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Post Updated on 5/15/2018

It has been found that tomato sauce actually prevents sunburns.

One of the best ways for redheads to stay healthy is to use sunscreen. It was posted on NewsTarget that sunscreen is one of the “most harmful chemicals” we could put on our skin and it is the sunscreen that is actually causing skin cancer. Although, this hasn’t been proven and sunscreen is the best way to avoid sunburns and wrinkles.

We do not recommending stopping the use of sunscreen, but do discover some natural ways to prevent wrinkles and still manage to keep that redhead skin beautiful…with tomatoes!

An MSNBC article stated, “Scientists think an antioxidant, lycopene, which gives tomatoes their colour, can neutralise harmful molecules produced in skin exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Tomato paste of the sort used to make pizza toppings is rich in lycopene. Skin levels of procollagen, which helps the skin stay supple and youthful…”

It has been tested and proven that tomatoes do keep skin from burning! Increase the use of tomatoes and continue to apply sunscreen on a daily basis. Your skin will thank you for it.

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