If you’re a natural redhead, you might have been asked (many times over) if you’re Irish. There is a common misconception that every redhead on the planetย hasย Irish roots, which is quite false. With approximately 70-140ย million redheads in the world, they come in all shapes, sizes.. and ethnicities.

With much research, we pulled together photos from 10 women & children who break the “redhead appearance stereotype”. Comment below telling us about your nationality!

Not all redheads have light skin and blonde eyebrows/lashes. This redhead has deep features with curly red hair.
Not all redheads have light skin and blonde eyebrows/lashes. This redhead has deep features with curly red hair.
Little girl with beautiful red hair, of African-American decent. Image Source: Pinterest
Little girl with beautiful red hair, of African-American decent.
Image Source: Pinterest
Beautiful woman with freckles and natural red hair of African American decent.
Beautiful woman with freckles and natural red hair of African American decent.
Famous model, Cintia Dicker, is from Brazil and is of German decent.
Famous model, Cintia Dicker, is from Brazil and is of German decent.
Natural redhead from Asia.
Natural redhead with Asian origins.
This image has circulated the web for many months now. This cute little girl has African American roots and vibrant, natural red hair!
This image has circulated the web for many months now. This cute little girl has African American roots and vibrant, natural red hair!
Jennifer, one of How to be a Redhead's previous Redhead of the Week's. She joked saying,
Jennifer, one of How to be a Redhead’s previous Redhead of the Week’s. She joked saying, “I’m asian and a natural redhead. Do those even exist?” Her mom is Korean and her dad is Scottish and Italian. The only person in her family with red hair is her grandmother on her father’s side. Surprisingly, no one asks if it’s natural because they always assume it’s dyed.
African American roots, and natural red hair. Image Source: Natural Belle
African American roots, and natural red hair.
Image Source: Natural Belle
Jessica Alba's daughter, Haven Garner Warren, is Hispanic and African-American, and has gorgeous red hair.
Jessica Alba’s daughter, Haven Garner Warren, is Hispanic and African-American, and has gorgeous red hair.



  • Lisa

    I love this! My dad is half black (mixed with Jewish) and my mom is white (Scottish & German). I have red hair & freckles from head to toe (literally) and you’d never know that I had 25% black in me!

    • cw

      oh, *we* know…..

  • Shari

    It’s funny but almost every redhead I have known (and surprisingly many), we have all been Jewish with Eastern European (ashkanazi) background. Me? Only redhead in family of brunettes…. Supposedly, my great great grandfather had a red beard… That’s all it took!

    • Brenda

      Me too! and all of us have brown eyes. I am always assumed to be Irish!

  • Jean

    Common to all these redheads are the Celts – Irish, Scottish, Welsh even across Europe into Germany and Russia.

    • The Celts were not the origin but thry hsve the highedt grnetic concentration of red hair. Interesting fact the original indigenous peoples of India were originally born with blonde hair just like the original Greeks. The redheads intermingled with most of Northern Europe that’s why Germans Russians even nord’s of some kind have red hair mixed in with their genetics. I am Irish, Scottish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Choctaw, and Cherokee. But I was born a readhead it turned dark blond as I got older. But i have pictures of me with redhair. Lol

  • Wow… I’m from Belgium, but my great-grandmother was from Spain… My grandmother used to tell me stories that her grandmother married a man from Belgium. Her hair as dark as the night and his radiant red, one of their children… redhead as well. Nice to know ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m proud that I’m a redhead and I hope I’ll have redheaded children with my redheaded boyfriend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • christy

    I’m 25% Mexican and 12.5% Navajo native American and German on my dad’s side and not even enough Irish to measure on my mom’s side. I tan in the summer.

    • Anonymous

      My father is pure Puerto Rican and my mother is Scottish German and Native Indian. I have red hair, brown eyes and freckles. I tan in the summer.

