By: Hannah Marr

As redheads, we’re often told that we can and should only wear certain hues to make sure we don’t wash out our pale complexions or clash horrifically with our vibrant hair. The most common thing that I’ve heard redheads are supposed to stay away from is the color pink. But, as a lover of all things bright and fun, pink is one of my favorite colors. So, how can I stay away from such a summery staple? I can’t!

To decide whether or not redheads really belong in pink, I discovered some of my redheaded celebrities in this rosy color. Take a look:

These celebs prove that it’s time to ditch the age-old belief that redheads should steer clear of pink hues. Let’s save the browns and greens for fall and winter and relish our love for pink all summer long.



Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead

  • Christine

    How wonderful to see so much love and passion for all of us redheads

  • Lauren

    I love to wear pale pink, it makes my skin glow. However, I still avoid brighter pink tones.

  • Lara

    Just because you love a color does not mean that it is right for YOU. I enjoy pink, too. But, I’d never recommend it to a redhead blindly on the fact that just because I like a color I can or should wear it. If you are going to do pink MAKE SURE you get it right. Because, if you don’t get it right you’re gonna look like freak, and that is putting it nicely. Warm pinks, salmon pinks, coral pinks, maybe yellow pinks, but stay away from BRIGHT, VIVID, BOLD, COLD colors. AKA fuchsia. The old rule still applies and probably always will. If it looks warm, if it acts warm, if it sounds warm, and if it feels warm, then by-golly it must be WARM! Cold or cool colors do not belong on a redhead face or person.

  • Lindsay

    Really Lara?!In the future please do not be such a Debby Downer.

  • Olivia Leven

    I have VERY light skin, copper-colored hair, and almost everything in my closet is bright pink. I think I look best in magenta. Depending on what shade of red hair you have, you should decide which color pink looks the best. I think light pink goes with lighter shades of red hair, dark pink goes with darker shades of red hair, and the very few people who have super bright red hair should wear fuchsia and magenta!

    Rock it like a Redhead 🙂

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