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Meet the Founders

Adrienne and Stephanie are both natural redheads and have struggled to find beauty and fashion items that cater to young, trendy redheaded women. When Stephanie was a teenager, she went blonde to “fit in,” but realized she felt and looked best with natural red locks. As young girls, they both had trouble finding ‘redhead friendly’ products because most items caused their skin to irritate or break out. Many makeup consultants at department stores shied away when they would ask which mascara or blush matched their fair complexion. They took it upon themselves to test and try different types of products and love expressing their fun redhead personalities with fun pops of color in their wardrobe.

When they discovered mascara, they will never forget how beautiful they felt! The discovery of streak-free instant tan, products that beautified their frizzy hair, natural but fabulous bronzers, lotions that didn’t irritate their sensitive skin…was revolutionary. Over the years, Adrienne and Stephanie have learned to master all of the complementary redhead techniques.

Since there was no place for Adrienne and Stephanie to turn to for advice, they created for redheads throughout the world to celebrate a redhead’s beauty, in both the fashion and beauty sector. All featured products on have been tested on a redhead for a minimum of 10 days and receive the “redhead friendly” stamp of approval. Adrienne and Stephanie hope redheads can finally take a sigh of relief knowing there is a [finally] a community that provides top beauty and fashion advice for redheads that can be trusted while also empowering them to live confident lives. The redhead sisters have coined the phrase “Rock it like a Redhead” as the tag line for their blog posts and social media photos to proclaim that it’s all about rockin’ your red hair with certainty and spunk.

Since’s launch, it has been recognized by the top beauty companies in the world and in 2012, Adrienne and Stephanie were L’Oreal Paris Brand Ambassadors. This powerhouse sister duo are also the Curators and Producers for Rock it like a Redhead Events. The events aim to bring together their loyal audience with brands that empower them to feel beautiful, inside and out. The 2015 five city beauty tour just concluded on November 5th in New York City, after traveling to Austin, Nashville, Seattle and Chicago.

Both Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti have B.A.’s in Business from the University of Miami.

& Kudos

“I have two redheaded sisters. As I was writing this article I asked both of them whether they had heard of How To Be A Redhead and they both had. If you’re a redhead, you probably have too.”

Greg Stern from All Business

“Sisters who have turned their hair color into a booming business.”

Daily Mail

“Two redheaded sisters turned their hair color into a growing business.”

Fast Company

“Girls bullied over the color of their hair launch beauty empire for fellow redheads.”

Cosmopolitan UK

“Through How To Be A Redhead, she found a good organic sunscreen and foundation, plus the confidence to wear scarlet lipstick, a shade she always thought was off limits.”

The New York Times

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