Tutorial: The Disheveled Braid for Redheads

Yesterday, we shared an easy inside out ponytail for National Love Your Red Hair Day (1 more day to go!) The disheveled fishtail braid is a great option because it looks flawless and is super easy.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. This kind of braid looks best with texture which is why clean hair is not always ideal — because the braid could come un-done. So, use a dry shampoo like Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash. The formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent, but gives it some “give” too.


2.  Half the hair straight down the middle and hold apart.12212465_10205003043264287_2126991584_n

3. After dividing hair in half, take a small outer piece of one of the sections and cross it over the other section. Add it to the inside of the outer section.  12188434_10205003043424291_24325920_n

4. Next, make the exact same cross but on the other side. Take a small piece from the outer part and cross it over the inside of the other section. Note: Stick to smaller pieces, as they will make your fishtail braid look stellar. 12200502_10205003043384290_206908945_n


5. Do #3 &4 until you have reached the bottom of your hair. Secure with a redhead hair tie.

To make your fishtail disheveled, gently take a small piece of hair at the bottom and pull up. This will make it full and messy. Do this for every piece until you’ve achieved the right look.12202001_10205003043584295_697152832_n

The finished look! 12202207_10205003043544294_1021614333_n

You can also do this look with a french braid! Watch below:

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Hair Tutorial: The Inside Out Ponytail

You might be wondering what hairstyle you should rock on National Love Your Red Hair Day. We are lovin’ the Inside Out Ponytail. It’s a classic spin on the ponytail which really adds a sparkle to the look.

How to get the look in 4 steps:

1. Shampoo and condition with a product like Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo + Conditioner. Then, use Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue. It helps prepare the hair for styling while enhancing red locks! A win-win.

Next, use a hairspray like Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray.


2. Gather the hair back and comb into a low ponytail.12204607_10205003042904278_753075717_n

3. Secure with a redhead hair elastic. Use your fingers to create a “hole” at the base of the ponytail, directly above the elastic.12204884_10205003043024281_1254867331_n

4. Twist the ponytail to make it thin enough to fit over and under the hole you created. Grab the twisted ponytail, and stuff it into the opening, pulling it tight once through.12212425_10205003043144284_1224198419_n

The finished look! 12200948_10205003043184285_1983826019_n

The Irish Times

Read more here: http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/fashion/beauty/aisling-on-beauty-ravishing-reds-how-to-make-your-hair-rich-and-lustrous-1.2408810

5 Oh-So-Redheaded Personality Traits

Being redheaded has proven to be more than just the color of someone’s hair. People refer to us much in the same way they might describe a group, a race, or a tribe. We don’t just have red hair. We are “redheads.” And boy do we ever have unique redhead personality traits…

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1. Oh so sensitive… 

Not only can we tear-up over the slightest sad or sentimental gesture, but we also grasp the hilarity within the most overlooked part of any joke. We realize the splendor of the quirks in our friends as well as in the misshapen clay of a handmade bowl. It’s even been determined that we seem to be able to detect the slightest adjustment in temperature before others do.

Have you also heard the myth that redheads need more anesthesia? Or that redheads feel more pain at the dentist?

2. Oh so fiery… 

Due to our sensitive natures, we can identify the slightest of offensive occurrences from any bad-mannered individual. Furthermore, we tend to act out on whatever we are feeling at any given moment. So naturally, any disruption of this delicate mix elicits reactions from within us that tend to be a bit more EXPLOSIVE than our non-redheaded counterparts.

3. Oh so passionate… 

We don’t just like, we adore. We don’t just eat, we devour. We don’t just move, we dance. We don’t just dislike, we detest. We don’t just look, we observe. We don’t just hear, we listen. We don’t just cry, we sob. We don’t just try, we do. We don’t just yell, we scream. We don’t just smile, we laugh We don’t just notice, we sense. We don’t just breathe, we live.

4. Oh so conspicuous… 

It isn’t only the unique hair color that makes us stand out in a crowd, it’s also our reflective aura. The atmosphere surrounding a redhead emits an energy that can provoke strong feelings from any passer-by. Sometimes we don’t even have to say a single word, and a person we don’t know has already made the assumption that they love us or hate us.

5. Oh so gratifying… 

There’s no denying that when people are around a redhead, they experience a sense of satisfaction in one form or another. I tend to think that it’s because we are sensitive and can truly understand and appreciate what others try to convey. And because we are fiery in our responses which seems to help others release any pent-up negative emotions. And because we are passionate and fervently give our all in what we do. And because we are far from being inconspicuous, which virtually provides the excuse for others to also be different and to stand out in their own unique way.

Yes, we redheads are a distinctive bunch. We have so many special facets within our spirits. We can repress who we are, but no one can gain from that. We’ve been blessed, and we need to shine even brighter than our hair!

