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Thanksgiving is a time to relax and enjoy family! It’s also a time to take a deep breath and catch up on much needed sleep, barring Black Friday sales.  Before drinking wine and several courses of salted foods, it’s very important to prep your body. We spoke with 6 experts in the beauty industry who understand a redhead’s sensitive skin and the pampering needed:


“Try using a tiny bit of baking soda in your cleanser. It will not only exfoliate your skin, it will help prevent stressful holiday breakouts by killing bacteria! Your skin will be smooth and bright.”-Allison Tray, Tres Belle Spa

2. MASK:

“Make sure to exfoliate and polish off the dead skin cells. A nurturing mask is a must. Choose something with Aloe Vera, vitamins and clay. Next is to hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic Acid serums are the best for that. Last step is to moisturize. This time of the year skin is dryer and thirstier than usual. You complete these simple steps and your makeup will go on smoothly and look incredible!” -Diana Ralys, LE, COE Owner and Founder Diana Ralys Skin Health 


“I recommend moisturizing your face and body with a product that has organic pumpkin seed oil. Organic pumpkin seed oil is a smooth, luxurious, anti-aging nutrient that is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, omega 3, omega 6, and zinc, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. Organic pumpkin seed oils is also exceptionally high in the gamma tocopherol form of Vitamin E, which acts as a powerful antioxidant in food and skin care, to help maintain naturally beautiful skin.”-Stephanie Adams-Nicolai Founder & CEO of Goddessy and Goddessy Organics


“One of the best tricks with sensitive skin is to take a mild cleanser and to use it without water. Just moisten a pledget, put the mild cleanser on it and use it to take off your makeup. Make certain the mild cleanser contains glycerin or ceramides. These ingredients help to maintain the moisture in the skin. Always sleep with a humidifier as it helps to add moisture to sensitive skin. Look for products that are paraben-free, fragrance-free and don’t contain any sulfates.” -Debra Jaliman MD, Professor & Author of Skin Rules.


“Lips are also under attack when traveling in different climates, so be sure to slather on a generous dose of EOS Lip Balm to hydrate from within and prep lips for your best winter berry lip! The sensitive thin skin around the eyes will be the first to show any signs of wear & tear so an eye cream with caffeine, caffeine restricts blood vessels, is a must. I love Lancome Genifique Eye Light-Pearl which really de-puffs and preps the skin for concealer.” -Kelli Bartlett, GLAMSQUAD‘s Head of Makeup Artistry.


“Drink plenty of water. It sounds basic but skin gets dehydrated too. You need to nourish it from the inside as well as the outside, and what’s going on inside of you shows on the outer.” -Arcadia Dario Smith, Star Board Certified and Licensed Esthetician for 9 years


Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Sarajane Case Photography. Model: Adrienne Vendetti, Co-Founder