5 Ways Redheads Can Fake Thicker Hair

Everyone wants to have thick, luxurious red locks. Thick hair looks and feels healthy, and has a certain flair to it that thin hair does not have. However, every redhead’s hair is different and not everyone can have the thick hair they may desire. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can pull to make your red hair look thicker & more voluptuous:

1. Hair extensions:

Hair extensions are a great way to fake thick hair. Whether you want to splurge or keep the spending on them to a minimum, any type of extensions you chose will make your hair appear more full, longer, and more beautiful than going natural.

Redhead Friendly Tips: Opt for clip-in extensions. They won’t pull out the hair and you can place them in areas throughout the head to provide volume. And, when you’re sick of them, you simply take them out.

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Having trouble finding good quality redhead hair extensions? Opt for auburn or light brown shade that is closest to your hair color, and apply at the bottom of your hair. You won’t be able to tell the difference.

2. Curling:

Curly hair naturally appears a bit thicker than straight hair, so why not try curling your hair for a more thick appearance? Achieve tight or loose curls with a wand, rather than a regular curling iron.

3. Teasing your hair:

Hair teasing is another way to perfectly fake your hair thickness. Volume is key to having thick hair, and that’s exactly what teasing hair creates.

How To Tease The Hair: Section off hair and use a fine-tooth hair comb to tease near the root. Use a flexible hold hairspray because it will keep your teased hair in place without it looking too stiff.

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

4. Volume:

If you really want thick hair, use volumizing products like Davines This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse or Kenra Professional Dry Volume Burst 3. For added hair volume, try bending your head down when blow-drying your hair.

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5. Vitamins*:

Another great option to achieve thicker hair is taking vitamins daily – like SugarBearHair Vitamins. Not only will they help your hair, but they’ll help your whole body to stay healthy and at its best. Folic acid is a great option to make hair longer and thicker, and vitamin D is known to help hair, too.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

*Please consult with your doctor to see which vitamins are best for you.
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11 Secrets A Redhead Won’t Tell You

We might not want to admit it but redheads do have secrets. While most of the world is sure women with red hair are magical (we’ll take the compliments, right?), we do have some inner feelings & actions most do not know! Some are funny, some are downright honest. Don’t forget to comment below on the secrets you can relate to.

1. We talk to our red hair like it’s a person.

“Why do you look like a lion’s mane today?” 

“What a great hair day! Thank you, thank you!” 

2. We admirably look at our red locks in the mirror with adoration.

How can we not? 


3. We love seeing another redhead or multiple redheads together.

It’s definitely a secret club. 

4. We NEVER want to hide our red hair.

Hats, scarves.. craziness! 


5. We know we are mermaids.

Yes, we are 99% sure we’re living Ariel’s. 

6. We get extremely excited to rock our redhead apparel in public.

Have. To. Get. One. Right. Now. Shop here.


7.  We secretly hope for redhead children.

Praying every single night.

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8. We cringe if someone asks if our hair is natural.

…or if someone questions whether you look “good as a redhead.”


9. We have nightmares of going white.

We don’t want to think about the days of waking up without vibrant red hair. 

10. We dread being called names like “Carrot Top” & “Big Red/Little Red”.

As strong and unbothered as we may seem, it does get a bit old after a while. But hey, why try to blend in when we were born to stick out? 

11. If you were to grab our phone, 90% of the photos would be selfies.

We have to document this hair! 


Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photos via Pinterest. Main photo via Kvikken 


Sierra is the only natural redhead in her family and one of three at her school. “Feeling like a minority can feel isolating,” she says. “But, I have learned to embrace my hair and freckles because they are my favorite parts about myself. They are what make me unique.” She’s also proud that redheads are unforgettable because red hair, freckles and light eyes are the rarest combination in the world!

The 10 Fieriest Redheads Throughout History

Some scientists say that red hair is simply a genetic mutation and redheads will soon be extinct. I am not typically one to argue with science, but I’m going to show you 10 (or 11) redheads throughout history that prove we’re not going anywhere.

