Peppermint oil is known to aid in digestion, vomiting, natural pain reliever, muscle fatigue, nausea, headaches, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, sciatica, arthritis, fevers, toothache, itching, cooling to skin. But, what about the hair? For us redheads, how will it benefit our gorgeous locks? We spoke with Shrankhla Holece, the founder of Uma Oils. She found a way to combine ages of traditional wisdom with modern science and contemporary sensibility, and knows a thing or two about beneficial oils.

“Peppermint oil is traditionally used for a variety of health and aromatherapeutic benefits,” says Shrankhla. “Its benefits in skin and haircare are primarily driven from its antibacterial properties. So think about any skin or hair conditions that arise from bacterial issues – dandruff, acne, etc. could find relief from use of peppermint.”

Even though peppermint oil can be the perfect remedy for a dry, flaky scalp, which is so common in cold seasons, redheads should be very careful when using it. If used in its pure form, it can burn the scalp. Shrankhla recommends, “Mix it with something, like a shampoo, or dilute it with water. I recommend adding a couple of drops to your conditioner or shampoo and then using that in the shower.” And remember, a few drops go a long way.

After a few treatments you will notice a lift in the life of your hair. But, Shrankhla warns, “If you are thinking of using it on your skin, fair skinned women whom are often sensitive, should patch test to find out if there could be a reaction and to dilute the EO in a carrier oil and possibly use on the bottom of the feet first.”


Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Kari Devereaux