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New year, new redhead you.

Here are some ‘redhead friendly’ beauty resolutions that are easily attainable –– your red hair and skin and will thank you.


For years, I thought redheads couldn’t wear red. I thought the color overpowered my hair and skin. I was very wrong. Red looks beautiful on a redhead. The great thing about this color is that there are so many different shades to explore –– copper, flame, burgundy, paprika, brick, oxblood, etc.

Here’s how to pick the right ‘red’ for you: 

Most redheads are cool toned. This means your skin has a “blue tone” to it. For instance, can you easily see your veins? You’re probably cool toned. In this case, stick to wine, plums and blue-reds.

If you have a more yellow undertone, this is typically those with olive skin, look for corals, red-oranges, or red-browns.

If you’re more of a neutral tone, a mix of both (not common, but can happen on occasion), you can almost get away with wearing any of these, but in my opinion a bright cherry red, scarlet or a true red looks fabulous.

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I know it’s hard for fair skinned beauties to think about sunscreen when it is negative temperatures outsides, but the skin can still be greatly damaged due to the winter sun and wind. Make sure you always have a coat of sunscreen on your face, neck, ears, hands and lips. These areas are low in pigment and need help to block to harmful UVA and UVB rays.


The weather, no matter where you live, will somehow always be a menace to your red hair. All redheads are different. Some are curly, some straight, some are dry, some are fine, some are coarse, some (many!) are frizzy. Find out the type of hair you have and what its needs really are. Ask your hair stylist for advice on your hair type. Take notes. Write down the problems and the products or ingredients that can help. And routinely (once a week is good), pamper yourself to a 30-minute deep conditioning treatment.

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Happy New Year and Rock it like a Redhead!