1. Eve: 


When God saw that Adam could not survive on his own, who did He choose to be the first woman on earth?  A redhead, of course!  Or, I should say, another redhead.  That’s right, the first humans on earth were redheads!  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at some etymological proof.  I did a little research, and apparently “ruddy” is the best English translation we have for the original Hebrew word in the Old Testament, pronounced ad-mow-nee, which means red or reddish.  The name “Adam,” pronounced ah-dawm, is actually derived from that same Hebrew word.  Adam was created from the dust or the red clay of the earth, which in Hebrew was called ah-dah-maw, and Eve would have been inherently comparable to Adam, since she was taken from his rib.  This is why many paintings of the “Creation of Man” depict both Adam and Eve as redheads.  So you tell me, who is really the genetic mutation?

2. Lilith:


This little tidbit is free.  In Jewish mythology, the supposed first wife of Adam, Lilith, is also said to have had red hair.  She was eventually kicked out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to submit herself to Adam.

3. Athena and Aphrodite:


No surprise here that both the Greek goddess of wisdom and goddess of beauty are believed to have been redheads.  Though modern cinema has taken it upon themselves to turn Athena into a brunette and Aphrodite into a blonde, we know from ancient art and tradition, that the women were red at their roots.  Athena was typically portrayed with auburn locks, while Aphrodite rocked more of a strawberry mane, but the bottom line is you got it wrong, Percy Jackson!  Afterall, what were the Greek goddesses if not fiery?

4. Cleopatra:


Turns out the black bob that we normally associate with this female pharaoh of Ancient Egypt may be folically inaccurate.  She is said to have used henna to bring out the redness of her hair.  No wonder Mark Antony couldn’t resist her!  Though pharaohs at the time would have only spoken Greek, Cleopatra learned to speak Egyptian and called herself the reincarnation of the goddess Isis.  Well, she may not have been a goddess, but at least she understood the supernatural power that comes with a great head of red hair.

5. Mary Magdalene:


Despite a scandalous past as a prostitute, Mary Magdalene is often described as one of the most important women in the movement of Christianity.  She is said to be the first person to have seen the Risen Christ and has been immortalized in art with flowing, red locks.  At the time, red hair would have been a sign of royalty, and this royal head of hair might just be the most famous in all of the New Testament.  In a particularly remarkable moment recorded in the Gospels, Mary Magdalene anoints Jesus’ feet with expensive ointment and dries them with her hair.  Other than maybe Samson’s golden locks in the Old Testament, I can’t think of any biblical hair with greater significance.

6. Elizabeth I:


Named as one of the most powerful redhead woman in history, Elizabeth I of England inherited the red tresses of her father Henry VIII. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was one of the wives who was beheaded by Henry, but Elizabeth eventually succeeded to the throne.  She gave her critics a glimpse of that fiery redheaded nature by ignoring her advisors and choosing not to marry.  She famously stated, “I do not want a husband who honors me as a queen, if he does not love me as a woman.” Well said, Liz.  Who needs a man to run a country anyway?  Remember, men may fight wars, but redheads win them.

7. Lucille Ball:


Let’s fast-forward a little now to hit one of the most iconic redheads in history and a personal favorite.  Who doesn’t love Lucy?  She’s beautiful, hilarious, and she bagged a smoking-hot Cuban man.  Of course, as Lucille Ball said herself, “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”  I watched I Love Lucy in black and white on “Nick at Night” all through my adolescence.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw Lucy in color and learned that she was a redhead!  I didn’t think there was any way I could love her more, and then… there it was!  It was like discovering that your favorite dessert was also fat-free.  These days, Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone are the queens of rocking a red lip on the red carpet, but Lucy invented the red lip, and the comedy that left those red lips made us cry with laughter.  You just don’t get much better than Lucille Ball.  Oh, and did I mention that the woman’s eyebrows were ON FLEEK?

