The Best Natural Remedy for Your Sunburn

Even though redheads are constantly reminded to apply sunscreen, a bad sunburn happens to the best of us.

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There’s no need to suffer through a sleepless night when this simple natural remedy will help cure your sunburn: VINEGAR.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, a component in aspirin that can relieve itching and inflammation.

At-Home Instructions: 

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar. Apply it to the burn.

Tip #1: Make sure to not wipe it off. Let it drip dry because a towel will irritate the skin.

Tip #2: Don’t have a spray bottle handy? Dip a washcloth in vinegar and gently pat it on the sunburn. Do not rub.

WATCH: Redhead Guide to Applying Sunscreen 

Rock it like a Redhead!

*Updated April 2018

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Love Your Redhead Skin: An Interview with Meghan Rothschild

Redhead-Meghan-Rothschild1-Interview-How-To-Be-A-RedheadMeghan Rothschild is a 27-year-old proud redhead, seven year cancer survivor and co-founder of

H2BAR met with Meghan to get the scoop on her life as a redhead and her message to everyone about taking care of  your skin:

MR: is actually the homepage for my business, Surviving Skin, that I founded over 3 years ago. I have been speaking on the topic of melanoma and skin cancer for over 6 years and Surviving Skin is the “name” to what I do. I travel around the country educating young men and women (mostly at high schools and colleges) about the dangers of UV exposure, both indoor and out.

At the young age of 20, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Melanoma caused by excessive tanning. Post diagnosis, I have an extensive surgery that included the removal of 8 lynph nodes, and a large chunk of skin on my abdomen. Since my experience, I have had over 30 moles removed because once you’ve had melanoma you’re at a greater risk to get it again.

My goals are to educate has many people as possible about this deadly diseae and break down the misconception that skin cancer is an “easy” cancer to overcome. The mission of Surviving Skin is as follows “Our mission is to inform men and women of all ages about the dangerous effects of sun exposure and indoor tanning bed use.”

H2BAR: We always ask: How has being a redhead shaped your life?

Well, I think with so many of us fellow redheads out there, it was a complete PITA (Pain In The Ass) when I was growing up. I was teased for my fair skin and “ginger” hair, I was called names, told I looked like “Casper the ghost.” You name it, I was called it.

Being a redhead was the reason I turned to tanning booths at the age of 17. I wanted to have a “normal” complexion and look like everyone else… I thought about dying my hair and completely changing my appearance many times.

After 2 1/12 years of indoor tanning, I was diagnosed with cancer.

It wasn’t until a year after my initial diagnosis that I began to LOVE my unique appearance. Over the past 7 years I have come to absolutely love the fact that I am a redhead and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve learned the makeup tips, the hair styling and any other trick you can think of to work what I’ve got! Now that I think of it, I can honestly say that being a redhead has shaped about 90% of who I am today (as she smiles)!

H2BAR: Do you have any regrets about the way you treated your skin?

Of course! I worry everyday about the potential for another skin cancer and of course, wrinkles. I’m 27 and use an anti-wrinkle night cream! I don’t however, regret having skin cancer. It has made me the strong person I am today and even if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing. I was diagnosed for a reason, and skin cancer awareness is my life’s mission.

H2BAR: Do you have any tips or recommendations for redheaded skin?

Moisturize, exfoliate, and have a professional help you pick your makeup colors. They know best and us redheads can be a challenge! And make sure to pamper yourself... your skin is the largest organ “in” our body. We need to treat it with love and care.

H2BAR: Do you have a favorite product/ product line?

I love Ava Anderson non-toxic. They have a fantastic line of skin care products and most of the ingredients (if not ALL) are a zero on the cosmetic database. I also love Sevin Nyne and Clarins sunless tanners – my pasty legs’ best friend.

H2BAR: What is your favorite sunscreen?

Ava Anderson SPF, Eucerin daily SPF lotion, and Neutrogena tinted facial moisturizer with a 30 SPF.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Redhead, Lauren Gott

How to be a Redhead had the distinct pleasure to interview Lauren Gott, celebrity makeup artist and redhead for the past thirteen years. She is known for her  flawless application, acute attention to detail, and unique amount of creativity!

