Are you ready to upgrade your hair routine? Nelson j Beverly Hills, featured in the October H2BAR Box, is a premiere natural hair salon in Beverly Hills. Owner, Nelson Chan, has been a celebrity hair stylist for over 20 years. He has worked with Sharon Stone, Paula Abdul, Heather Graham, Leah Remini, Alicia Silverstone, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Lady Gaga.

Along with his award winning California based salon, Nelson j has a line of high-quality natural based hair products. Each product contains eco-friendly formulas to nourish and enhance each strand of hair.

Three lucky redheads will each walk away with Nelson j’s Argan Oil 7 Healthy Hair System (shown below). The system includes:

  • Non-Foaming Shampoo 8oz
  • Styling Conditioner 4oz – Volume – Scent: Green Tea
  • Styling Conditioner 4oz – Smooth – Scent: Floral
  • Moisture Healing Mask 3.4oz – Scent: Coconut.NJBH_Postcard back out_Final

1. Non-Foaming Shampoo: Cleanses your hair without the added foam and harsh ingredients found in ordinary shampoos. It is designed to not strip the hair strand and scalp of their natural oils. Result: Shiny, moisturized hair.

2. Styling Conditioner Smooth: A 7-in-1 formula with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. Acts like a detangler, leave-in conditioner, heat protector, sunscreen, color Sealer and smoothing serum. Works great on frizzy, dry hair.

3. Styling Conditioner Volume: A 7-in-1 formula with Argan Oil and Sea Buckthorn Extract. This one product is a hair volumizer, thickener, detangler, sunscreen, heat protectant and color sealer. It gives lifeless hair amazing fullness and shine. For all hair type. Best result for fine and lifeless hair.

4. Moisture Healing Mask: Unique 100% Argan Oil derived moisturizing treatment provides long lasting and the most effective result for color-treated, dry, or damaged hair.

Featured in the October H2BAR Box
Featured in the October H2BAR Box

How To Enter: Comment below telling us why your red hair needs this combo pack from Nelson j Hair!

Tip: Be creative, redheads!

Bonus: Receive 20% off your next order using code NJ20 on the Nelson j shop!

**If you are a H2BAR Box subscriber and received the Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask samples in the October box, share with us your “Before and After” photos of using the product to double your chances of winning! Tag @NelsonJHair + @HowtobeaRedhead in your post(s) to enter.

Disclaimer: This review and giveaway are the true opinions of How to be a Redhead and product is rightfully provided by Nelson j Hair. How to be a Redhead is responsible for prize delivery. Three winners will randomly be chosen on October 31st. They will be notified via e-mail.

  • Veronica Urbaniak

    My red hair needs this because the fall/winter in Michigan is BRUTAL! I’d do anything to keep it hydrated and healthy!

  • Tasha

    I would really love this. My hair is dry and frizzy and I’m struggeling with split ends… I’m trying the best I can to protect my red hair and make it look beautiful because I’m proud of being a redhead. Not a lot of these products can be found here in Belgium, with not enough red headed people and so we are often forgotten… So this would really help me out!

  • Brenna

    I would love to win this because I’m trying to grow my hair out to donate to Wigs for Kids. I’m having trouble growing it out long enough to donate 12 inches of healthy hair. This time of year in New England my hair gets very brittle and breaks which can make it tough to grow out.

  • A little red head was born in small country. 18 years later she decided to study abroad in her neighbour country, which is not so big either. She was always the only redhead in the room/ in the town/ at campus and despite being teased, she loves her red hair. This girl’s red hair needs these Nelson J’s procucts because they will help her to be more vibrant and more noticeable, so she can be an advocate for all redheads everywhere she goes!

  • Michele

    My red hair had to endure 4 months of being in the chlorine daily because my summer job is teaching swimming lessons. It’s been a few months, but my hair is still pretty dry and damaged. I need this repair system.

  • Janae

    What redhead doesn’t want shiny and soft locks? I received Nelson j healing maskin my Oct #H2BAR box and INSTANTLY after one use my hair was softer, shinner, and just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING that I thought my hair belonged to another person. I could go on and on but there’s not enough space for my raves! I LOVE NELSON j!!!

  • Cindy

    This mermaid would love to win to maintain her outdoorsy lifestyle! These products do wonders for her salt water soaked, wind whipped, winter tortured hair!

  • Natasha

    I need this in my life. I tried this product in my October box and couldn’t believe the difference! As a mother of 3 and a step mother of 4 you could imagine how hectic my life is. I barely have time to brush my hair. Since treating my hair it feels invincible. As funny as this sounds I even whipped my hair around in circles just to find it to go perfect back in place. It feels so bouncy and healthy. Please help this mom out. Makes me feel invincible when at least my hair looks great.

