Meet Meredith Adams

My name is Meredith, and aside from being a student at the University of Florida (can I get a Go Gators?!), I am a 5 foot 7.5 inch natural born redhead, and tree-hugger.

I’m originally from South Florida but now call Gainesville home after being here for over four years. I have a constant thirst for adventure, adore nature and animals, love making people laugh, enjoy a chill night in with some close friends and wine (of course) or just curling up with a good book. I am  obsessed with country music, and love learning new things while trying to enjoy the journey life is taking me on.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I have 22 (almost 23) years of experience being a redhead and managing all of the struggles as well as attention being a redhead has brought to my life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Please feel free to comment, share, or like anything you see that you enjoy reading. Your feedback is important to me! Thank you for following us, and keep that redheaded fire burning.


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