A Tribute: Maureen O’Hara, Hollywood’s ‘Queen Of Technicolor’

Maureen O’Hara died Saturday in her sleep at her home in Boise, Idaho, her family told the Irish Times. She was 95. The Dublin-born screen beauty whose fiery red hair, green eyes and peaches-and-cream complexion helped shape classic movies like the Miracle on 34th Street and The Parent Trap.

O’Hara lit up Hollywood’s screens for decades, portraying strong, fearless women in a range of classics. Jessica Chastain took to Twitter yesterday saying, “RIP from one tough redhead broad to another. Thankful for the light you shared.”

Her are 6 things you might not know about her:


She was born Maureen FitzSimons outside of Dublin, Ireland in 1920. Her family says she spent her life sharing her Irish culture with everyone she knew. Her mother was a well-known opera singer and her father owned a string of soccer teams.



She became the first woman president of a scheduled airline in the United States, after inheriting Antilles Airboats from her third husband.



During her movie heyday, she was known as the “Queen of Technicolor” because of the camera’s love affair with her vivid red hair and fair complexion.



She was John Wayne’s favorite leading lady and they appeared in five films together. Her favorite was 1952’s “The Quiet Man,” filmed in Ireland.

Watch one of her most famous scenes from The Quiet Man starring John Wayne:


O’Hara begins her 2004 autobiography, “‘Tis Herself,'” by recalling that a Gypsy told her at the age of 5 that “You will leave Ireland one day and become a very famous woman known all around the world.'”



She was never nominated for an Oscar, but received an honorary Academy Award in 2014. At that point, a redhead had never won an Oscar. She commented saying, “It was very exciting news and I’m so proud to be recognized by my peers,” said O’Hara from Boise, Idaho, where she has lived with family since 2012. “I almost didn’t believe it when the president of the Academy called, because I thought the awards were over and done with for this year.”

In 2015, Julianne Moore won the Oscar for Still Alice. 


She was known in Hollywood to be a proud redhead. She embraced her skin and hair. O’Hara was also quoted saying, “Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irish woman.”

Watch Maureen O’Hara’s 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer:

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Redhead Singer Adele Says ‘Hello’ In Video From New Album ’25’!

By: Brenna Gray

Redhead British singer Adele is back! It’s been three years since Adele released a single. Finally, Hello is here. It was all released today and like everything she does, it. is. amazing.  It’s the opening song from her new album titled 25, which is scheduled to release on November 20, 2015.

Adele took to Twitter to describe the album: “a make-up record… Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did… 25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing. And I’m sorry it took so long but, you know, life happened.”

The ecstatic reaction about the song has radiated throughout the world and seems to be living up to expectations. Personally, I think it was worth the wait. Not only does her voice sound amazing, but she looks GORGEOUS!

If you remember a few years back, Adele described her hair as “ginger biscuit” on the then Chelsea Lately late night show. She then said, “We [redheads] are a dying breed!”

WATCH: Adele Tells Chelsea She Wouldn’t Date a ‘Ginger’ Guy

Let’s show our support for our fellow redheaded lady and her lovely new album! I’m seeing more Grammy awards in her future.

Listen and watch below:

Is it everything you expected? Let us know in the comments.

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Photo via TeenVogue.


By: Shawna Renée 

You know the saying, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me.” What! The person who wrote that must have been completely disconnected from their feelings because from my experience, thoughtless words do cause harm. And it’s amazing how long those insensitive words sometimes stick with us and even cause us to try to make unnecessary changes to ourselves.

For instance, being born a redhead has certainly been a blessing, but I must admit there have been times it’s been a curse. Like the times in school when my peers, and even adults, would make fun of my very pale skin.

This left me with no other option but to try sunless tanning lotion.

Keep in mind that when I was in high school, sunless tanners were not as advanced as the sunless tanners of today. Let’s just say that the combination of the un-advanced lotion and my lack of experience with the importance of a precise application, left me looking somewhat like a calico cat. Shades of dark rust, burnt orange, light amber, rusty brown, and specks of untouched pale ivory didn’t leave me feeling like the tan goddess I had hoped it would.


As I got older, I figured the teasing would stop, or at the very least, I would have enough confidence to not let it bother me. The teasing didn’t stop. And my confidence had not yet improved. I realized this when I went for a check-up with a doctor I hadn’t seen before. You’ll soon understand why I never saw him again, either. 

With the doctor’s stethoscope on my back as I was obediently breathing deeply, he asked me if I was from Canada. When I exhaled that I wasn’t, his reply back was, “You really need to get some sun!” Suddenly, I wished that the day before I would have applied that new self-tanner that was now on the market. It was bad enough I had to sit there in nothing but a paper frock, but now I had to finish the appointment feeling like a humiliated, ghastly pale, freak of nature.