  • Shannan

    Scottish and German mainly. Not a lick of Irish in me ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Passerine

      Me too! I now live in northwest Switzerland and every day I see people with the same shade of red hair as me. I have a tribe! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lindsey

      I Tan too!! I’m a mix of Plains Cree ( 1/16th) Scottish and Danish and I have red hair, freckles, green eyes and can tan super dark and when I burn I burn and tan not peel, best of both worlds :p

  • Rowan

    I always laugh when people ask which side of my family I get my red hair from because red hair is a recessive trait, meaning the gene must be possessed by both parents in order to be visible in the offspring! It takes two ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Barca

      But if one of your parents has blond hair and the second one has red hair (both of them are recessive) you have 50% chance to have red hair. So the question isn’t THAT bad XD

  • Allie

    German and Bohemian decent. I have been lucky enough to trace my family trees to the 1700s and no Irish or Scottish have been found:.

  • Melissa

    While there are not a lot of reheads in my area (South Texas) the ones I have met have not had a “traditional” redhead look. I have curly, auburn hair, with darker eyebrows, and light brown eyes, much like the redhead in the second picture. I also have freckles but I can tan a little bit! My father’s side of the family comes from Mexico and my mother’s from Mexico and Spain. My family and I can’t wait to see which one of my sisters (both not redheads) will have redheaded kids!

  • Mary Anne

    I am 100% northern Italian both my parents born In Italy, I have red hair, brown eyes and lots of freckles. I’m not as fair as most redheads. I’m still waiting for another redhead in the family, so far just a great niece.

    • Kills me

      My grandma was from northern Italy and I inherited her beautiful red hair

  • Claudine

    100% French (Canada) American

  • Im russian 100%, have red hair, freckles and blue eyes)))

  • carol

    i am of scottish/irish decent on my mother’s side, and my dad is russian. my dad was one of a few redheads in his family, and all four of us kids, have red hair

  • Shannon

    Sorry. I’m the stereotype. Scotch-Irish with some French on my mother’s side.

  • Anne Lennie

    My father was Scottish amy my mother English/French. ..I tan well lol!

  • Celatha

    Being of Irish, Scottish, German, and Native American decent – and not having anyone in a couple of generations with red hair – it’s a toss up where it actually stems from. Proud freckled, green-eyed redhead. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Toni

    I am very much like the first picture. I have naturally red curly hair and pale skin with freckles, yet have very dark eyebrows and eyelashes, with thanks to my dad for his father was or Polish/Ukraine decent :-). x x

  • Angela

    Two of my siblings have red hair, I have a niece with red hair, and my daughter is a red head! My siblings Greek and Italian decent as well as my daughter! My Niece Greek Italian and ??.

  • julie

    all 3 of my kids have redhair , all different shades ..I am French Canadian , Italian , and my husband of my kids is dutch Indonesian .. no redheads on his side but I had my grandmother ..

  • Jenny aka Cherry Bomb

    I am the i only red head in my family from my generation. My paternal grandmother had natural red hair along with my maternal Great Aunt. My family comes from Scottish/ German roots.

  • Chrissy

    I am a natural redhead with blue eyes, many freckles on body, but not much on my face. 1/4 Italian, 1/4 English, ~ 1/4 German/Polish, and ~ 1/4 Irish/French. Yes, a mutt with very little redheads in my family. Only a few guy cousins who had red hair when they were younger and then grew out of it.

  • I’m a Scott-Irish and the only redhead in my family:)

  • Ash

    Funny comments… I’m human and have eyes, a nose, a mouth and skin! My grandpa did, too!

    As one of those brown people who always gets asked, “What are you?” HUMAN has become my answer!

  • carlene

    growing up, i had only encountered myself and my cousin as true redheads. i always felt out of place. i was always picked on, and made fun of. i am a natural redhead with blue eyes and freckles. i have a little irish in my background, but i also have some german in my blood. my son is also a natural redhead, however, my daughter is a natural brunette.. i am amazed when i see now how many natural redheads there actually are on earth.

  • Holly

    I am of Italian and Czechoslovakian descent… no one ever believes my hair is natural after I tell them that…

  • Blue eyed redhead. German -English.

  • Bridgette

    German Belgium and English for the most part red hair blue eyes, my brother and my son are the same

  • Beth

    Love this. I’m the only redhead in immediate family. I have always been asked if I was Irish. But no Irish here… 50% Ukrainian and 50%German.

