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A New Year is here and we have a few wishes we hope will come true for redheads in 2022:

1. We wish for people to embrace natural features like freckles, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation.

2. We wish to see more redheads in beauty product campaigns.

3. We wish for the world to start acknowledging that all skin tones are beautiful and should be celebrated.

4. We wish for the media to start embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes.

5. We wish for more redhead eyebrow products.

Hint Hint: How to be a Redhead is releasing more eyebrow products in 2022! Scroll for sneak peeks!

6. We wish for more options for freckle-friendly foundations. 

7. We wish for increased use in SPF, especially among redheads and those with fair skin.

8. We wish for better contour options for fair skin.

9. We wish to provide a welcoming community for redheads that help to educate, inform and inspire!

10. We wish for more lash tinting products for redheads. 

11. We wish to celebrate mothers & fathers who are trying to educate themselves when raising redhead children.

12. We wish for more sensitive skin-friendly skincare and household items.

13. We wish for beauty brands to make more inclusive skin tone ranges for both dark and light.

14. We wish to see increased sustainability in beauty product packaging. 

15. We wish to end the trend of telling redheads what colors they can’t wear!

16. We wish to help end the stigma on women aging and embrace the changes they go through.

17. We wish for the world to celebrate women who dye their hair as well as women who embrace their color.

18. We wish for every redhead to feel beautiful and empowered!

19. We wish to help young redheads find their way in beauty and skincare.

20. We wish to continue to grow the How to be a Redhead community to reach redheads worldwide!

21. We wish for redheads to continue to rock their red hair!

Photo Copyright, How to be a Redhead. Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Event, Seattle. August 2015.

22. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

Rock it like a Redhead!