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Since 2011, How to be a Redhead has been empowering redheads to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty. Adrienne + Stephanie (our co-founders) noticed there were hateful days like “Kick a Ginger Day” and wanted a day that spread a positive message instead.

“We wanted to create a nationally recognized day of the year that empowered redheads to LOVE their hair. But, most of all, it’s a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities,” says Stephanie.

The 1st Annual Love Your Red Hair Day marked the end of the Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour in 2015— a beauty tour for redheads that has been crisscrossing the USA. It has made stops in Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Chicago and New York City.

Use hashtag: #LoveYourRedHairDay on November 5th to celebrate with us!

Watch the original video created for National Love Your Red Hair Day:

Photo Credit: Vogue 2008, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. Featuring redhead models: Karen Elson and Taylor Foster.