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By: Annajo Terrill 

As many of you know, yesterday was National Love Your Red Hair Day–a day created by our How to be a Redhead founders to celebrate redheads around the world.

And boy did we celebrate!

If you happened to be away from social media yesterday, let us catch you up on a few of the celebrations you may have missed.  Twitter was afire with redheads around the world helping #LoveYourRedHairDay become a trending hashtag. And, here is how redheaded celebrities celebrated the big day:

On Instagram & Facebook, Jessica Chastain celebrated by posting a picture of her 11 year old self loving her red hair.

..the eve before Love Your Red Hair Day, Ms. Chastain also posted a very true statement about being a redhead:

Reba celebrated her redheaded mother’s 90th birthday.

Lindsay Lohan took a spin around town in a Rolls Royce.

And, Kathy Griffin was busy at work on the Clinton campaign trail.

It was so much fun celebrating our special day with these redheaded celebrities, and with all of you around the world!  And just because it’s technically no longer Love Your Red Hair Day, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate by rocking it like a redhead every single day. Always love your red hair, redheads!