Red hair is the rarest hair color in the world, so it’s no wonder many celebrities decide to dye their hair red — in the hopes of standing apart from the rest.

It doesn’t bother us (‘us’ meaning the How to be a Redhead team) when they do. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. People want what we natural redheads were born with. That’s something really amazing.

But, there is a scenario that has been happening more and more on the internet and we wanted to poll our readers.

Here it is: a celebrity dyes their hair red, shares it on social media or in an upcoming campaign..and boom! News outlets deem the person ‘a redhead‘.

Take a look at the most recent celebrities who have fallen into thisΒ media frenzy:

1.Β Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid inΒ Fall Winter 17 campaign for Versace

2. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter rocking black hair to the left an her recently dyed red hair to the right. Credit: Splash News

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga sports a new look. Credit: Just Jared

4. Fergie


A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on

News article featuring Fergie’s new look with headline: Fergie Sizzles With Fiery Red Hair

These celebrities are just a few examples, but it has become a cultural phenomenon for one to dye their hair and automatically be considered ‘a redhead’.

The media outlets don’t help either. They love the punchy headlines and social media captions to get clicks to their websites.

Know this: we’re not hating. Like we said, it’s flattering when someone wants to be a redhead.

But, we want to hear from you: what are your thoughts on this? Comment below!

  • Joel Brown

    You are NOT a redhead unless you were born that way. Period. It’s great if you love red hair and want to color it…but that does not make you a redhead.

  • Natural born redhead

    This is so tricky! Growing up I was unmercifully teased and made fun of. Kids wouldn’t play with me because I had FLAMING red hair (my sister had the copper color I secretly envied and had all the friends). Adults always showered me with compliments and told me how lucky I was. I now know the adults were RIGHT! I now wear my Redhead badge or “Ginger” badge proudly. I color my hair my natural color to brighten up the fading process that occurs with age. That being said, if a celebrity has natural red in their hair, EMBRACE IT! If you are coloring your hair for a part, do so with blessings. If you are coloring your hair because you are jealous, envious or curious, GO RIGHT AHEAD but the Press should never call them redheads, as if to imply it is natural, but should use the term RHWB*.
    *Redhead wannabe

  • Brittni

    Hmm..I don’t know. If I tan my skin does that make me a Native American?

    Similar concept right?

  • Maggie

    I had no idea people were so passionate about this until I wrote an article calling non-natural redheads just ‘redheads’. I was surprised at how offended some people were. My view is: If the hair on your head is red, you’re a redhead… Natural or bottled. I’m a natural redhead and it does not bother me in the slightest. What does bother me is the extreme and sometimes hateful reactions some people have to this non-issue.

    • Katie Messer


    • Sheree

      I cannot agree more. Taking an extreme stance on any belief is often met with contrasting sentiments of passion. Pinning two sides against one another (especially when dealing with a sensitive subject of natural vs. synthetic qualities) is a dangerous feat.

      I would respect that as a natural redhead myself…well…’strawberry blonde’ was what my mom always told me…it is extremely difficult for non natural redheads to manufacture the pigments we were born with!

      I believe respect of opinion will vary within the spectrum. Maggie, like you, I too don’t carry a wealth of opinion about the issue. Confidence is beautiful, and beautiful is being a redhead πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    I mean–welcome to the club, for sure, but I don’t want to call them a red head. I’ve had the stigma of red hair all my life and am now just coming out into my own with it; and it does irk me when a celebrity dyes their hair and then the world/media considers them a red head. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the celebrity nails it and it looks awesome, but other times I feel like it’s just a fad for certain celebs.

  • Ken

    I can see how it bothers others considering the teasing/bullying most of us had to go through over our hair and skin and freckles. So when someone decides “oh their hair looks nice” I can imagine some people are like “wtf they didn’t have to deal with the things I did for that red hair.”

    Ladies, take solace that none of these poser red heads will have the level of beautiful hair we do.

