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If you’re into the spooky element of Halloween, you might want to dress up as something scary. Here are 5 of our favorite spooky Halloween costumes for redheads!


Get extra spooky by dressing up as this killer doll. Don’t forget your fake knife!


Looking for a classic spooky costume? Try dressing up as a dark witch.


Nothing terrifies people more than this creepy clown and signature red balloon.



Move over Twilight, the spooky vampires are coming out this Halloween. 


Absolutely terrifying…there’s nothing else to say about Annabelle.

Haunted Pumpkin 

Haunt the night with a spooky haunted pumpkin look.

Horror Clown 

Don’t want to be just another Pennywise in the crowd? Try a classic horror clown instead.

Pop Art Zombie 

Want something that borders spooky but is still fun? Try a pop art zombie!

Rock it like a Redhead!