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As I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’d like to say that I’ve completely come to accept my lack-of-color-ness. Well, I haven’t completely, but I do love myself more and have learned to better accept this common redheaded trait of mine. If anything else, I’ve discovered that by being teased, it’s definitely made me a more kindhearted person toward others.

So yes, although you’ll still find sunless tanner in my bathroom, you’ll never hear me poke fun of another soul. I’m grateful in some ways for my paleness-taunts. Where I lack in color, I make up for in character. And, thanks to the much improved sunless tanners, the only shades of orange you’ll find on me is in my hair.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo via Tumblr.

Pumpkin Spice Hair Is Trending, Redheads Disagree

When you hear ‘Pumpkin Spice’ what do you think of? If you are anything like us, your first thought is probably Starbucks. Others might think of desserts or certain autumn scents. But, the term has hit the beauty world in a big way. Everyone now wants Pumpkin Spice Hair.

This is for real.

Laura Estroff, head colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, NYC told Cosmopolitan, “We’re seeing that pumpkin spice hair has more copper undertones whereas gingersnap tends to fall under the category of brunette with red undertones.”

READ: Interview with Hair Expert, Kenna 

Beauty publications everywhere are commenting on this hair color using the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceHair or #PSH to spark this “trend.” But, the funny thing is: redheads (and non-redheads) are speaking out on social media and claiming, “That is not pumpkin spice hair, it’s a redhead.”

They have a point. It’s red hair, but with ‘ginger’ and/or ‘strawberry blonde’ tones. Wondering what ‘ginger’ looks like? Take a look at our red hair breakdown here.

The pumpkin-frenzy is funny and definitely not unexpected. It is always around this time of year, also known as Redhead Season, when pumpkin scents, colors and tones are all the rage. After all, it’s one of the most ‘Redhead Friendly’ colors on the planet. So, it’s only natural that people begin referring to shades of red hair as ‘pumpkin’.

Here is what social media has to say about this Pumpkin Spice Hair fad:

pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_1 pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_fall_season pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_how_to_be_a_redhead pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_redhead pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend_this_fall_Season pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend_this_fall pumpkin_spice_latte_hair_trend pumpkin_spice_latte_hairWhat are your thoughts? Comment below! Rock it like a Redhead

How I Face Bullies

By: Alyssa Showalter

In my opinion, words, good or bad, do not need to be wasted on bullies. They broke the rule of, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” So why should you say anything to them?

In my childhood, I spent too many words on the kids who teased me and bullied me. I started my fights literally, kicking and screaming. So, instead of my bullies getting into trouble, I was punished.

I asked my mom and dad what to do. Both simply said, “Ignore them. They’ll leave you alone.

I kept fighting, first asked them to “please” stop. That never works, right? So I endured years of the name calling and had food thrown at me. Even my backpack was stolen. I screamed until I didn’t have any breath left. That was when I mastered, “the look”.

What is the look, you ask? It’s simple. I just stared at my bullies as if they were the most boring people on earth. I would endure their hateful comments and torments, to only respond with silence and a stare that sent them walking away with disgust, disappointment and fear painted on their faces.

It was very hard for me to bite my tongue, but I did it.


After years, of this stare that my Dad called a scowl, they left me alone because they couldn’t get me to react. Along with the fact that I scared them, and made them feel really self-conscious.

My fiery temper was used for their amusement, and was the first thing I took from them. I took away their reason to tease me, which left them ineffective. When they told me I was ugly with red hair and freckles, I simply stared back and told them, “I do not care about my looks as much as you do.” Leaving them flustered that I implied that they were vain and shallow. I proved this to them, by spending my high school years looking like a homeless grunge fan.  It worked and they had no more comments.

I don’t have the golden words of wisdom that will change your lives for the better. I will tell you the truth about growing up redheaded and how I dealt with redhead bullying.

It does get better.

The world teases us because they see something they love and fear. We were born with natural red hair and we have something that they cannot have or control. Both in our appearances and in personality, we all stand out from the crowds.  Your bullies won’t admit it, but deep down they want to be like you.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Jacquie was bullied for being a redhead in her teenage years. Now, she embraces her red hair and is proud to show it off. “I am 51-years-old and lucky I have no gray hair,” she says, “And what happened to those bullies? They are completely gray or have no hair at all!”

All Time Best (Redhead Beauty) Videos from Lilah Burger

If you do not already follow Lilah Burger on YouTube, you need to. The gorgeous redhead is a beauty YouTube sensation. The channel is titled Citrus Firefly and has over 200,000 subscribers, a milestone she hit this summer. The Los Angeles native was 7 years old when she started filming and editing. In 2011, at the age of 12, she began uploading videos to her channel in 2011. She makes many of her videos with her redhead mom, Twyla.

