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By: Kristin from Latest-Hairstyles.com

The super sleek, low volume hair trend it a MUST for fall. Ashlee Simpson always rocks a this look because it really shows off healthy red locks. It’s even sure to turn some heads even on the glummest of chilly, winter days.

We turned to superstar stylist and Latest-Hairstyles.com contributor Tanya Ramirez for the best tips to help you achieve this autumn-perfect look:

1. Wash and condition hair with a product like Kevin.Murphy ‘ANGEL.WASH’ and ‘ANGEL.RINSE.’ If you can’t find Kevin.Murphy‘s products, opt for a product that control frizzy hair with proteins to lock in moisture to attain the “flat look.”

2. Gently towel blot hair and apply Kevin.Murphy ‘STRAIGHT.DEFENCE’ heat protecting straightening balm. A straightening balm will work wonders to improve the strength of your hair while keeping it straighter for longer-even in humid conditions.

3. Blow dry hair in downward strokes using a paddle brush. Once dry, use a flat iron to smooth hair for an ultra sleek look.

4. Apply Kevin Murphy ‘YOUNG.AGAIN’ treatment oil; a product based with oil will infuse hair with high shine and protect hair from the elements.

Once you get the low volume look, take this advice to keep your red hair perfected and beautiful:

“Red hair is sassy, sexy and a surefire way to get you noticed,” states Tanya. “With all that attention, you’ll want to keep your shade rich and vibrant at all times. Refresh your hair at home or in-between appointments with a color depositing shampoo.”

Now is not the time to hesitate redheads! Get those vibrant strands in tiptop shape to take full advantage of this low volume hair trend for fall.