Meet Zita Ballinger Fletcher

Zita Ballinger Fletcher is an author, military history writer and proud redhead. Her hair color was a mystery until she shocked everyone with her fuzzy orange eyebrows and red curls at age 2. She has continued to astonish people ever since. Like many redheads, Zita experienced bullying in school. However, she never regretted her hair color, and has been known to wear wild and wonderful braids. As an author, Zita likes to include redheads in her fiction books—she believes redheads are underrepresented in mainstream culture. She also likes to write main female characters from a fiery, redheaded point of view! Zita was named after Empress Zita of Austria. She is fluent in German and has written many books and articles. She is a very active person who enjoys many things in life, including international travel, sword-fighting, Irish music, war stories, hiking, makeup and jewelry. She encourages all redheads to embrace their rare hair color and be their lively, free-spirited selves.


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