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By: Sarah Reeves

It was all over the runways and now that the weather is starting to change, we redheads have got to get our pastel on! Now, some of you lovely redheads might get a little squeamish around pastels, but the key is finding the right hue for YOU.

1. If you’re a dark copper or fiery red:

Take cues from Christina Hendricks. She loves getting all dressed up in light pale colors. These colors look like a great complement to her light skin because they are in the same light hue. She perfectly rocks pale blue, light yellow, and sheer gold and you can too!

2. If you’re a lighter strawberry blonde:

Look how Amy Adams can rock a sheer blush dress by wearing her hair down and adding some gold tones to the dress to break up the color.

Now that you know it can be done, try it out first with some pastel pants. Rose jeans or light blue linen pants will be very easy. You can pair them with a solid white top. Once you’ve gotten use to the look of you in pastels you can then venture into a blush pink spring dress!

It’s easy to be a redhead and wear pastels. Rock it like a Redhead!