Do you have hazel eyes like Ms. Emma Stone? Redheaded lovelies with hazel eyes can pick and choose between eyeshadow colors that are suited to brown or green eyes: golds, coppers and jewel-toned shades look sensational. TIP: Using a deep brown eyeliner to line your lid will help open up the eye without looking as dramatic as a black liner.

Neutral colors also work wonders for redhead women with hazel eyes. A cream or mushroom color blended with an apricot, taupe or peach blended in the crease will create a simple effect that opens up the eye, making the green and browns in the eye look even more luxurious.

Oooo…Let’s not forget green, ladies. Green always has been and always will be a firm friend because it makes red hair stand out even more!

Olive greens will look fabulous on those with fairer complexions, whilst opulent, jewel-type greens will look divine on deeper skin tones.