  • Kayla Gray

    I am not only a red head, but a red headed swimmer. So to say the least, my hair has seen better days. Years of salt and chlorine have left my hair lack luster and brittle. With one beautiful treatment from the October box my life was forever changed. I couldn’t stop touching my reanimated locks. For the first time for as long as I could remember my hair personified my personality, bouncy. I felt like I was a shampoo commercial actress. My confidence soared and I felt like I had super powers to better tackle any task the day threw my way. If a sample of these products could change my day, I can only dream of what a package would do.

  • Alison Ktona

    My Red Hair Needs This Combo because it’s Extremely dry and Frizzy, Sometimes My Hair is Sooo Frizzy I look like Bozo the Clown!

  • Kara

    My hair can use all the moisturizing it can get! It’s waist length and winters up north combined with my wood burning stove really dry it out.

  • I would LOVE to win this because I have red curly hair that needs to be hydrated especially for the winters in Maine! I have yet to try any How to Be A Redhead products and would really really love to try them to show people I EMBRACE and LOVE being a redhead <3

  • Bethany

    I would like to win this because my waist length, wavy, red hair needs all the moisture it can get. The extreme temperature changes in Illinois during the fall is already messing with my hair and it just gets worse in the winter. I love my red hair and known for it, so I’d like to keep it healthy especially in the winter. I have been a competitive swimmer for the Team USA swim team, Team Phoenix, and that doesn’t help my hair. Years of swimming in chlorinated water has obviously done the worse to my hair. The sample in the October box rehydrated my hair to its former glory and I couldn’t be more pleaded in how sleek and shiny it made my dry and frizzy hair. You guys totally rock and so does this product! Even if I don’t win, thank you so much for the sam0le of this product and thanks for doing what you guys do to unite, beautify, and embrace all redheads around the globe!

    • Bethany

      I meant pleased not pleaded, but you get the point

    • Bethany

      And sample not sam0le

  • Debra

    I would love this product package! Awesome giveaway. My hair gets very frizzy and doesn’t often have a shine. It’s also extremely curly, so the frizz always seems to be worse. This sounds like a really healthy way to revitalize my hair and would love to have 🙂 I am a proud redhead and think it’s great we are getting more products tailored to our hair.

  • Colette P.

    My hair is often dry, I know this product will help me greatly! I’m loving all the awesome things I’m reading about it too!! 🙂

  • Brittany Richards

    @HowToBeARedhead I would love to win the @NelsonJHair system because my hair is extremely damaged from a diy gone wrong… pipe cleaners… don’t ask lol I would also love to find products that would work well with my daughters natural red hair as well as my own which I still struggle to do almost 26 years later ♡

  • Andrew Shaw

    I would like to win this for my girlfriend who is a beautiful natural redhead. She loves her hair and I know she will be really happy If I win this for her!

  • Heather Mason

    My hair is always frizzy no matter what I do with it!

  • Shelby

    I have been trying a new shampoo and conditioner for the past 3 weeks, turns out it’s super drying and not good for my hair! I need something meant for my red locks! Pick me pick me!

  • My hair sometimes looks dull and plain. I would love to get this product and revitalize my hair and make as gorgeous, shiny, and healthy as ever.

  • Maya richardson

    I would love to win these products and have my natural hair glow even more than it already does. As a person who spends a lot of time outdoors hiking, swimming, and even at work i get dirty and my hair gets punished too. The biggest reason i would like to use these products would have to be once every year or two i grow my hair as long as i can and then i cut it off and donate it, to donate your hair has to be healthy. THATS why i would love these products.

  • Yumsy

    My red hair is dull, limp and boring. I want my red hair to have a life. Im dreaming of one day, families and friends will comment at how great and bouncy my hair looks. Plus your Moisture Healing Mask is best to combat dryness and frizz especially this winter season.

  • Makayla Sullivan

    I love my hair, but it needs some extra love to reach its full potential. I am always looking for new shampoos and conditioners to try to help keep my hair healthy.

  • My hair is going crazy with all these new white hairs coming in. It’s dull and brittle and breaking. I have tried a lot of products but the ones that work are too unnatural and my eyes and throat are sore and itchy, and I’m sneezing from them. I can’t afford really high end products and the natural products I’ve tried didn’t work at all. I would love a chance to get shiny, soft hair!

  • My red hair is going through a few transitions right now. First, the Michigan cold weather makes my hair dry and unmanageable. Second, I’m beginning to get some beautiful white hairs that are messing with my “normal” texture. While I don’t mind the changes that come with age, I do mind my hair being dry and lack luster. I am searching for a non-lather shampoo and conditioning mask to help fight these changes. HELP!