  • I’m of German, British and Dutch decent, and I live in South Africa. I get asked (or sometimes more told) that I must be Irish I’m the only red head in my family, apparently my mother’s grandmother had red hair.

  • Both my brothers are red heads. My maternal grandmother was also a red head. I have two aunties who are also red heads. We live in South Africa. We are partially of Jewish/Dutch descent.

  • An3k3

    It’s amazing. They say the red gene skips a generation, in my family it skipped two, my brother and I are the only red heads in our entire family. I heard that my great-grandmother had copper red hair as mine.
    We are all South African, and 4 generations back dates to the Netherlands.

  • Nicola Bergh

    Only red head in my family. No idea where it comes from. Mom’s side is all dutch. Dad’s side is white South African. Been able to trace family tree back to 1400’s. No Scottish or Irish. In addition, lots of freckles and very fair skin. Again, the only one. I am just an oddity.

  • Arielle

    I’m native mi’kmaq/Welsh mixed. I have the bright curly red hair, but It’s corse and extreamly thick. I also have the honey colored native eyes. I have porcelain skin, but I found out after moving to Honolulu that I can tan. I love bring unique, even amongst unique people like redheads. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Deb

    Even the Irish will say that their red hair comes from the raiding Vikings who pillaged their way through most of the British Isles and Europe, sharing little bits of themselves as they go. Proud to be a redhead of mixed descent. None of my son’s inherited my red hair

  • Kennedy

    I have some Irish and Russian in me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish I had some german in me as well xD haha.

  • erin

    I’m primarily Swedish and French! I apparently do not look Irish because I’m not asked that very often. I have a little scotch, Irish, and German in me but I’m mostly just a Swedish French girl lol

  • Whitney

    I’m Irish and American Indian… but no one believes the American Indian side when I tell them with my fair skin and freckles. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love seeing these pics – thank you!!

  • Kathy B

    both sides of my family are italian I am first born of 3 and the only one with Red Hair! Still natural at the age of 62!!!

  • jessika

    Hi no German nor Irish here. My mum was half Dutch,half Belgain my dad Norwegian. Most of my aunts,nieces and nephews have blond hair, the really light type. My kids range from blond to light brown. My mum had chestnut brown hair my dad was strawberry blond. I’m a real redhead, the most red of them all looks funny in pics, I stick out like a sore thumb

  • Chiara

    Hi! I’m the only and first red head in my family and i’m 100% Southern Italy but i’ve very dark eyebrows, no freckles and brown/red eyes and everyone ask to me what kind of product used to dyed my hair :/
    love this site ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RedVixen

    I am half Irish and half Cherokee Indian. I am pale but with much darker eyebrows and lashes. People love to argue that I’m not really Native American because of the red hair…o.O

  • I am a natural redhead with German, Italian, and Indian decent. I honestly don’t see where any of those play in because all of them result in dark skin and hair. I’m extremely pale, but my hair makes up for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love that this post was created! I am 50% Arabic, 25% German and 25% French. When I first meet people, they typically think I dye my hair because of my skin tone and features. I also get extremely tan when exposed to the sun (rarely ever burn). PS – This website is great – such a fan!

  • Armin

    I’m Iranian! Both my parents are Iranian! When I was a child, my hair was nearly copper / chestnut red, it has changed to sth like chestnut brown – brown. My eyes color is hazel.

  • Becky

    I’m from England but am 25% Italian – I’ve got bright copper hair, pale skin and freckles from one side, and big, dark brown eyes and darker eyebrows from the other side! It’s odd because I’d say my ‘typical’ redhead features definitely make me look British, but when I go to Italy I’m often assumed to be one of the locals because of my facial features (despite my hair and skin too)!

  • Astra

    I am completely Celt. Mix of Irish, German, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish. 100% Celt.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Samoan Redhead

  • Tutasi

    Loved your article on different ethnicity Redheads. I myself am a Samoan mixed nationality Redhead, but raised primarily in my Samoan Culture.

