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In the Rag and Bone Ready to Wear Spring 2012 collection, their aim was to achieve a young, natural look- like Cintia Dicker. The makeup artist for the show, Revlon’s Gucci Westman, said she applied faux freckles to the model’s using a,“a rich palette of terracotta, peach, and chocolate brown tones to create a naturally- freckled skin tone.”

Faux freckles have also been worn in other fashion shows in the past years where they used lip pencils in shades of brown to create wannabee freckles-faced models.

Good news, redheads! Most of us are already blessed with amazing, natural freckles.

Here’s how to ensure your freckle advantage and still look like a supermodel:

1. Moisturize: Not only should you be moisturizing your face daily, but since us redheads have freckles all over our bodies, it is essential to moisturize everywhere! Don’t forget your arms and chest.

2. Concealer/ Bronzer: If you have blemishes or under eye circles, use concealer to hide tough areas then apply a light dusting of bronzer to the forehead and nose to achieve a balanced look.

3. Minimalism: Keep the rest of your make up to a minimum. Light powder, mascara and lip gloss is perfect.

Now, it’s time to let your freckles glow!