See her all time best (and funniest) redhead makeup & beauty videos below:

She also just came out with an actual music single called, “Flicker Back To You.” Watch below. And, like all things Lilah does, we love it. Redheads always support redheads, right?

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Connie Britton’s Hair Secret Is Out

By: Annajo Terrill 

Since we first saw Tammy Taylor toss that glorious mane on Friday Night Lights, we’ve probably all been slightly obsessed with Connie Britton’s flawless, strawberry hair. And, the fact that she is 1 of the 10 redheads changing the world right now.

The hit show Nashville is again filling our Wednesday night’s, and I continue to be mesmerized by her shiny locks. How does she do it?  What is Connie Britton’s redhead hair secret?  Well, the secret’s finally out!

Thanks, Connie. I plan to use this beauty regimen every single day. Rock it like a Redhead! 

Kickstarter Project Brings Awareness To The Beauty of Freckles

Jonas Carmhagen, the photographer behind the We Are Freckled project, did not grow up with freckles like most of us. But, he has found freckles to be incredibly enchanting: the history, explanatory factors — biological and environmental — and most of all the people behind them makes it a lovely feature worth exploring again and again.

But, his greatest challenge was creating something new based on freckles (which he describes as a “natural phenomenon”), and still keeping it classic with a pure tone.


Carmhagen is a full time photographer in Stockholm, Sweden and has created a Kickstarter to raise the funds with the hopes of turning the idea into a limited edition coffee book.


Over one hundred people have been photographed for this book. Among many, you will find the mother, daughter, model, waitress, father, son, lawyer, student, brother, sister, CEO, pensioner, businessman, cousin and grandparent. Many of these beautiful people have grown up hating their freckles, but later come to love them. Carmhagen speaks in his Kickstarter video, “I want to tell everyone — freckled or not — that you are beautiful precisely the way you are created, and to not bother spending time thinking otherwise. This project is a reminder of that.”


Watch the video below. It leaves you wanting more, but most importantly, it gives you the confidence to love your freckles:

Head on over to the We Are Freckles Kickstarter & help support this beautiful project. Then, comment below telling us why you love your freckles.

Rock those freckles & your red hair!

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Photos + video copyright Jonas Carmhagen.

3 Reasons Why You Should Love Redhead Season

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”-Anne of Green Gables

The most wonderful time of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu, which can only mean one thing — Redhead Season is here!

When I think about all of the reasons I love fall, I realize there far too many to list; literally, the food, the decorations, the Halloween costumes and scary movies, the hot tea. I love it all. But, even if hot tea isn’t your cup of tea, there are definitely at least 3 reasons that redheads, in particular, should love this season:

1. The colors!  

Photography by Shelby Robinson
Photography by Shelby Robinson

In his novel, Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides writes, “When I think back about my immediate reaction to that redhead girl, it seems to spring from an appreciation of natural beauty. I mean the heart pleasure you get from looking at speckled leaves or the palimpsested bark of plane trees in Provence. There was something richly appealing to her color combination, the ginger snaps floating in the milk-white skin, the golden highlights in the strawberry hair. It was like autumn, looking at her. It was like driving up north to see the colors.”

What can we say?  Fall colors are a redhead’s perfect palette! The burnt oranges, chartreuse yellows, rusty reds, olive greens, and plum purples all harmonize perfectly with our hair color and skin tone.  Redheads could not ask for a more complementary backdrop or better way to highlight our natural beauty than the colors of fall.

2. The weather!

Photo by Analogue Portrait Photography
Photo by Analogue Portrait Photography

No offense to summer, because it definitely has its perks, but I’m so glad to finally have a break from the intense heat and penetrating sun.  As many of us know, redheads are more sensitive to extreme temperatures–we get cold faster and overheat easier, so the middle ground that fall weather brings us is a welcomed change. And, not to say that we can go without sunscreen this time of year, but at least the autumn sunshine is not as demanding of it; I can usually get away with one or two applications instead of seven. One of my favorite brands is Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen that came in the H2BAR Beauty Box in October 2015.  Not to mention that more of our body is protected from the sun, because these fall temperatures mean it’s sweater weather!  Which brings me to my next point…

3. The fashion!

Photo via Tumblr
Photo via Tumblr

In my opinion, redheads look good in everything, but I must admit, I’m a bit biased toward fall fashion.  Layering flannel with baggy sweaters, skinny jeans with boots, and topping it all off with a trendy hat is a look that I would wear every day if I could.

Plus, we’ve already mentioned the complementary fall colors, which go hand in hand with these fashion trends.  Now all we need is to pop a little color onto our lips, and thanks to the beauty products in the monthly H2BAR Boxes, we always have the perfect finishing touch to our autumn ensembles.

Want to celebrate fall even more?

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So pumpkin desserts and hot tea aside, redheads have plenty of reasons to call this season our own.  What’s your favorite part of Redhead Season?  Let us know by commenting below!

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