  • TJ

    I’m Mexican, German, English and Scandinavian.

    I mainly look Mexican with my black hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. But, my beard is both black and red. I love it!

  • Didier

    My youngest girl has coppery “red” hair, as does her mother, aunt, and grandmother on her Mothers side. I have French, German, Dutch, and a bit of some others….I had reddish hair until I was almost 7′ now the red only appears in the parts of my beard that aren’t going grey. I still don’t know where the other two kiddos came up with platinum blonde until they were three and now it’s slow moving to brown like mine did. Redhair genetics are tricky, can’t even play the odds !

  • Laine

    I’m of African American decent mixed with a few other things but more African American than anything. I’m a red brown color with freckles and red hair. I tan way to easy and sunburn like crazy. As a kid I was made fun of in my family for not being dark enough and for having red hair and freckles. As an adult I get compliments on both on a regular. I have two children out of four with my red hair and another with a darker red and few freckles. But when he was born he had lighter red hair and a face full of freckles. After a few weeks his hair darkened and only a few freckles remained.

  • Lydia

    I loved this gallery! I would love to see one of men, too! My son is a red head, and he is one where people go “huh? Where did that come from??” I’m a brunette and my husband is half Korean, half American, with dark features and jet black hair. My brother is a redhead but when he’s not around we get a lot of puzzling looks and questions!

  • bilboswagins

    All these girl they are calling “African” are half white or more, and the one they called Asian was at least 75% white. So a better description would be, here is a red headed girl, of mixed African/European heritage, most likely African/Irish American. Give credit were credit is due silly American.

  • Andrea

    I am 50% polish and 50% German, which is where I am told the red comes from. Red hair/Brown eyes. My brother and I are the only 2 in our entire family with this coloring. I have been asked what due I use to get this color! All natural baby!!!

    • Andrea

      Dye..not due.

  • I was born with what I called reddish brown hair. By the time I was 3, it was a brighter red color or a full blown sandy red, and orange around the edges.. As I got older, it turned reddish brown again, or what I now know is Auburn. My mother has this color too, as well as one of my aunts, and I think a grandmother. My great-grandfather used to call my mother red when she was a little girl. I am reddish light brown, or bronze colored with freckles on the right side of my nose that I lessen as I get older. I was made fun of often, with hairdressers and family members saying quite wicked things about my hair color. It is rare in my “race”, as I am “black”, or what is called “African-American”, Mmm… I even have all of the little quirks that go along with this strange color, like sensitivity to pain and the female issues that I have heard about (won’t go there, lol) I also notice that it doesn’t gray, it turns actual white, as mine is doing. Anyway, thanks for the site.

  • GingerNumber7

    I’m a natural redhead of African American decent with German,Welsh, and prob some other stuff mixed in.
    I am on the paler side with a golden tone, freckles, and copper hair. I have seen other African American people with these features and variations of our features, as well. They ranged from pale to ruddy skin to freckles with bright red hair. Malcolm X, Sinbad, and Cynthia Davis are a few other natural redheads of the AA persuasion. Cool article. Long time overdue that redheads of all walks are acknowledged and not some unicorn.

  • Tunni

    I’m fairly typical since I’m half Irish however my father’s side has no known recessive trait, except he himself had a red mustache. With some snooping and figuring on my own part and good geneology records, half of his lineage is Rusyn-Lemko (?) more on the Polish side from Austria-Hungary [now Slovakia] and Norman. The Norman bit has some other ties to it like the Alans of Alania / Ossetia. A lot of Bretons are Alans, since that is a traditional name among them. (Sarmatians in England and the story of King Arthur there.) Pretty amusing to me, and Alans were in China to help defend from the Huns centuries ago. Much like the Visigothic Irish part of my family left Spain around 400 AD. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Recessive genes can take centuries to bloom.

  • I got my red hair from both sides of my family. My mother’s father was a redhead, and so was my father’s brother. I’m of German and Welsh decent. I have a half sister on father’s side, and a niece on mothers side, both with red hair.

