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Redhead supermodel, Karen Elson, proves one thing: redheads CAN rock red. And, wow! The color truly brings out a redhead’s complexion in the best way.

How to be a Redhead has selected Karen’s best red looks. Consider this your guide to breaking the ‘redheads can’t wear red’ stereotype.

Karen at Givenchy Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week
Givenchy Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

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Karen at the 2015 Gucci Cruise
2015 Gucci Cruise
Karen at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show
Marc Jacobs Fashion Show
Met Gala 2015
Met Gala 2015

Not convinced you can rock red? Every redhead can and should rock red. It not only makes your hair pop even more, but it complements fair skin and freckles. Here’s how to add red to your everyday look, Karen Elson style:

  1. Lipstick: Read more here.
  2. Jumper or dress: Read more here.
  3. Hair piece: See more here.
  4. Nail Polish: Read more here.
  5. Shoes: Read more here. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!