word, and a person we don’t know has already made the assumption that they love us or hate us.

5. Oh so Gratifying… 

There’s no denying that when people are around a redhead, they experience a sense of satisfaction in one form or another. I tend to think that it’s because we are sensitive and can truly understand and appreciate what others try to convey. And because we are fiery in our responses which seems to help others release any pent-up negative emotions. And because we are passionate and fervently give our all in what we do. And because we are far from being in-conspicuous, which virtually provides the excuse for others to also be different and to stand out in their own unique way.

Yes, we redheads are a distinctive bunch. We have so many special facets within our spirits. We can repress who we are, but no one can gain from that. We’ve been blessed, and we need to shine even brighter than our hair!

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  • Rebekah

    I love this article and how it depicts our uniqueness. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

  • Maria

    1 and 3 describe me perfectly, but I’m not fiery

  • Jared

    I’m overly sensitive, hot-tempered and passionate. LOL

  • Lara Schmidt

    That’s it. Perpetuate the stereotypes. And redheads wonder why they’re judged so harshly? Tripe like this only feeds the fire.

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