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If you enjoy comics, superhero movies, and video games it’s time to channel your inner nerd and rock this Halloween. Here are 8 “nerdy” Halloween costume ideas perfect for redheads:


Channel your inner Supreme Being when you dress as Leeloo from The Fifth Element.


Ariel isn’t the only redhead in the sea! This Halloween, dress up as Mera from Aquaman


Slip on your wings and fly into the night as Hawkgirl from Justice League.


Grab the green body paint to get ready for your costume as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Go hunting this Halloween while dressed as Misty from Pokemon.


No matter which version of Starfire you choose to dress up as you’ll need lots and lots of purple. 


Now might be the time to try some blonde money pieces, or maybe just some clip-ins for your Rogue from X-Men costume.

Mary Jane

Spooky spiders won’t be the only ones spinning webs on Halloween when you’re dressed as Mary Jane from Spider-Man.

Rock it like a Redhead!