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2017 has come and gone, and along with the great memories, I did have tough moments I grew from.

My mom would tell me, “When you fall, you dust yourself off and get back on the horse.” I greeted the New Year with open arms and decided to do something I never thought I would do:

I was finally going to embrace my curly red hair

I grew up, like many natural redheads, fearing and loathing my hair. From the color to the natural curls and waves, I could not find a hairstyle to wear with confidence in high school. I did everything to tame my red locks –– spending hours flat ironing it. I also spent many years and hundreds of dollars getting straight perms. I used every anti-frizz product I could find, but it wasn’t enough. I grew frustrated because one side of my hair would do as I said, while the other side would poof out while mocking my effort to control it. (A true reflection of my own personality.)

However, twenty-six years and time wasted, I have grown tired of standing in front of the mirror. Tired of spending so much money to control my red hair.

Also, something inside of me clicked. I was exhausted from trying to get my hair to fit in. I looked around and so many women, and men, had amazing and beautiful hairstyles. I would cry with jealousy.

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I finally did something many people didn’t think I would do. I decided to cut my hair and let my red hair do its natural thing. I had no idea what my hair would do if I cut it short. All women with curly hair have that fear. The idea of going short makes us think, poodle or chia-pet. I thought of the horrifying moment my hair would just defy gravity and just go everywhere. That is why I needed to do it. I had no idea what was going to happen.

This is the before (left) and after (right): 


I love the after and have fallen in love with my hair. I took a chance, made a change and have more confidence than my straight hair ever gave me. I hope my story helps others embrace their true beauty and love themselves.

Rock your red hair and let your curls fly!