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The “ombre” look has become the hottest summer hair trend and is when a darker root blends into a lightened color at the end of the hair strands. Ombre is a French word for graduation and refers to the dark-to-light fade of color that is used in the technique. It is a beachier, more natural looking version of the dyed ‘root-to-end’ trend we have seen in the past.

Many redheads wonder if they can pull off the look and Rona O’Connor, a celebrity hair stylist, who has worked on Hollywood’s most famous ‘gingers’ said, “Yes, redheads can definitely pull off the ombre look. I would see it as a sun-flicked ‘ombre’ so it’s more of a sun-kissed effect and a little more natural. Unless you’re feeling a little more fashion forward and edgy, a more solid strawberry ombre could be fun for summer.”

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