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Edited By: Carmina Alvarez, Monterrey, Mexico Redhead

History is full of amazing redheaded women. They are notoriously known for their courage and powerful natures, but their beauty and fashion tips cannot go unrecognized. Here is how you can rock these ageless looks- redhead style:

1. Queen Elizabeth I: English queen and daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I was a strawberry blonde and the last Tudor queen. Some of her portraits show her with red hair wigs and this because her own hair fell out because of the lead in her face cream that was used to whiten her skin. It has been said that she was one of the may have been the first to wear a wristwatch in England. And although she had many dresses, her favorite choices were the black and white gowns. Get The Look: This fall, get inspired by Queen Elizabeth I’s look and wear a big watch and a simple black dress.

2. Cleopatra: One of the most famous women of all time, Cleopatra was the female Egyptian rule who at the time was considered the image of a sensuality and is believed to have been a redhead! She was said to use Henna to increase the redness in her hair.


3. Mary Queen of Scots: Scottish Queen and daughter of King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. She had auburn hair and brown eyes. She was painted with many different headscarves. Get the Look: Beautiful headscarfs look beautiful with red hair. Choose different colors and on those bad hair days, let you hair down and wrap a gorgeous silk scarf around your head. For a cool look, tie a bow to the side.

4. Helen of Troy: She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and she was a redhead! She was the face that launched a thousand ships to war. Helen of Troy was always painted in beautiful “redhead friendly” colors, like cranberry, blue and purple. Get the Look: This autumn, choose cranberry as your main pop of color.