    I’ve often been asked if I was Irish, the more disgusting and highly inappropriate question I was askd a LOT in my teens, “Does the carpet match the drapes? ”
    My answer was always, “You’ll NEVER find out! ”

    Being a redhead is NO FUN AT ALL!
    I hate that my pain threshold is basically non existent, I read that’s a redhead thing.

    I hate that people ASSUME I have a temper because I’m a redhead. Of course that is used when I have to be ASSERTIVE, and apparently folks don’t know the difference.

    It’s hard to get lost in a crowd.

    Lastly, if it alllllllllll goes white, I won’t recognize myself and I think it’s going to look weird. I’ll look dead!

  • Marzena

    I am 100% Polish and I am natural redhead. I went through all shades of red from reddish brown when I was little, through carrot like orange to strawberry blond in my 20. Died my hair all sorts of colour cause I hated it with a passion. Now have been trying to get my readhead back and finally managed to match the colour to my naturall roots! I am delighted to be a readhead again. My complexion is fair and gets pinky very easily, I have freckles buy only on my face, and my eyes are hazel brown/olive. Wondering if my future children will be readheads too! My husband is English with Italian roots ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am purely of Mexican ethnicity, my parents are Mexican, although my dad has traced back that in the long lineage, that he has some spanish and Italian. My mother’s father had red hair. I was born with thick red hair and curls, but over the years its turned to auburn in the seasons and lighting. But in the summer it is more of a bright red. I have a medium-to-white complection but can get tan. I don’t have any freckles. But is very fun to tell people I’m Mexican to break the stereotype haha :).

  • Diana

    I am an American of Swiss and Ojibwe heritage. I have straight medium-red hair, golden skin that tans (with a few scattered freckles) and hazel eyes. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere, because I don’t look like either ethnicity.

  • Mia

    This article is great! I’m American, but 3rd generation Russian on my Dad’s side. Everyone on my Dad’s side has olive skin/dark hair, however, my Dad’s Uncle was a Redhead! My mom comes from a whole family of Redheads (pretty rare) of English/Scottish/Irish descent – both my grandparents are Redheads – my mom/both her brothers. (all 5 of them.) My mom thought for sure my brother or me would inherit my Dad’s darker genes. Nope! Both me and my brother are Redheads with blue/green eyes and pale skin (no freckles though.) My hair was really Red/strawberry blonde when I was little and then it’s now a naturally dark Red. My brother’s hair is more auburn now, but his beard is as Red as my hair ๐Ÿ™‚ Genetics are amazing! My boyfriend is 1st generation from Mexico and fairly light skin. We did one of those 23andMe kits and he has a lot of Spanish/Native American blood and 1.5% Northern European and .5 Eastern European in him, so we’re hoping we’ll have a Redheaded daughter one day once we’re married and ready to settle down!

  • Lauren

    I LOVE THIS ARTICLE. My father is Colombian and my mother is American of European decent. I have dark brows, fairs skin, green eyes and big, curly, dark auburn hair. I don’t see a lot of redheads with darker features, so I often feel alone or feel like I am not a legitimate redhead. This article helps me feel a lot of pride about my particular flavor of red. I ask that perhaps darker redheads can be more prominently featured in the future?? I know we are few and far between, but we are here! Thank you for the love!

  • Bea

    I’m 1/4 black and 3/4 German. I look a lot like the girl in the second picture: Thick, curly, dark red hair, brown eyes, brows, and lashes. I don’t have any freckles and my skin is an olive sort of color, but it turns brown when I get tan. People always tell me I look “exotic” and ask “What are you?” or “Where are you from?”

  • Deirdre

    Recent DNA studies have confirmed that indeed red hair is a Celtic trait. Ireland and Scotland having the highest percentage of redheads by far than any other country. The percentage of Irish males carrying the trait is nearly 60%. Ireland and constant immigration for 100’s of years spread it far and wide. With so many leaving Ireland and because of a loose border those replacing them are from Eastern countries. That is causing depletion of the redheaded population in the country were it was far more prevalent than it is now. The stereotype didn’t just come out of thin air it developed because Irish/Scots having red hair as such a common trait.

