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Jessica Chastain is one of our favorite redhead celebrities and has had a busy and bountiful few years. She became the first woman in nearly fifty years to have the leading role in the top two movies at the box office, she accomplished this honor when Mama (2013) debuted in the #1 spot knocking Zero Dark Thirty (2013)  to the #2 position. This marked the second time that she had two movies at the top of the box office twice: in 2011 she had The Help (2011) (at #1) and The Debt (2010).

Chastain commented on her busy life saying, “In this business it’s very tough to maintain a relationship because we’re like gypsies – always on the move.”

We all wonder, how does she find the energy to do everything?

She told Glamour magazine in August, “It all comes from a vegan diet and green tea. I don’t even drink Red Bull!”

We all know that green tea has its benefits, like metabolism boost, anti-aging and an increase in energy. But, what type of tea is Chastain drinking do you ask? Kusmi Tea Jasmine Green Tea.

Maybe this is why Ms. Jessica Chastain has such gorgeous skin, too. Studies have proven that products containing the green tea extract may help to neutralize the effects of UV rays when combined with an effective sunblock. 

Do you drink green tea?

Rock it like a Redhead!