GET THE LOOK: Lucille Ball’s Classic Makeup Tutorial 

8. Carol Burnett: 


While we’re on the topic of Queens of Comedy, how about this redheaded pistol?  The Carol Burnett Show was, unfortunately, a little before my time, but thank God for reruns!  As a child of the 80’s, though, I know her best as Miss Hannigan in the musical Annie (another notable redhead).  I remember rewinding our VHS tape over and over to watch the scene where she performs “Little Girls.”  No offense to Kathy Bates or Jane Lynch, but no one does that number like Carol Burnett.  I was mesmerized by her talent.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that way about an actress since.  All I can say is, don’t ever let anyone say that women aren’t funny, particularly redheaded women.

9. Reba McEntire:


On from the Queens of Comedy to the Queen of Country.  Regardless of how you feel about country music (or sitcoms on ABC Family), Reba is an icon.  This is the redhead I spent most of my childhood trying to look like.  Reba had big, curly hair with bangs, so I had big, curly hair with bangs.  Reba wore sequined jackets with fringe, so I wore sequined jackets with fringe.  Reba started wearing her hair straight, so I… cried because my hair was naturally curly, and I couldn’t figure out how to wear it straight.  I would sit in my room with my tape recorder and sing “Fancy” at the top of my lungs, but no matter how many times I played it back, I never sounded quite like Reba, and I guess I can live with that.  In whatever this woman decides to do, she is unstoppable.  And, we all know that Reba must be who Connie Britton (another of my favorite redheads) has based Nashville’s Rayna James on.  You’re not fooling anyone, Connie!

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10. Nicole Kidman:


This beautiful ginger makes the list simply because I may be a little too obsessed with the movie Moulin Rouge.  But, I defy you to watch this movie and not fall in love with Nicole Kidman’s hair. This movie does for red hair what the movie 300 did for abs.  Oh, and eyebrows also ON FLEEK.

Emma Stone:


The list wouldn’t feel complete without at least one 2015 redheaded phenome.  Though there are many to choose from, I’m going to give this title to Emma Stone.  First of all, have you seen the woman on the red carpet this year?  She’s killing it.

Second of all, she is so funny–movies like Zombieland, Super Bad, and Easy A prove this, but now she is showing us that she’s more than that.  She can go from a Southern feminist in The Help to a recovering drug addict in Birdman, and nail both roles.  And lastly, does everyone know that the girl can sing?  The reason she’s been rocking that cute wavy bob lately is because she cut her hair when she replaced Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles in Cabaret on Broadway this year.  I saw it in November, and she slayed!  Can we all just take a moment and bow down to this redheaded, red-lipped, new queen of old Hollywood glamour, Emma Stone?

Clearly, redheads throughout history have played anything but a subtle role, and I have to disagree with the critics who say our kind will soon be extinct.  We were there at the dawn of creation, and we’ll be there when it all comes to a fiery end.  As Robert Frost puts it, “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.  From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.”

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Caring for Sensitive Skin: An Entire Facial Line for Redheads

Most redheads (not all), have very sensitive skin. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, everyone knows how uncomfortable it feels to use a facial product and out of nowhere, your skin begins to irritate and suddenly, your face is as red as your hair.

We always recommend redheads, with sensitive skin or not, use a line of products that is specifically formulated to target signs of sensitive skin conditions. That’s why we’ve recently fallen in love with PCA SKIN.

They understand that those with sensitive skin typically experience a combination of irritation, discomfort, bumps, redness and inflammation. Dermatitis — commonly referred to as eczema — rosacea and psoriasis are classified as sensitive skin conditions.

The PCA SKIN line for sensitive skin also refrains from using fragrances, lanolin, formaldehyde, latex and menthol are common irritants and the use of aggressive chemical and mechanical exfoliants which can also increase skin irritation.

It’s important to care for your sensitive skin & if you’ve experienced:

  1. An impaired barrier leads to constant moisture loss
  2. Dry, flaky skin is common
  3. Visible redness is a sign of underlying and superficial inflammation
  4. Blood vessels are larger and more visible

Knowing your skin type helps determine the best products to add to your regimen in order to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin. The below products are some of our favorite items from the PCA SKIN Sensitive Skin line & our personal skin routine:

If you’re still unsure about what products are right for your skin, consult with a PCA SKIN® Certified Professional for a treatment plan tailored to address the underlying causes and symptoms of your unique, sensitive skin. Click right here to find one near you.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Note: This product review contains the true beliefs of How to be a Redhead and were rightfully provided by PCA Skin. This post has been sponsored by PCA Skin. 