  • Emma

    I love having my long red hair, especially during fall and winter. However, it always seems that the longer my hair is the harder it is to protect it from the harsh winter dryness. I loved my sample Nelson J hair goodies in my October box and would love to continue replenshing the moisture in my hair throughout the season!!

  • Beth

    Because I want only the best for my beautiful locks!

  • Rose

    My hair is full of split ends, and no matter how many deep conditioning treatments I try, I just can’t seem to get it healthy and shine. The colder weather is making it dry out even more now and I need to find something that will fix it, fast!

  • Heather

    Now that I have reached my 40’s, my naturally red hair has started to get a lot of white strands mixed in. I refuse to lose my red hair and have to color it. My naturally curly hair is easily upset and coloring tends to make it dry and brittle. I would like the Nelson Argan Oil 7 combo so I can not only heal my hair but so I can continue to keep my beautiful man made natural hair. I refuse to go down without a fight.

  • Carolsue

    Because my hair is dry and overprocessed and it is in dire need of some special hair products like this!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Jenny

    I would love to try these products because I have always had dry hair, and I’m sure that it is only going to get worse with the coming cold months. I have heard so many great things about this brand and would love to try it out!

  • Karrie A Millheim

    I hope it would repair it from all the damage it has

  • Jennifer L

    I could really use this prize pack! My hair was so damaged from back to back surgeries earlier this year! Hello to all my fellow redheads!!!

  • Katherine

    The timing of this giveaway couldn’t be any better! I was JUST telling someone yesterday about how my red locks have seemed to be lackluster, dry and frizzy now that we’re getting into fall/winter, and how I desperately want to find a product/s that can help restore health and happiness to my long hair 🙂 From the descriptions in this post and the reviews from fellow redheads who have tried this, it sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for! I would absolutely love to win this bundle <3

  • Judy

    I was born in Brooklyn in the early 50’s and was the only student in my school with red hair. I was terased and made fun of because of my crazy and outrageous frizzy hair. I have tried everything but still find it hard to tame these locks of mine. I absolutely love my red hair and at a young 62, I have no white or graying hairs whatsoever! However, I still find it hard to find the right product for my hair…never too old to stop looking, but very nervous when it comes to trying new products. I am a very confident woman and I would love to win your products and tame the red hair and feel confident all around! Thank you and hope I get chosen for this product package!

  • Judy

    I meant teased (not terased)! Just so excited that I have a chance at winning!

  • Lucy maidment

    Hi, I’m still in school so every day I love to do my hair in the morning. The thing is to get it looking fresh and that shiney beach wave looking hair I always have to wash it the night before and leave it to dry over night. Then in the morning I will dry it, but this means sleeping with wet hair #nightmare! I have found a great hair company called Twisted Sista ( and I have been trialing with the Toni and Guy sea salt spray. However my hair is ginger and curly and it takes a lot to tame! I haven’t quite found the perfect solution. I’m hoping to find that one great product that will save my hair from going dry, frizzy and VERY VERY POOFY! :((. I really love your posts by the way ;).

  • Since I am an old hippy chick, I need a bit of extra care in my “white highlighted” locks. Now, seriously I do have the “glow in the dark” complexion of an aging garnet redhead, but will never give up my long (to my waist” locks. So, am I in need of these products? HELL YEAH! Help an old ginger out and let me try these out to care for my hair the RIGHT way!

  • Jessica

    Would love to win! My hair needs some postpartum help!

  • I just got married, but I was so focused on my wedding guests having a good time, that I completely ignored the care my hair needed in the past few weeks!
    Help! Split ends, tangled, brassy-my hair begs for love. My nickname with friends is Red Storm, I won’t like it to become Red Mop 🙂

  • I need these products as I’m doing all that I can to pamper and care for my hair as I age. Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Melissa

    As a triathlete, my hair goes through the ringer: chlorine, wind and sun. I have yet to find a product to tame it or give it that beautiful shine.

  • Shannon

    Living in the desert wrecks havoc on my natural red locks. My hair is down past my waist and these products would help to keep it healthy from root to tip. (And help keep it nice and long so I can continue to be Pipi Longstocking for Halloween for years to come)

  • Colie

    I’ve been a redhead all my life 😉 and these products seem as though they would really help me in truly owning and appreciating my red hair! I am really just learning about products specifically designed for redheads, and this would be a perfect start to treating my hair in the best way possible as to keep the red healthy! Also, I can tell that spending time adventuring in dry climates is taking a toll on the quality of my hair. I don’t usually win things like this, but these products are really worth trying!! Espcially because I am new at products designed specially for my hair type. Thanks for reading <3. Good luck to all you beautiful red heads hoping to win the products!