Photo via Pinterest

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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Coryn loves being a redhead because she feels so lucky to share the redhead gene with some of the most beloved fictional characters of all time: Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstock, the Weasley’s from Harry Potter and Madeline from the book series, Madeline.


The Easiest Halloween Costume For Redheads

If you’re a last-minute redhead and looking for the perfect redhead Halloween costume, you’ve come to the right place! The easiest (and arguably the most beautiful) Halloween look is a mermaid. You have your gorgeous red hair, now all you have to do is have a little fun with your makeup.

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How To: Mermaid Look for Redheads

How to Create Mermaid Waves –– Without Hot Tools or Wet Hair!

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If you’re wondering what to wear, try a nude tank, bathing suit top and a flowy skirt.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Natalie Shau

10 Best Couples Costumes for Redheads

Halloween is hands-down my favorite holiday. And although I can’t say for certain why that is, it probably has something to do with the autumn colors, pumpkin-flavored desserts, Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus, and of course, the costumes.

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Here are ten of the best couple costumes for redheads this year in no particular order.

1. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere

Who could forget this iconic scene from Pretty Woman?  All you need to put this costume together is a red dress, red lips, white gloves, jewelry box, and a man who looks great in a tuxedo!


2. Shrek and Princess Fiona

Ladies, you’ve got some options here–you can go either as the human or ogre version of Princess Fiona, and I say if you’ve got a man willing to paint himself green, then you’ve got a keeper.


3. Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter

Or, if you’re both feeling like going over-the-top with ridiculously fun makeup and costumes, what about this crazy redheaded couple?  These looks are sure to make everyone at your Halloween part lose their heads!


4. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

If you’ve got some robes or Gryffindor colors hanging in your closet, this costume is easy.  Just use some lip liner to add a lightning bolt to your date’s forehead, grab some sticks to use as wands, and you two will look magical!


5. Jessica and Roger Rabbit

You’ll need five key components to make this costume work: purple gloves, a red dress, red suspenders, a bow tie (possibly one with blue polka dots) and bunny ears.


6. Mary Jane and Spiderman

I see a lot of Poison Ivy and Batman costumes, but let’s not forget about our other favorite masked-hero and his girl Mary-Jane.  The most important part of this costume for us, ladies, is the red hair and the Spiderman attached to our arm.


7. Joan Holloway and Don Draper

With Mad Men coming to an end this year, no couple-costume will be more on-trend than Joan and Don.  So if you’re in the mood for a 1960s throwback, try this look on for size.


8. Dottie and Kit Hinson

Speaking of throw-backs, these are two of my favorite redheads from one of my favorite movies–A League of Their Own.  This look would be a home run with your redheaded sister, or you could grab a whole group of gals and go out together dressed as the Rockford Peaches.


9. Ygritte and Jon Snow

As a redhead, you could actually dress as any female character from Game of Thrones, but Ygritte and Jon Snow have an iconic and effortlessly identifiable look.  Plus, this should be an easy one to convince your boyfriend to join in on.  If he fights you on it though, just remind him, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” and do it anyway.


10. Jane and George Jetson

I feel like this is a costume that redheads have been missing out on for years.  We see Fred and Wilma everywhere, but what about George and Jane?  The costume is simple, and if you (like a lot of redheads this year) are wearing your hair in a bob, you’re half-way there!  Now, just split those bangs up the middle and fan them out to the sides.


Whichever one of these wonderful costumes you decide to rock this year, just make sure you Rock it like a Redhead!


For the past six months, How to be a Redhead has traveled throughout the USA for the  5-city Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour . The crimson-focused event series made stops in Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Chicago and is wrapping it all up in New York City on November 5, 2015.

See photos from each evening this year: AustinNashvilleSeattle + Chicago

Along the way, we’ve received many questions asking what the event is all about, what to wear and what to expect. Thanks to the incredible sketch from Yarden Karako, we were able to bring the event to life before many of you experience it first hand.

It is all happening at Gibney Dance Agnes Varies Center for Performing Arts, Studio C in TriBeca, downtown New York City.

So, pretend like you’re dressed up and ready to walk into the venue. Ready, set, go…

1. The day marks National Love Your Red Hair Day!

The 1st annual day was created by How to be a Redhead to empower redheads to feel confidence + rock their beauty. Read more here.


2. Upon entering the event, you will walk the red carpet and take a glamorous photo.

Many photographers will be on scene to capture the excitement and expressions of attendees. If you’re wondering what to wear, we encourage our audience to dress in what makes them feel comfortable; but it is a ‘dress to impress’ evening! Have fun with it and let your outfit express your personality.



redhead_red_carpet_how_to_be_a_Redhead_tour redhead_red_carpet_how_to_be_a_Redhead_tour_1

2. You will then be directed to the sponsored ‘redhead friendly’ beauty and fashion bars.

Which to choose first?! 

