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Cassidy is the only redhead in her family. “My mom and sisters are blonde and my dad has brown hair….

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This seven-year-old loves being a redhead! “I think it’s cool,” she shares. READ: 5 Secrets I Wish I Knew When…

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“My red hair gives me confidence and defines who I am. I love being unique and always turning heads when…

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“I didn’t always love being a redhead. As I got older and raised four redheads of my own, I now…

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“I love having red hair because it’s so different. Not many kids have my hair color,” Penny shares. “I got…

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Erin & Emily

“Ever since my little sister was born (when I was 11-years-old), we’ve had a special bond because of our red…

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“I turn heads for all the right reasons thanks to my crimson locks. When twirling my curls around my fingers,…

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Kimber’s mom applied for her daughter to be the Redhead of the Week! “I am not a redhead,” she says….

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“When I was a little girl, I was so embarrassed about my red hair, freckles and fair skin,” Christy shares….

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Harper’s mother submitted the Redhead of the Week entry for her daughter. She said, “Harper just turned 4 and I…

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