H2BAR: What is the Lauren Gott story?

LG: I grew up in Louisiana. My home town is Lake Charles which is in the heel of the boot of Louisiana and right off the Gulf of Mexico.

Upon completion of high school I was asked to go to NYC to model with Wilhelmina Models; my older sister was a model and I believe she had inadvertently shown her booker a graduation photo of me. I thought the notion a joke due to my underwhelming height and childlike ballerina frame. I knew I would never be offered an experience quite like modeling again, so I bit the bullet and decided to spend what I thought would be a summer in NY. My academic aspirations to study medicine were soon put on the back burner when I made the tough decision to accept agency offers in Europe. I thought, school will always be there, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I can only do when I’m young. It’s baffling how one decision can alter your entire life and career course.

H2BAR: Has having red hair inspired your career as a makeup artist?

LG: Well, I suppose I would never have become a makeup artist had it not been for my red hair and coloring. This made me unique as a model and then also as one of the few makeup artists in the industry…believe me I can count them all on one hand, myself included.

H2BAR: Being a redhead is more than just a hair color, but a lifestyle! What does being a redhead mean to you?

LG: Redheads certainly stand out in a crowd! Let’s just say we wouldn’t make the best serial killers. All jokes aside, I think there is a lot of mystery and curiosity regarding redhead’s allure, demeanor, and sexuality. We are so few and far between that I do believe we all share an inherent connection.

I also believe we redheads are more sensitive in most respects whether it be to others, to pain, emotionally, or the sun for that matter.

H2BAR: What is your secret for keeping your red locks so beautiful?

LG: I have naturally wavy curls and generally do not heat style my hair. I wash, condition, and occasionally put in a leave in conditioner; I like paraben-free organic brands. I’ll sleep on it damp and scrunch it on my pillow. When I wake up, my hair is ready to go.

H2BARWhat is your number 1 beauty secret?

LG:Suncreen. I love the sun but the sun does not love me! DeVita Sunscreen is incredible, natural, and won’t clog your pores.

H2BAR: What makeup tips do you have for redheads?

LG: Keep it simple. Suncreen, concealer, lip balm, lip color which can also be used on the cheeks, and little mascara (curl the lashes first to open the eyes up).

H2BAR: You are a strong woman who has worked hard to succeed in your line of work. If you can give any advice to our redheaded readers, what would it be?

LG: If there is one trait we all have in common, it’s relentless, fiery, determination! Plant the right seeds, tend it, and watch your aspirations grow. It’s a often a long and arduous road, but, if you love what you do, it’s always worth it.

H2BAR: What does 2011/2012 have in store for Lauren Gott?

LG: Oh dear, I would love to be doing more makeup for beauty editorial and advertising. Beauty makeup is my passion and treats the face like a canvas which tends to be more whimsical and fun. I’ve been dividing my time between NY and LA; LA keeps me more busy with celebrity work.

Want more Lauren Gott? Visit her website

Photo Credit: © Lauren Gott

Why Redheads Have an Aversion to the Summer Heat

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~Russel Baker

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE summer. It’s just not conducive with red hair and a fair complexion.

I’m a redhead who is part pasty white and part freckly. 15 minutes in the summer sun sees me ‘glowing’ an unhealthy shade of red, the sun having commenced its roasting process.

I was a bit worried the other day when I looked in the mirror after attending a barbecue.

I never usually venture out of the shade to swim, but I believed that I was actually melting therefore didn’t hesitate to prun-ify myself in the pool. But after getting home and looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that my freckles had taken it upon themselves to get busy and breed. An explosion had occurred all over my face, with a whole lot of baby freckles as a result.


Note: For those sun-smart individuals who may want to lecture me on the perils of not ‘slipping, slopping and slapping’, I was wearing sunscreen…that just doesn’t seem to stop my freckles. Nothing does – except maybe winter or living the life of a vampire and only venturing out at night.