    • S

      Indeed, but it’s not exclusive to the Celts.

      It’s also a Germanic trait. The Celts and the Germani are so similar, I wouldn’t be surprised they’re from the same people. After all, the oldest Celtic settlement is in modern-day Germany. The British Isles are the last holdout of Celtic culture and language. Genetics is another question entirely.

  • Anonymous

    The 1st and second to last girls have brown hair.

  • Marie

    I’m a natural redhead of unknown ethnic background and I have very dark brown eyes and freckles head to toe. My skin is a light tan and in summer tans darker than most of my friends who are of English background.

  • John

    I have some dark red hair that shows up in my dark brown hair when it’s summer, and my moustache is always dark red courtsey of my father and great-grandfather from my father’s side and they are British, and Scotch. I also have seen people from various central American countries such as Costa Rica and Guatemala who have red hair.

  • John

    I found your site by searching google for red haired people from Costa Rica and Guatemala.

  • David

    Full blooded Puerto Rican, with Auburn hair. Everyone always assumes I’m Irish.

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  • Ian Fionnlagh

    I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but the only reason any of these people have red hair is because they have Celtic blood. Germanic people are from the same stock and geographic area as the Irish and Scottish. That is to say, All Germanic and Celtic peoples began in the area of what is now Austria. By claiming that you somehow magically have this Celtic trait without someone in the past breeding it into your genetic makeup is absurd. If appropriating another race’s culture and ethnicity is wrong, it is always wrong. Stop stealing from the Celtic race. We are just as much a proud people as the Africans. We were even slaves in times past, to the Norse and to the English. I hate it when other people try to claim to be of our ethnicity when they clearly are not. It is the same way I am sure African Americans would feel if I were to claim to be black. We are all equally valuable and our diversity should be celebrated, but if we blend so much that our diversity is lost, our diversity is lost and completely loses its value. It’s like mixing pure gold with pure silver or platinum. Independently they are all beautiful and valuable, but blended, they become less valuable. I am not a racist. I believe we all have an equally valuable strength to contribute. We are are created equal. However, we must fight to retain our regain and protect our diversity and our uniqueness.

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  • What about a Strawberry Blonde I’m half Italian …..grandparents are from Italy my mother is of Scottish Irish descent

  • Anonymous

    I am similar to the first picture…very curly dark red hair and hazel brown/green eyes and light freckly skin…read this hoping for some insight on my own nationality. A few adoptions make my paternal heritage completely unknown. My mother is sicilian/danish 2nd generation American. My dad doesn’t know and his side has the red hair. Still no answers but fascinating read!

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  • L

    I wish I could see pictures of all you beautiful commenters!

  • Renรฉe

    Ukrainian/Polish…. My father was 100% Ukrainian, & my mother 100% Polish.
    I’ve seen a lot of Polish woman with my type of red hair, but oddly, the only other redhead in my family is a paternal aunt. And, also oddly enough, she married an Irishman, but all their kids had hair somewhere between brunette & auburn (more toward light brown, then red)…
    Both my parents had dark brown hair & Dad had blue eyes, & my Mom had green – – but I was born an obvious red auburn (meaning more red than brown), blue eyes; & with a golden undertone to my fair, unblemished skin (unlike the pinks of the Irish). I also have blended eyelashes of dark auburn red & super light golden blonde. Now THAT is annoying, though!
    By about year old I had lightened to a golden strawberry blonde; & as I got into my teens, it turned back to red auburn with the golden strawberry staying in highlighted streaks. It was such a nice multidimensional “blend”, I used to get asked who I used as a colorist all the time!
    But, would that make me a natural blonde or redhead???
    I used to tan in the summer as a teen & young adult (I wouldn’t dare now!) – my skin would get DARK, & hair would completely golden out. Now I cover up in the sun & wear big hats to protect my skin, so my hair stays darker & is closer to the red I was born with.
    Hair color in my nuclear & extended family is all over the board: black, dark brown, brown auburn, platinum blonde, dirty blonde, golden blonde, & then me, strawberry/golden/auburn. I have been the only person with “changing hair”. I guess we can thank the VERY mixed genetics of eastern Europe for all our diversity!

