‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved products delivered to your door.

What is the H2BAR Box?

H2BAR is the acronym for How to be a Redhead. Founded by sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, the brand has been featured in the world’s top publications: The New York Times, ABCNews, Refinery29, SHAPE Magazine.. and many more. The company’s goal is to empower every redhead to feel confident, look amazing and rock their beauty. When the brand was originally launched in 2011, the sister duo wanted to launch a “red box” but knew they had to build an audience first. Fast forward to 2015 and How to be a Redhead now has over 100,000+ social media followers, and a loyal readership of 500,000 unique views per month.

The website only features products that are ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved. This means all items are always free of heavy chemicals & complement red hair.

The How to be a Redhead team now works meticulously to find products that meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is proud to deliver them to the doorstep of every redhead each month. The products range from samples to full sizes. Boxes ship on the 1st-3rd of every month.

How the H2BAR Box Works

  1. 1Simply select a month or year subscription
  2. 2We curate the H2BAR Box & send out for delivery
  3. 3Enjoy the monthly H2BAR Box. New ‘Redhead Friendly’ products every month!

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& Kudos

“I have two redheaded sisters. As I was writing this article I asked both of them whether they had heard of How To Be A Redhead and they both had. If you’re a redhead, you probably have too.”

Greg Stern from All Business

“Sisters who have turned their hair color into a booming business.”

Daily Mail

“Two redheaded sisters turned their hair color into a growing business.”

Fast Company

“Girls bullied over the color of their hair launch beauty empire for fellow redheads.”

Cosmopolitan UK

“Through How To Be A Redhead, she found a good organic sunscreen and foundation, plus the confidence to wear scarlet lipstick, a shade she always thought was off limits.”

The New York Times

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