I have considered the possibility of moving to a place with a cooler climate – but I hate the cold (rumour is that redheads feel the cold more…I’m living proof!).

What about trading it in for somewhere humid, and not so ‘harsh’. Hmmm – that would bring with it increased occurrences of melting and a whole lot of frizzy hair.

Hibernation? Well, I do love to sleep, but I don’t think I could handle the associated weight gain.

No. I can deal with ‘suffering’ through summer. I may just need to adopt of a new summer ‘style. I’m thinking 1950’s – wide-brimmed woven beach hats, bathing suits and pretty umbrellas?

I think us redheads would rock this classy, big-hat, chic look. What do you think?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want To Dye Your Hair Red

Many magazines are claiming red hair is just a “trend,” but it’s more than that, it’s a forever fashion statement.

Jason Backe, Celebrity Colorist with L’Oreal Professionel at Ted Gibson Salon recently did an interview with about the questions women should ask themselves before dying their hair red.

He’s right! Everyone taking the “red plunge” should ask themselves these questions:

  1. Does it fit your personality? “I always think that a redheaded woman is not a wilted flower. She’s either the smouldering temptress or the funny friend (think Lucille Ball)… “
  2. Are you ready for the comments? “When you dye your hair red, you’re making a statement so be ready for reactions, both good and bad. Not ready for the opinions? You might reconsider.”
  3. Can you handle the commitment? “Red is a lot of maintenance, so you have to commit to your colorist, the salon and the money it will take to make sure it looks great. You’ll need to visit every three weeks to keep it looking fresh. “

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Why Exfoliating The Lips Is Super Important for Redheads

Whether it is winter or summer, the lips are always forgotten when protecting the skin. Or, sometimes, no matter how much medicated lip balm is applied, the lips may still crack and peel. It is also frustrating when matte lipstick is applied and lips suddenly look more chapped than ever.

Sometimes the simple issue will chapped lips is forgetting to exfoliate the lips. Exfoliating the lips takes off the excess skin from the lips. In more cases than most, you’ll find that your lips are not chapped… they just haven’t been exfoliated! Exfoliating the lips is as important as exfoliating the skin and body.

This is the process every redhead should follow when exfoliating lips:

1. With a warm, wet washcloth, clean the lips.

2. In a small bowl, combine granulated sugar with an natural oil, like the preferred Vitamin E oil. The sugar will exfoliate your lips and the Vitamin E will replenish them.

3. Apply the concoction on your lips and move your lips up and down to rub in the mixture.

4. Rub off the concoction with the washcloth.

Lips will appear baby soft and lipstick will look flawless. Rock it like a Redhead! 

Why Celebrities Dye Their Hair Red and Techniques To Follow If You’re Doing The Same

..and that’s exactly what Christina Hendricks was thinking when she was modeling in Milan a few years ago.

Another model, Karen Elson, couldn’t find work so she dyed her hair red and before you know it, Karen was featured on the front of Italian Vogue!

Christina told Harper Bazaar about Karen Elson, “There was one girl [Karen Elson]—she was like, ‘I can’t get any work. I’m so sick of this, I’m ready to quit. I love your hair color. What do you color your hair with?’ and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s red. Here’s my formula.'”

If you’re also deciding to dye your hair red, remember these H2BAR techniques:

1. Make the necessary adjustments to your makeup.

2. Wear clothes that complement your hair color.

3. In the summer months, we recommend choosing a fun and bright red color, but in the winter months, go a darker, auburn.

4. Make sure the tone of your hair matches your skin and eye color.

5. Rock the Red and Rock it like a Redhead! 

Why Eating THIS Will Give You Thicker and Stronger Red Hair

By: Guest Writer, Nina DiBona-Pauk, RD, LDN

Strong, shiny red hair starts at the scalp.  A healthy scalp is a result of proper hygiene, cosmetic products, and YES—nutrition!

You may have heard the buzz on Omega-3’s* in reference to heart health (among a plethora of other benefits), but did you know they couldimprove the appearance of your red locks?