  • Amanda

    It doesn’t really bother me if they dye their hair to a natural red and are dubbed a redhead. What bugs me is when they call someone who only dyes the tips or dyes actual red or both – like Gigi Hadid. That’s not a redhead. Come on, folks! That’s not natural on anyone.

  • SherryAnn

    Agree with Maggie. If your hair is red from scalp to ends…they have red hair. As a natural redhead – started out dark auburn…. now cayenne and salt…it doesn’t bother me. At 63 not a lot does anymore. lol.

  • Hailey Blanchard

    I think as much as we don’t want them called redheads they still will be. What makes me more angry is when someone’s hair is dyed red and people say that they are a ‘ginger’ now. Like no. You can only be a ginger if you were born with red hair and freckles. That’s not something hair dye and freckles tattoos can turn you into.

  • Suburban Janice

    If we are incapable of recognize that others got beautiful flaming hair (sometimes even prettier than ours) without all the downsides; and if not congratulate them, at least not go out of our way to point how we think we are better than them and they do not belong in the “tRuLY reDHeAd cLUb”; chances are that we are the jealous ones.

    Also, If anyone feels offended by that April Winter let me tell you that is **cking brown and you have to get over yourself.

  • Trish

    I would just like to see people who dye their hair red, also use brow pencil or other brow product to to coordinate their eyebrows.

  • Angee McMullen

    Growing up I always was made fun of. My parents and sibling have blonde hair and blue eyes or Dark brown hair and blue eyes. Me; I got the red hair, freckles, and green eyes, not to mention the white as a ghost skin….Kids and sometimes adults were so cruel. I got asked if I was adopted a lot and called all sorts of names. It didn’t help that I grew up in Long Beach, CA (land of the blonde, blue eyed, tan people). I always hated my hair and freckles and especially my pasty skin. When I moved down south, it got a lot better, could be that I was older and less awkward, but I think I was more accepted as beautiful because of my rarity. I had women constantly asking where I got my hair done and what the name of the color was. Men told me how perfect my long (it comes to my waist) beautiful hair was… I say all this because all though I feel super special now about my natural red hair, that’s not to say that i would hold it against anybody who wanted to feel the same way… Bottled or natural I think think what matters is that you happy and comfortable with yourself. (Side note: Most of those horrid blonde, blue eyed beauties that tortured me through out my life… they have dyed their hair and been red heads at some point, so I really am proud that I never had to change my looks to become beautiful, I just needed to accept who I was, a PROUD natural REDHEAD).

  • Kristie L

    I think part of it is a matter of commitment. Some people change haircolor frequently with the seasons, and in that case, they may have red hair but perhaps aren’t truly “redheads”.

    Then you have celebrities like Christina Hendricks who has been dying her hair since she was a teenager. She’s committed to it – it’s become part of it. Definitely a redhead. Even Emma Stone who is naturally a blonde has spent most of her time in the spotlight with red hair.

    Not eating a burger for a week doesn’t make me a vegetarian: committing myself to that lifestyle does.

    That said – does it really matter what label someone has? Not in the grand scheme of things πŸ™‚

  • Magi

    A Redhead is born special. She can dye her hair or go grey with age, but she will always be a redhead. Anyone can dye their hair red, but it doesn’t give them the RedHead’s soul, you must be born with that.

  • Eileen

    Technically you are not a redhead without the gene that causes red hair. I also think that there is something to the long journey of being a redhead and going through the years of being teased and not liking your badge that never allows you to hide or blend in… You grow into being a redhead most of the time. People always remember you even if you don’t remember them. You either thrive in that environment or you try to hide but can’t. Deciding to change your haircolor to red is lovely and I say embrace it. It’s much cooler to be a redhead now than it used to be. But that won’t make you a redhead, gene and all, than me coloring my hair brunette will stop me from being a redhead.

  • RM

    Well, we call people who dye their hair blonde “blondes”. That being said, I don’t think they count as real redheads. They may have the color, but only we naturals have the souls.

  • Misty

    If it isn’t natural then you aren’t a redhead. Period.