Redheads, get ready for the best news EVER! The 2018 emoji list (Emoji 11.0) was published today and redhead emojis are FINALLY on it! WOW!

You’ll notice there are many different skin shades too since redheads are represented all over the world.

Currently, red hair is the one of the only natural hair colors not represented through emojis. They have blonde, brunette, black and even yellow, but no red. Many redheads have expressed their outrage on social media, especially Tiwtter, over this issue for the past two years.

Unicode president Mark Davis told Emojipedia:

“The emoji list being announced today is final, so that vendors can start work on this year’s emoji. We’ll release the final specification for Emoji 11 in synchrony with the Unicode 11 release, targeted in June. Users can expect to see support for these new emoji rolling out in the second half of 2018.”

There will also be options for curly hair, white hair and baldness in sequences for men and women of any skin tone.


Credit: © 2018 Emojipedia

Users can expect to see the new redhead emojis on their phones in the second half of 2018.

Rock it like a Redhead!