Omega-3’s are a type of essential fatty acid (EFA).

“Essential” meaning they must be obtained through diet, because we cannot synthesize them within our bodies. So how can these healthy fats help improve the appearance of our hair?

EFA’s are important components of the stratum corneum, the outer most layer of our epidermis.  Though the main function of the stratum corneum is to provide a protective barrier, this layer of our skin also has water-holding capabilities that help keep the scalp hydrated.

Lack of sufficient EFA’s in your diet could cause dry scalp and/or dandruff, leaving your fiery-red locks looking listless, dull, and plagued with flakes.

If you have the right amount of EFA’s, you could see thicker, stronger and shinier red hair.

So how can redheads maintain a healthy stratum corneum?

Make an effort to get enough Omega-3’s in your diet.  Aim for 7-11 grams of these healthy fats each week.  Below is a list of common food sources of Omega-3’s.

Salmon (4 oz): 1.7 grams Omega 3’s

Bluefish (4 oz): 1.7 grams Omega 3’s

Sardines (4 oz): 1.8 grams Omega 3’s

Mackerel (4 oz): 2.2 grams Omega 3’s

Walnuts (1 oz): 2.6 grams Omega 3’s

Walnut oil (1 Tablespoon): 1.4 grams Omega 3’s

Flax seeds (1 oz): 1.8 grams Omega 3’s

Flax oil (1 Tablespoon): 6.9 grams Omega 3’s

Cod liver oil (1 Tablespoon): 3.7 grams Omega 3’s

If fish, nuts and seeds don’t spark your interest (or you have allergies or diet restrictions), a supplement will keep your scalp just as healthy.

Aim for a supplement that will help you hit the recommended 7-11 grams/week.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

*All of this should be discussed with your doctor before changing your diet.

Fashion Trends for Redheads That Never Go Out Of Style

New York Fashion Week was coming to an end when luckily, London Fashion Week began its soar through designer collections. We are continuously inspired by redhead-inspired fashion (model or celebrity) and its influence on the yearly trends!

LOUD PRINTS- As we saw in New York, loud prints are all the rage! The secret, especially for redheads? Since red hair is a vibrant color, always match the loud print with something basic to compliment the outfit and of course, the hair.

STRONG COLORS- A must for redheads, everywhere. We especially appreciate Antonio Berardi’s choice of a deep navy for his redhead; it made the model’s light skin and gorgeous hair POP!

HAIR– H2BAR loves when red hair is the main accessory and a basis for every factor: clothes, shoes & makeup.

Ladies, this is how you do it. Rock it like a Redhead! 



5 Timeliness Redhead Summer Beauty Tips

Updated: June 2, 2017 

Summer has unofficially arrived and that means it’s time to share with you our top redhead summer beauty tips to help kick off this gorgeous season ahead.

It is known that redheads have a greater risk of developing melanoma than a non-redhead, so it is very important to always wear sunscreen and stay extra sun protected while enjoying the outdoors. We all want to keep our red hair looking fabulous and skin glowing while doing so. If you’re escaping from the cold climate on a vacation or waiting impatiently for warmer days, try these ‘redhead friendly’ beauty tips to prepare your skin and red hair for the summer:


Shiseido Refreshing Sun Protection, SPF 16: Many redheads forget to apply sunscreen on their red hair and scalp, but it burns in the sun, too! This product is great because it is water-resistant, lightweight and prevents any sunburn from happening.

Sunless Tanner:

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing MousseWe always talk about different sunless tanners, but this is our top favorite. It will give every redhead that perfect glow while keeping your delicate skin safe from harmful rays. We apply this product a few hours before bed and wake up with bronzed ready-for-the-sun skin.


We always apply these two products (with SPF!) on our skin to stay protected all day long.

It Cosmetics CC+ EYE Color Corrector Full Coverage Cream

Superbalanced Silk Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15: This lipstick lasts all day and includes SPF. What more could you want?


Recently, we have invested in UV-Blocking Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses. When we aren’t wearing our sunglasses, the contacts help our light colored eyes from being damaged from the sun.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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