Pucker Up! Bright and Bold Lipsticks for Redheads

By: Colleen Martin 

I recently finished an almost two-year stint with orthodontic braces (for the second time in my life. Let that be a lesson to you, kids – always wear your retainers!). Since it wasn’t my first rodeo – and, frankly, I’m a lot older now than I was then – I wanted them to be as unobtrusive as possible, so I ended up getting the white ceramic kind instead of traditional metal ones. It didn’t take long for me to realize though that lipstick and white braces do not mix. Try as I might, it was impossible to keep it from smudging all over them. So much for unobtrusive. I can’t say I was very happy about this new development – how on earth was I going to go two years without lipstick? I vowed then that once I had my braces removed, I was going to live in bright, bold shades to make up for lost time (and show off my newly straightened teeth, of course!).

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While my rather ambitious plan for all-out daily glamour didn’t quite pan out (a girl’s allowed to be lazy every so often, am I right?), my newfound adventurousness led me to discover a whole slew of colors I never would have considered before, ones that are surprisingly flattering and wearable with my red hair.

Here are my faves:

 Rock it like a Redhead! 

Redheads: 15 Things To Expect At The H2BAR Nashville Event

How to be a Redhead (H2BAR) just premiered the Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour  in Austin on April 30, 2015. It was a huge hit! For more photos, see here.

Next stop: Nashville! We’ve received many questions asking what the event is all about, what to wear and what to expect. Thanks to the incredible sketch from Yarden Karako, we were able to bring the event to life before many of you experience it first hand.

It is all happening at The Johnny Cash Museum (appropriate, right?) on June 18, 2015 from 7-10PM.

So, pretend like you’re dressed up and ready to walk into the venue. Ready, set, go…

1. Upon entering the event, you will walk the red carpet and take a glamorous photo.

Many photographers will be on scene to capture the excitement and expressions of attendees. If you’re wondering what to wear, we encourage our audience to dress in what makes them feel comfortable; but it is a ‘dress to impress’ evening! Have fun with it and let your outfit express your personality.


2. You will then be directed to the sponsored ‘redhead friendly’ beauty and fashion bars.

Which to choose first?! 

3. In the meantime, there will be complimentary catering.

Enjoy delicious passed hors d’oeuvres.

4. Enjoy makeup touch ups and advice from the experts.

We’re overjoyed to have Elea Blake, a local Tennessee makeup company as the sponsor. 


5. Skin consultations will be available from Tennessee’s best.

Redheads have so many questions about their skin and the best skin routine for a particular skin type. Experts from Moon Child Skincare, a local Tennessee skin brand, will be demonstating proper skin techniques and more. 

6. The Dry House, a staple in downtown Nashville, will be giving complimentary blow outs, hair touchups and consultations.

Want a fancy braid? Or have questions about your hair type? Ask away.


7. Adrienne and Stephanie will be working closely with Billion Dollar Brows for the eyebrow bar.

As many of you know, How to be a Redhead has released the ‘Red’ Hint of Tint eyebrow gel with the niche eyebrow company, Billion Dollar Brows. Every attendee has the chance to sit with Adrienne & Stephanie to discuss their eyebrows & the product!


8. The How to be a Redhead Beauty Bar will feature new apparel and brand new never-before-seen products.

Get excited! 

9. Turn to AILA Cosmetics, the Official Nail Sponsor for the Nashville event, to get mini-manicures, polish touchups.. and more.

AILA Cosmetics will have experts in a row to pamper you and give you the best nail advice. 


10. Have fashion questions? Music City’s top stylist, Katie Rushton from Effortless Style, will be giving redheads her top fashion tips.

Wondering what color is best for your skin and hair tone? Katie is there to help! 

11. Enjoy live performances for redhead rockstar, Shayne Leighton.


12. Complimentary cocktails and soft drinks will be provided.

Thanks to our beverage sponsor, DRY Soda

13. The three fashion shows will begin!

Looks from Coolibar and local Nashville boutiques will be showcased. 