3. Enjoy makeup touch ups and advice from the Giella Custom Cosmetics experts.

We’re overjoyed to have the local New York City makeup company as the sponsor. They are the best when it comes to customizing products for different skin types — get ready to know what’s best for you.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.44.06 AM

5. St. Ives is the Official Skin Sponsor!

Redheads have so many questions about their skin and the best skin routine for a particular skin type. Experts from St. Ives will be there to discuss the many products available — and the best options for redheads. 


6. Pureology Serious Colour Care will be giving complimentary hair touchups and consultations.

Want a fancy braid? Or have questions about your hair type? Ask away.

Pureology is also giving away a free set of Reviving Red to celebrate their sponsorship. Head to our Instagram page to enter now. 


Ruth Roche, Pureology’s Artistic Director, will also take the stage to give live hair tutorials, tips.. and more.


7. Wink Brow Bar will be threading + perfecting brows!

A redhead always has questions about their eyebrows. Whether they’re too blonde, coarse or you simply don’t know what to do with them, Wink experts will give you expert tips.


8. The How to be a Redhead Beauty Bar will feature new apparel and brand new never-before-seen products.

Get excited! 

9. Turn to KISS NAILS, the Official Nail Sponsor for the NYC event, to get mini-manicures, polish touchups.. and more.

KISS NAILS will have experts in a row to pamper you and give you the best nail advice. 



Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.29.19 PM

10. Enjoy live performances for redhead rockstar, Shayne Leighton.

Shayne has traveled with How to be a Redhead from city-to-city for the Rock it like a Redhead Tour. This redhead rockstar will perform at the last + final stop. Get ready for lots of energy! 



11. Enjoy another performance from Katrina Stone.

This beauty performed at Rock it like a Redhead in Seattle and we’re so excited to have her in New York City! Her voice is truly magical.


12. Aleem will be the last + final performer of the evening.

We were honored to have Aleem at our Chicago event and can’t wait for New York City to hear his amazing voice. This cannot be missed.





12. Complimentary cocktails and soft drinks will be provided.

Thanks to our beverage sponsor, DRY Soda. There will also be complimentary wine, cocktails, cupcakes and bar snacks. 

13. The fashion shows will begin!

Looks from NYC fashion brand, ThisGirl.com, will be showcased. Hair will be sponsored by Matrix and the wardrobe stylist will be Andrew Reynolds. 


14. Beats from redhead DJ, Valissa Yoe


15. Leave with $300+ in beauty product.

General Admission attendees will leave with $300+ in beauty products and VIP will leave with $500+! They are our favorite products, handpicked by Adrienne and Stephanie, for each and every attendee.

Haven’t bought your NYC tickets yet? There are a few left! 

6 Pumpkin Products Every Redhead Needs To Try

Redhead season is here and even though fall is a definite treat for us in many ways, at times that chilly weather and blustery wind can play tricks on our hair and skin. Why not take advantage of the most popular ingredient of the season to alleviate some of that damage. Pumpkin oil is high in vitamins and antioxidants which soften skin and boost collagen production.  Pumpkin seeds also contain zinc, which helps to fight acne and heal the skin.  And, these are just a couple of the benefits our soon-to-be-Jack-O-Lanterns can provide us.

So, let me suggest some of the best pumpkin redhead-approved skin and body care products for redheads this season:


1. MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream UnscentedThis lightweight, unscented formula blends pumpkin seed oil with reparative peptides to protect cellular health and maintain hydration.  Women with sensitive skin are giving it rave reviews.pumpkin_renew_cream_skincare

2. June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque: On-The-Go Masque Ritual: This ‘redhead friendly’ mask was a big hit our October H2BAR Box. It features a blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients and rejuvenating extracts to detoxify and protect the skin against free radical damage.


3. PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner, Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial TonerRefine pores and nourish the skin with this pumpkin wine-based exfoliating facial toner filled with vitamins, aminio acids and enzymes that leave skin healthy and glowing.



4. ARCONA Pumpkin Body Lotion 10 Percent: Infused with Pumpkin Extracts and Glycolic Acid to help improve tonal quality and elasticity in the skin.



5. Burt’s Bees Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm: No need to kiss your Jack-O-Lantern. Protect those wind-worn lips with our favorite lip balm, now in pumpkin spice flavor!



6. Desert Essence Pumpkin Spice Hand Repair Cream: This hand cream intensely moisturizes skin, protects against daily stress on hands and helps to even out skin tone.


Give a few of these products a try, and let us know what you think. Plus we’d love to hear about some of your other favorite beauty products/tips for the season.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Keila June Photography


Kirstie is the Redhead of the Week because she loves her red hair. She said, “It feels so good to be different.”

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