  • Kitty

    I was born with freckles and red hair that sadly began turning brown. My Mom is a redheaded White woman while my Dad is Black. Funny thing is my Black aunt has freckles and light hair too. My brother was born a bright blonde. We both still end up red blonde in the summer though. Genetics are weird.

  • Becca Fairfield

    Wow! Really! It’s astounding and amazing to write those women of Mulatto ancestry and the women of Mixed Asian and White not to mention their European ancestry! Most laughable was saying the females are of African American decent and not stating the obvious of their European ancestry! BTW .Pure or predominantly Blacks don’t come in natural red heads and freckles with light complexion! Duh! Smh!!

  • Becca Fairfield

    If interested to do a DNA test, 23andme is the best! It will tell u your ancestry and other information like probability of having red hair and genes carried! It’s only 99.00

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  • Sherlos

    Is there any Muslim redhead girl among you?? ??

  • Kelly

    I am an American with German and Hungarian roots. I have red hair blue/green eyes, dark eyebrows and black eye lashes. I have freckles and I do get a slight tan (my Dad has olive skin and had black hair, Mom is fair and had blonde hair.

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  • Kristy

    Its cause of the brown freckles on the pale skin it just looks ackward its eithe rto ehote of a skin color or do dark spots covering the skin so you get it from both ends the hare cause of skin color it really is about the skin pattern and color then it eever ever was about the hair thats why dyed redheads get more respect and naturals get hated more cause of there skin real fact.!!

  • rlw

    Having red hair is unique and being exactly Irish-Italian with with the thick lips, booty and all with a tan just brings out all the features. I mean i reached back in genes. The hair color is really found to be Indo-Iranian trait. So, yeah, all you have Southern Asian in ya. Be proud, we are unique.

  • Nikki

    My background is Indian and welsh and my husband is Hungarian and Italian and we just had a red head in January. I swear we both thought they gave us the wrong baby lol. Her sister has dark hair and skin like me and my little Bella has paper white skin and bright red hair. Even if it changes to blonde I will always be fascinated by her beautiful and rare hair. I also can’t wait for her to meet the family in India ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m not 100% sure but I know I’m Cherokee and French. Red hair comes from the Indian side. Dark brown eyes from the French.

  • Jefferson Sandoval

    I’m Salvadoran and here I am with a rust-colored top, brown eyes, pale skin and freckles. But I tan pretty easily. My hair was a bright red earlier in my life.

  • April

    Red hair is actually inherited differently than other colors- it’s a result of a mutation in the melanocortin-1 receptor gene (MC1R). In most cases of naturally red hair, the person has inherited 2 copies of the mutated gene (1 from the mother and 1 from the father). The mutation changes the type of melanin that person produces and makes red hair. The mutation can occur randomly, so it can occur in any ethnic background!

  • Melissa

    I am Guatemalan! But I believe there is some English backround.

  • Lauren

    I’m extremely mixed race (white, asian, black, polynesian) and I have red hair thats more on the strawberry blonde side. I have tan skin and brown eyes and coloured features, but i get called white all the time lol

  • Craig

    Ok but these examples are pretty specific and seem like anomalies. So if Jessica albas baby shows certain red head attributes does that mean that her subsequent children will carry a gene which promotes and carries on the redhead
    Gene?? Which begs the question: is the redhead gene a predominately Scottish or Irish gene which will many times determine the progeny? My thoughts

    • Doggo

      The redhead gene is a Neanderthal one. Celtic (Scottish and Irish are just two Celtic groups) and Germanic people happen to carry the redhead gene more than other ethnic groupings. Asians do have Neanderthal blood as well, but not as much as โ€œwhiteโ€ people.

  • Anonymous

    Iโ€™m of African American and Irish decent. I have natural red hair, covered in freckles, and have very fair skin! One person out of all of my family has red hair, and thatโ€™s my great grandmother on my motherโ€™s side. My father is African American and ridiculously dark. And my mother is Caucasian and Irish with tan skin. I have hazel eyes and both my parents have dark brown eyes!

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