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Did you know you can make a hair conditioner, brightening mask and moisturizing exfoliation from bananas?

Bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins (Vitamin E, C, B and A) that help to promote healthy skin and hair recovery. Tryptophan is an amino acid, contained in bananas and this makes it perfect for beauty treatments.

If eating bananas help to keep different bodily problems away, then application of this fruit on your red hair and ivory skin can help you keep beauty issues at bay.

Here are banana beauty tips, recipes for your skin and red hair.. and more!


1. Do you want to moisturize your face immediately without worrying about harsh chemicals being in your face lotion? Take a ripe banana and smash it. Apply the pulp on your skin and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water followed by cold water. Your skin will feel moisturized and soft- and regular practice will prevent wrinkles.


1. Sugar Scrub (for dry skin): Do you have terribly dry skin? Smash ripe banana and add sugar to it. Apply it on your skin and rub gently. While banana moisturizes dry skin, the sugar granules help to remove dead cells to reveal brighter skin. Tip: It is best to apply this scrub all over the body, not just the face.

2. Lemon Face Pack (for oily skin): If you have oily skin, add a spoon of milk and two spoons of lemon juice to a smashed banana pulp. Apply the pack on your face to wait for twenty minutes. Wash with clean water.

3. Honey Face Pack (for normal to dry skin): Take a mashed banana and add a spoon of honey to it. Apply on your face and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Both banana and honey have natural moisturizing properties that hydrate dry skin.


Bananas are very good for the hair and scalp because it coats dull hair and rough hair with vitamins, making the hair much more manageable. Regular application of bananas is also known to control dandruff and helps to soften hair. Here are a few easy recipes you can make at home and try out for your hair:

1. Avocado Hair Conditioner: Mix a ripe banana with avocado and add coconut milk to the mixture. Apply it on your hair and wait for twenty minutes. The pack conditions damaged hair.

2. Honey Pack (for dry hair): Mix three spoons of honey with a ripe banana and apply it on your hair while it is still wet. Wait for half an hour and shampoo. This pack will increase the moisture content in your hair.


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