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RaeLeah, Johnny and Jack

“My 4-year-old daughter, RaeLeah, is one of many redheads in our large family. She has two redheaded twin brothers, Johnny…

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Curly-haired redhead, Novella, summed up why she loves being a redhead in one sentence, “It makes me unique and feel like…

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Caylee’s mom, April, submitted her daughter’s photo saying. “Caylee loves being a redhead because it makes her unique. She is the…

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“I love being a redhead because it is something that completely sets me apart from others. It gives me the…

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Kimberly loves her red hair! “I don’t look like everyone else. My red hair turns heads and I stand out in…

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“Having red hair and being proud of it is a beautiful thing. Embrace what makes you unique,” Sarah shares. Sumit…

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Rebecca submitted her daughter’s photo! “Most of my family are redheads. I love my daughter’s hair. Amber is five and…

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“I spent a good part of my life disliking my natural red hair. Everything from the color to the curl…

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Lucy’s mom, Nicola, submitted her daughter’s photo saying, “Lucy is two-years-old and has the gorgeous red curls and feisty personality to…

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It has taken Aimee years to love her red hair. “After failed attempts at trying to change my hair to…

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