14. Special performance by The Redhead Express.

We’re excited to have the four redhead sisters a part of the Nashville stop. Don’t miss it!


15. Leave with $300+ in beauty product.

General Admission attendees will leave with $300+ in beauty products and VIP will leave with $500+! They are our favorite products, handpicked by Adrienne and Stephanie, for each and every attendee.

Haven’t bought your Nashville tickets yet? There are a few left! 

Seattle, Chicago and New York City we will see you next! For complete tour dates click here and watch a sneak peek from our Austin event to see more.

Before & After: Glamorous Cosmetics for Redhead Brides and Beauties

Forget the red carpet, all eyes will be on redhead brides and bridesmaids this season. Eager to discover ‘Redhead Friendly’ cosmetics that would have even Hollywood icon Rita Hayworth green with envy?

To prep for my wedding day, I did a makeup trial. My before look is above!

I documented the day to make you all feel like you were with me. I am aspiring to achieve a 1930s-inspired look to complement the architecture of my wedding venue, a French Art Deco style historic hotel.

We explored products that highlighted the coloring and natural beauty of redheads, whilst adding a healthy dose of glamour. 


Whether you’re kissing your groom (as I will be on June, 6th 2015 — any day now!) or puckering up for a selfie with the girls, your best accessory is your fiery locks.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

A special thanks goes out to the dream team at Black Cat Salon, including Owner & Hair Challenge Expert, Heather Gibson and Begetter of Beauty, Missi Hibbs.


“Being a redhead is something to be proud of,” says Baylee. “I began embracing the pale skin and red hair about a year ago when I realized being a redhead is AWESOME!” She loves looking different and is so proud to have red hair.

5 Tips on How Redheads Can Avoid A Meltdown

By: Jessie Harbin

Confession: I sweat like a teenage boy. I dread all these summer weddings and events because 30 minutes in and I’m going to look like I fell in a pool. Photos are the worst: You think you look cute and then a photo turns up on Facebook and you have armpit, boob–or even worse–butt sweat. In order to still be social, I have a small arsenal of products and tricks (including one Urban Decay that you can only get on the black market that is eBay):

1. Layer your clothes:

I know it sounds counter productive, but if I wear some light Spanx or Spanx-like shorts under my dresses, it absorbs some of the sweat on the small of your back and other unladylike places. My favorite is a pair I got from Walmart. They’re basically bike shorts that offer very little sucking in but keep my dresses and skirts from sticking to my legs.

2. Certain Dri:

Certain Dri is a maximum strength antiperspirant deodorant. You put it on at night and then use your regular deodorant the next morning. You can also put this under your boobs

Note: If you use this immediately after you shave, you will regret it. It burns incredibly bad.

3. Dry Shampoo:

I probably keep a portion of my favorite ‘redhead friendly’ dry shampoo industry alive. The best thing about this is that you can get the travel size bottles (I tend to hoard them) and keep one in your purse during events.

4. Drink hot coffee:

..Or something hot, like tea or hot water and lemon. I lived in Panama for a while in college doing mission work. The locals told us that they kept cool by drinking hot coffee. If you raise your body temperature enough that there isn’t as much of a difference between you and the air, then you’ll sweat less. Weird, I know, but it works.

5. Mattifying gels, sprays and creams:

Untitled #49


It’s important to invest in oil control makeup products.

Of all the anti-oil products I’ve tried–and there have been a lot of them–Urban Decay by far has the best. Their entire line of De-Slick makeup products work wonders. Each item helps to decrease the amount of oil on the face, while making the skin look beautiful.

If you’re really desperate, there is the discontinued gel version of De-Slick that you can find on eBay. I have a travel sized tube of their setting spray earmarked for my wedding. If you don’t feel like shelling out the $50 for Urban Decay, there is a Hard Candy Oil Control Makeup Setting Powder at Walmart for about $6. I use that during the week and save my expensive stuff for events.

Rock it like a Redhead! 
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