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Julianne Moore is a role model for most redheads for many reasons: Her confidence, her natural beauty and the love she has for her red hair. In the latest issue of NewBeauty, she looks amazing and talks frankly about loving her unique beauty.

“My grandmother always said my red hair was my calling card! And I never realized how much I identified with it until I had to dye it blonde years ago for a role,” Moore, 53, confesses. “It felt so weird, and I couldn’t wait to go back to my regular shade.” She continued saying it was, “Actually really fun” to wear a wig for the upcoming Hunger Games film.

She also spoke about the beauty advice she gives to her 12-year-old ‘mini-me’ daughter, Liv. “For my daughter, we talk about different things as they relate to beauty. I always tell her not to overpluck her eyebrows — I remember overplucking mine in sixth grade, and I guess everyone does!” she says. “She is allowed to play with makeup, but I also remind her how beautiful she looks without it. I also try to remind her she can dress modestly and still look lovely.”

Now we can all add “great mom” to the reasons us redheads love Julianne Moore.


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