By: Marie-Louise O’Rourke

We are in the midst of summer, many on vacation, some yet to go and others lunging poolside getting those freckles. Well, fellow redheads, I’d like to share a reminder of how important it is to apply sunscreen repeatedly; but more importantly to very sensitive areas of your body, and sadly, ones we often overlook…


1. Your bikini line

(..and by bikini line I mean wherever your bikini stops and your body begins)

I recently got burnt on the outline of my bikini bottoms. It is painful and has caused a bruising-like feeling in my quadriceps. The skin and sensitivity to this area is already very important, but this is also an area that is usually covered up for most of the year; so it’s super sensitive to the sun. Don’t forget to apply underneath the bathing suit line so if your suit moves, you’re still protected. Lesson learned!

2. Your underarm bra line

This is another one that can easily slip under the radar because the skin contracts and moves when our arms are in use. A burn here can be horrible! I would also not hesitate to add the inner bicep area, if you are lounging on a towel or lying with your arms above your head. You could be at risk for this painful burn.

3. The tops of your feet

This a prime skin cancer spot and very commonly overlooked. This hurts so bad and lasts for a long time. Protect your feet even when they are in sandals and shoes, because hiking, sitting outside, and towel lounging can all result in a foot/ankle burn.

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4. Your ears, on top and behind

This is especially important for those of you who like to have your hair up but don’t like the trouble of a hat blowing around. Like many of the other spots I’ve mentioned, your ears have quite thin skin and burn easily.

5. Your lips

This may come as a surprise to some, but those readers who have experienced a lip burn know how irritating it is. A week of no salt, spice, sweet, sour… is torture! Plus it feels like the worst chapped lips EVER. Try a lip balm sunscreen or just apply a bit of natural mineral sunscreen on your lips too. Believe me, it’s worth the protection.

6. Your eyelids

(Yes, you read correctly. Eyelids burn.)

Redheads are usually light eyed, which makes their eyes quite sensitive to the sunlight. If you are like me and love getting nose and upper cheek freckles, you ditch the sunglasses and just close your eyes. Well if that’s the case, be extra careful of this situation! The skin around the eyes is very thin and prone to getting wrinkles as well as melanoma; so lather it on, even when others think you are ridiculous.

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So, remember: even if it’s usually something that is covered, hidden or perhaps covered by a suit, protect it anyway. Stay cool, freckled and protected and always Rock it like a Redhead!